Terry Dunk Memorial Team Roping

The 2014 Terry Dunk Memorial Team Roping was held at the Lazy D Arena, Campbellford, Ontario May 24th. With 443 teams signed up for the fist go, 140 teams came back for the second go and 54 teams roped in the final go. With contestants from Ontario, Quebec, and New York, they followed a pick one, draw one, three head progressive format.


High Point Saddle Winner, Cody Mousseau from Alymer, Ontario, shown with the Dunk family.

The first place winners, Cody Mousseau (Header), and Drew Carnes (Heeler) brought home over $1,500.00 each, buckles sponsored by the Scully family, and blankets sponsored by Bridle Path Tack Shop for getting a 25.16 on three head.

1st place in the average winners, Cody Mousseau from Aylmer, Ontario and Drew Carnes from Hornell, New York, shown with the Scully family.

Second place winners Daniel Briand (Header) and Drew Carnes (Heeler) won over $1,300.00 each and breast collars donated by Ken Doner for 27.42 on three head.

The fastest time went to Tim Carnes and Drew Carnes who received halters donated by Trevor and Teri Dunk.

The second High Point ropers, Michael Dillon and Jesse Kinsman received buckles donated by the Bowie family.

High Point ladies, Dawn Civiero and Morgan Bos took home halters donated by Al and Tracy Piglin.

For the slowest time, Tim Wettlaufer and Courtney Bos, received $100 donated by Nancy Nicholson.

The Dunk family would like to thank all of the above sponsors and also Dawn