Summertime Pasta

Photo by Twisted Tree Photography.


With a silky sauce, a beautiful colour palate and all the elements of summer, this fresh pasta dish is a fun twist on a hearty meal. This cheesy, fresh, seasonal dinner showcases just how versatile a noodle dish can be.


6 Eggs
2 Cups All-Purpose Flour
2 Cups Semolina Flour
2 Tbsp. Olive Oil
Pinch of Salt

Sift together flour and semolina into a bowl.
Add salt.
Add oil.
Add the eggs. Mix the ingredients with a fork until the mixture becomes too thick to mix with a fork.

Sift together flour, semolina and salt into a bowl. Add the eggs. Mix the ingredients with a fork until the mixture becomes too thick to mix with a fork.

Remove mixture from the bowl onto the clean work surface and start kneading with your hands.

Dust your work surface with flour to keep the dough from sticking. Remove mixture from the bowl onto the clean work surface and start kneading with your hands. Knead for eight to 12 minutes. Wrap tightly in plastic wrap and rest at room temperature for 30 minutes.

Starting on setting number one on the pasta roller, and roll the pasta through the machine.

Pasta dough
1 Cup Edible Flower Pedals
1 Cup Whole Italian Parsley (no stem)

Cut your dough into four pieces. Take your first piece and roll using a rolling pin to make it easier to get into the pasta machine. Starting on setting number one on the pasta roller, and roll the pasta through the machine. Then move the machine to level two and roll the pasta through again. The pasta will get longer and thinner every time you increase the number. Remember to dust the dough before you roll it each time.

Adding the fresh flowers to the bottom piece of the dough.

For this recipe I took the pasta up to number six on the machine. At this point if I put a flower underneath it, I should be able to see the colour of the flower. Then, I cut the pasta into two equal pieces. One piece will be the bottom and one will be the top. On the bottom piece, place the flower pedals and parsley all over it but be careful not to over-crowd the pasta.

Adding the top piece of the pasta over top of the flowers and the bottom of the pasta.

Then, wet the edges of the pasta with water and a pastry brush.

Place the top piece on top, roll over it with a rolling pin to help the top stick to the bottom. Then trim the edges with a knife. Move the pasta roller back one number to five, dust your pasta with flour and send back through the machine.

Sending the pasta through the machine.

Cut into eight-inch long pieces, fold in half and cut into half inch thick noodles. Place on a flowered cookie sheet to await the pot of water. Repeat these steps with the remaining pasta.


4 Baby Artichokes
1 Litre Canola Oil

Trim the tops and the stems off the artichoke, the remove the outer three layers of leaves, and cut into four pieces.

Bring oil up to 350-degrees Fahrenheit, fry artichokes until golden brown and crispy, place on to paper towel and season with salt and pepper.


Pre-rolled and Cut Flower Pasta
1 Cup Sliced Baby Leek
2 Cloves Chopped Garlic
½ Cup Grated Parmesan Cheese
¼ cup Chicken Stock
2 Tbsp. Butter
4 Fried Baby Artichokes
¼ Cup Chopped Parsley

In a large frying pan sauté leeks and garlic until soft and add your butter.

In a large frying pan, sauté leeks and garlic until soft, add your butter, and while the butter is melting drop in enough pasta for four people into the boiling salted water. The pasta will not take longer then a minute to cook. Drain the pasta in a colander and add it to the hot frying pan with the leeks.

Take note that you need to move quickly at this stage. Add your stock and parmesan cheese and begin to toss everything together, the cheese and stock will combine to create a cream like sauce. If it looks too runny, just add more cheese and let it cook a little longer. When noodles are coated, toss your parsley in and start plating. Divide amongst four bowls, place your artichokes on top, grated some fresh Parmesan on top, drizzle with olive oil and enjoy.

And if you would like the video version of this tutorial, check out:


The Cowboy Sound

Photo courtesy of Chris Petersen.


Whether it’s through music or photography, Chris Petersen is passionate about providing a glimpse into the western lifestyle he loves. The Utah born-and-raised musician writes country songs with a distinctly cowboy feel, and his popular photography account, Diehard Cowboy, has a huge Instagram following for his images of a working cowboy’s everyday life.

However, it took time for Petersen to feel ready to share his voice with the world. He enjoyed music and wrote songs when he was younger but kept them to himself. “It just became more and more a part of my life as I got older, but I was really too shy to share these songs,” he recalled.

Through the encouragement of a group of friends who got together to sing and play guitar, Petersen built his confidence and became more serious about song writing. He later recorded six songs for family and close friends, and a burned CD of his music reached country artist Collin Raye. Raye liked what he heard and asked Petersen to open for him at a show in the latter’s hometown.

Photo courtesy of Chris Petersen.

“I was scared to death,” Petersen admitted. “This would be the very first time I played in front of anybody other than my close friends, but I agreed to do it because I just felt like I needed to.” This experience and the encouragement he received from Raye changed everything for Petersen, who amped up his pursuit of a musical career. “I decided from there it was something I wanted to do, and I was determined to overcome my fear of singing in front of people, so for the next solid year I sang at an open mic every single week.”

Petersen’s first album, Make a Memory Tonight, was released in 2014. In an effort to take his music to a higher level, he teamed up with acclaimed Nashville producer Trent Willmon for his latest record, out in early July.
He describes his music as traditional country with a cowboy twist, and counts Merle Haggard, George Strait and Chris Ledoux among his influences. With the popularity of what might be called “pop-country,” there has been a resurgence in more traditional country music, which he’s noticed firsthand.

“Country music as a whole has changed a little bit, and not that they’re producing bad music, but it’s different music and it’s not the country music that fits me,” he said. “I started to miss true country music, and I figured that other people felt the same, and as I continued to share my music with people, I feel like they’ve really been drawn to my music because it’s speaking to the music that I like and the music that I feel represents who I am.”

Photo courtesy of Chris Petersen.

He’s also embracing new opportunities to discover artists who may not get as much or any mainstream airtime. “It’s a fun time to be in music because there’s so many possibilities,” he said. “You don’t have to only find music on the radio.”

You can stream Petersen’s music on Spotify, and for more info on his new album, visit


Its Not A Swoosh & Danielle Osmond, Non-Pro Futurity Champions. Photo by Barb Glazer.

Here are results and photos of the champions from the Saskatchewan Cutting Horse Association, Moose Jaw Horse Show & Limited Age Event, held August 1-4, 2019 at the Golden Mile Arena in Moose Jaw, SK,


Non-Pro Futurity




Total Payout
Its Not A Swoosh Danielle Oslund/same 65 $371.80 70 $304.20 135 $676.00
O Gracious Me Grant Aykroyd/Grant & Gale Aykroyd 60 $152.10 71 $371.80 131 $523.90
Frosted Flake Gale Aykroyd/Grant & Gale Aykroyd 60 $152.10 65 $0.00 125 $152.10
Its Not A Swoosh & Glen Beveridge, Open Futurity Champions. Photo by Barb Glazer.
Open Futurity


Total Earnings
Its Not A Swoosh Glen Beveridge/Danielle Oslund 73 $437.92 73 $437.92 146 $875.84
Smart Robbie Tyler Darroch/ Marjorie Beatty 63 $171.36 72 $342.72 135 $514.08
Bobcatt Tyler Darroch/Graham White 60 $0.00 69 $171.36 129 $171.36
Sisters Smart Choice Brady Jensen/Don Jensen 60 $0.00 68 $0.00 128 $0.00
LSR Addarosa Rio Tyler Darroch/Jill Rennie 60 $0.00 60 $0.00 120 $0.00
Fat Cat Floyd Brady Jensen/ Don Jensen 72 $342.72 0 $0.00 72 $342.72

Shes All Metallic & Glen Beveridge. Photo by Barb Glazer.
Open Derby
Total Earnings
Shes All Metallic Glen Beveridge/Scott Wardley 73 $342.72 72 $342.72 145 $685.44
Her Royal Queen Glen Beveridge/Rocky & Heather Davis 68 $0.00 73 $437.92 141 $437.92
Stars Alley Cat Les Timmons/Leigh Bilton 74 $437.92 65 $0.00 139 $437.92
Spots Fat Cat Tyler Darroch/Graham White 72 $171.36 60 $0.00 132 $171.36
My Own CD Les Timmons/Ria & Alan Gerla 60 $0.00 70 $171.36 130 $171.36
CR Reyly Tuff Stuff Tyler Darroch/Nicole Darroch 70 $0.00 0 $0.00 70 $0.00
CR Reyly Tuff Stuff & Nicole Darroch. Photo by Barb Glazer.

Non-Pro Derby
Total Earnings
CR Reyly Tuff Stuff  Nicole Darroch/same 71 $417.60 73 $454.40 144 $872.00
Paradox Metallica Donald Hudson/same 70 $261.00 70 $204.48 140 $465.48
High Stepn Mate Jeremy Walburger/same 60 $0.00 72 $363.52 132 $363.52
Surfin N Stylin Grant Aykroyd/Grant & Gale Aykroyd 68 $104.40 60 $0.00 128 $104.40
CD Stylin Cat Play Robin Hay/same 60 $0.00 64 $0.00 124 $0.00
Shes All Metallic Scott Wardley/same 70 $261.00 0 $0.00 70 $261.00
Flos Tom Cat Rob Leman/same 0 $0.00 69 $113.60 69 $113.60
NRR Coles Playgirl Aarin Collins/same ne
67 $0.00 67 $0.00
CR Tuff Maxine & Glen Beveridge. Photo by Barb Glazer.
Open Classic
Score Payout
Total Earnings
CR Tuff Maxine Glen Beveridge/Richard Hollingworth 74 $353.28 74 $353.28 148 $706.56
Smokin Smooth Dually Glen Beveridge/Scott Wardley 73 $276.48 70 $138.24 143 $414.72
Saltnrouge Les Timmons/Kerry Baumann 65 $138.24 72 $276.48 137 $414.72
Ironmans Cat Glen Beveridge/Richard Hollingworth 0 $0.00 0 $0.00 0 $0.00
Smokin Smooth Dually & Scott Wardley. Photo by Barb Glazer.
Non-Pro Classic
Total Earnings
Smokin Smooth Dually Scott Wardley/same 70 $342.72  73 $437.92 143 $780.64
Come Away With Me Marilyn Anderson/same 69 $0.00 72 $342.72 141 $342.72
Docs Shakin Date Robin Hay/same 69.5 $171.36 70 $0.00 139.5 $171.36
Lil Rockin Lena Gale Aykroyd/Grant & Gale Aykroyd 69 $0.00 69 $0.00 138 $0.00
Smart Dark And Hot Les Jack/Les & Coreen Jack  75 $437.92 60 $0.00 135 $437.92
Smart Montana Catt Rob Leman/same 0 $0.00 71 $171.36 71 $171.36
Reys Your Freckles & Les Jack, Champions of the Non-Pro 7 Up. Photo by Barb Glazer.

Horse Rider/Owner Score Payout Score  Payout Score Total Earnings
Non-Pro 7up

Reys Your Freckles Les Jack/Les & Coreen Jack  73 $342.72 76 $417.60 149 $760.32
One Legend Atta Time Dan Novotny/same 74 $437.92 72 $104.40 146 $542.32
Tazalittle Carol Bailey/same 71 $171.36 73 $187.92 144 $359.28
BSF Hot Commodity Elaine Good/Barry Good 70 $0.00 68 $0.00 138 $0.00
Moon Reys Erin Sawley/Shane & Erin Sawley 60 $0.00 74 $334.08 134 $334.08

2019 League of Legends Sale

It’s the weekend you’ve been waiting for! Make plans to be in Livingston, Montana this September 6 & 7 2019 for the League of Legends Invitational Horse Sale! Hosted by Turner Performance Horses, 70 selectively approved horses and Registered Stock Dogs-in a League of their own will be on offer. There is no better place to buy your next 4-legged friend, athlete, and confidant. Come, ride, try and fall in love!

The League of Legends Invitational Horse Sale is coming up this weekend!

Legendary horses will be sold this weekend. They include proven winners as recently as in the last two months! Cutters, Reiners, Team Sorting Mounts, Ranch Horses, Rodeo athletes, Team Ropers and Breakaway Ropings horses will all be on offer.

Can’t make the sale? Phone bidding is offered and they have shippers available to get your horse home safe and sound. Give them a call at 406-381-2347 or email for more information. They would be so excited to share their consignments with you.

Check them out at for more information!

Sparkling Saskatoon & Rhubarb Drink

Photo by Twisted Tree Photography.

As the summer temperatures heat up, here is a crisp, refreshing drink to keep you cool – made right from the garden.


Mint, Saskatoon Berries, Sparkling Water, Grenadine or Sugar Syrup, Rhubarb and Wildflowers for garnish.

Photo by Twisted Tree Photography.


  1. Muddle Saskatoon berries and fresh mint together in the bottom of your drinking glasses.
  2. Add sparkling water.
  3. Add a dash of grenadine or sugar syrup for taste.
  4. Garnish with rhubarb and wildflowers.


Stampede Style 2019

Photo by

If you’re wondering what’s trending this Stampede, our sources at Lammle’s Western Wear are telling us it’s Wrangler, Wrangler, Wrangler – WEAR THE W! This year, full flare legs in light washes and high rises are all the rage in bottoms. Retro-styled Wrangler tees in fun colorways from Wrangler’s modern line are rounding out the look.

These looks available at the Chinook Calgary, AB, Lammle’s location and on
Stampede Park at LWW Ranch locations. Photo by

The Women of the West theme is popping up everywhere and underlying the 2019 Stampede, since the 2019 poster unveil. This theme is also showcased in the 2019 Poster Buckle:

The 2019 Lammle’s Stampede Poster Buckle.

An empowered female look with an unapologetically highwaisted jean, crisp tuck and playful print button-up top is the classic Stampede uniform this year.

Photo by

Bold hats really embrace the strong western style – every piece can and should be a statement as the hat trend is still going strong in 2019.

One of the new favorite hat styles available from Lammle’s this year.
Photo by

Charlie 1 Horse and Bailey are two of the strongest ladies hat designs emerging in ladies western fashion. The hats are affordable and give the look of a custom lid, but keep things in check in the price range of $89-$149.

Photo by

Fringe purses and crossbody bags continue to hold steady this year. Especially if you’re on the Stampede grounds for long hours at a time, STS bags are both fashion and function to carry all your goods. The brand is hitting on the big trends of cowhide and fringe + pastel pallets and soft browns for 2019. Check out your local Lammle’s today or visit them online!

How To Ride Sidesaddle



The concept of moving forward on a horse with both legs to one side, may be as foreign to women of the 21st century as riding astride may have been to women of the 1800s. Yet interestingly enough, riding side-saddle has become practical, fashionable and dare I say – sexy again!

With an extensive background in the discipline, Lee McLean of Longview, AB, has become known as the matriarch of sidesaddle in Canada. In this educational video, McLean gives us the rundown on how to ride like a Victorian lady.

Be sure to check out our full-length article in the 2019 May/June issue of Western Horse Review as well, for more information about riding sidesaddle. Or for a subscription, check out:

A Riding Safari

Provided by


It’s hard to beat life in the West. Ours, after all is an unparalleled view – one of greatness and freedom, fiery blue skies, magnificent mountains and earthy plains. In our rein hands lie the exhilaration of a run down the fence, the adrenaline rush from the back of a cutting horse, or a barrel equine, or almost any rodeo animal, while out of the competitive arena and out on the range, in the mountains, the prairie – our vista of a view, wide and endless – is unequalled in the world.

Except, perhaps . . . in South Africa.

The Triple B Ranch, near Waterberg, South Africa was settled by the pioneering Baber family over a century ago, and today, several outfits offer adventure-based horseback safaris into the grounds of the 20,000 acre ranch. Horizon Horseback is one such company. Established in 1993, it is based in the malaria-free Waterberg Biosphere Reserve in northern South Africa, an unspoiled part of the country with varied topography, from bushveld savannah, to rocky outcrops and mountains. Over the years they have developed a collection of horse riding safaris which offer not only close encounters with game, but also a diverse range of other rewarding riding experiences: polocrosse, western games, jumping, cattle mustering (Africa-speak for round-ups) and swimming with your horse.

Provided by

Loping across the grasslands of a 100-year-old cattle ranch in South Africa, with herds of giraffe and wildebeest in your peripheral is a pretty decent equal to our Wild West. Weave in evenings with the endless song of the cicada, the smells of the land permeating your tent, and just outside of the canvas walls of your luxury tent – the stars running over the sky, and impetuously the idea of falling in love with another land becomes a plausibility. For Africa is a special land. And, seeing it by horseback could be nothing less than magical.

Safaris in Africa are an intimate experience: there is simply no better way of taking in the African bush, than by horseback. Becoming part of a herd of zebra as they canter across the plains, or quietly approaching a browsing giraffe or basking hippo is a truly amazing feeling. Perhaps it is just as author and African coffee plantation owner, Karen Blixen wrote in her love story, Out of Africa: “You know you are truly alive when you are living among lions.”

Provided by
Provided by

Sample Eight-Day Itinerary

Day One: land at Johannesburg International and transfer to Camp Davidson. Meet your safari horse. Day Two: ride out to track herds of giraffe, zebra, eland, wildebeest, kudu and impala. Day Three: visit the historic Baber homestead for a poolside lunch, followed by a culture tour with a trip into the local village. Finish off with dinner under the stars back at camp. Day Four: a big-five (rhino, lion, elephant, buffalo and leopard) game day with afternoon craft workshop visit back at the Triple B. Day Five: a last ride through the reserve soaking up the sights and the sounds of the African bush at sunrise. Day Six: Now in the Tuli block, renowned for its large herds of elephant, as well as antelope, zebra, fox, jackal, hyena and the big cats. Later ride along the Limpopo River. Day Seven: The option of a game day drive, more riding in the reserve, or a visit to a local village to mesh with the locals. Day Eight: after a last morning ride, a quick breakfast and drive back to Johannesburg.

Cost: $323.00 per person per night based dependent on current exchange rate. Land transfers extra and flights to South Africa not included.

Provided by

BIO – Thank-you to Patricia Blanchard for providing us with the research and details for this trip. Blanchard is an independent advisor with Travel Professionals International. She moved to Calgary in 1993 from Newfoundland and has always had a passion for travel and helping others. She made the leap to being a travel agent and is now doing travel full-time from Chestermere, AB. Blanchard has contended in both reining and western pleasure since moving to Alberta but now has just one retired horse. She loves to ride her Harley and travels at any opportunity. For more info please visit:

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Get Ready for More Heartland!

Photo credit: Andrew Bako. Courtesy of CBC. 


Have you heard? There will be a season #13 of Heartland! For all you Heartland fans out there, Season 12 airs Sundays at 7 p.m. (7:30 NT) on CBC and CBC Gem through early April. The current and past seasons are available on-demand on the free CBC Gem streaming service. But if that isn’t enough, recently we had the opportunity to interview Amber Marshall. In a Q & A-style dialogue, here are a few highlights from that visit:

Q. What’s next for the characters or the show? What is something you would like to see within the show in the next few years?

AMBER – My favorite aspect about season 12 is the “togetherness” between Amy, Ty and Lindy. We’ve seen them go through ups and downs and we’ve watched them focus on building a business together. It’s really great for fans to see them working together towards a common dream. And to see them as parents.

This year we introduced “Luke,” a troubled kid who comes to Heartland to escape the troubles of his own life on weekends and spend time with Ty. It’s a neat dynamic between these characters. Ty gets to witness some of his past through this young child. And he is able to help the child because of what Ty has gone through.

In their loft home above the Heartland barn, Amy (Amber Marshall), Ty (Graham Wardle) and their daughter Lyndy (Ruby/Emmanuella Spencer). Photo credit: Andrew Bako. Courtesy of CBC.

Georgie is with a new jumping trainer this season and we see her reaching new levels. That’s exciting! That’s one thing I love about Heartland, the fact that we cover so many different disciplines. Amy is more western but Georgie is more English. Alisha Newton herself, is a really talented English rider, whereas, and I’m more western. The writers of the show picked up on that. That’s going to make the stories more real and make us as actors, interact in better in our roles better.

Ep. 1210 | Alisha Newton stars as Georgie, seen here with her horse Phoenix, on Heartland. | Air date: Sun, March 31 at 7 p.m. (7:30 NT) | Photo credit: Andrew Bako.

Q. You have been a contributing producer to the show for about five years now. What do you like about that position?

AMBER – I love what I can contribute to the show in terms of practical horse sense. We feature so many different horse aspects on the show. Sometimes an idea is brought up and although I may really love the idea, I will often speak up about how I feel the idea can be accomplished. Our writers do an extreme amount of research and they are very talented, but often they have never owned a horse or experienced the day-to-day to life on a ranch. I live this life on a ranch. And I’m always trying to create the most real experiences I can for Heartland. Whenever something happens interesting in my life, I take it to the writers. Sometimes that say say “Great!” Other times they think about it.

However, my absolute favorite part about that role of contributing producer is, I attend all the meetings ahead of time and go through a step-by-step process to create the show. There is so much prep-work before we ever begin filming! There are weeks put in with the directors and writers in finding locations, the right horses, and the right aspects for the upcoming scenes. There is so much time put into prep, that make our days on set run smoothly. But if the prep not done properly, it doesn’t run smoothly at all. All these things must be choreographed. I think my favorite part about the producer role is that I get to understand all those steps. I’m no longer blind to why certain decisions have been made before we get there. I get to understand everything that goes into making the show.

Ep. 1210 | Amber Marshall stars as Amy Fleming on Heartland. | Air date: Sun, March 31 at 7 p.m. (7:30 NT) | Photo credit: Andrew Bako

Q. Will any of our favourite character horses make an appearance in season 12?

AMBER – I loved working with the mare and foal in season 12! We do get to see them in the wild herd. Of course, Amy wants to check up with them in herd! There’s also a really great story with a Thoroughbred racehorse owned by Lisa Stillman. We also see more of Spartan, who Amy is penning on in the future! Geogie has a great season with Pheonix. And we do introduce new palomino.

Q. You are very involved with many of the horsemanship and stunts on the show – is there any particular new discipline, sport, or type of horse that you would like to see on an upcoming episode of Heartland?

AMBER – Over the last 12 years, we have covered so many disciplines; jousting, mounted archery, every discipline in the book. One thing we’ve never done however is, mounted shooting – but that would be neat. I also think a seeing eye pony would be cool. We really try to reach out and try new disciplines to show the world.

I’ve had so many people come up to me over the years and tell me, “Heartland has inspired me to get on a horse and take lessons!” at whatever age they might be. And they do!

My grandmother even rode her very first horse at the age of 80 because she was inspired by Heartland. It was on her bucket list. She actually took lessons for over a year and now every year, she comes out to my ranch to ride with us on the trails. She’s in her mid-80s!

A CBC original series, HEARTLAND is produced by Seven24 Films and Dynamo Films, and stars Amber Marshall, Michelle Morgan, Graham Wardle, Chris Potter, Shaun Johnston and Alisha Newton. 

Find HEARTLAND online:

Stream all episodes | | @HeartlandOnCBC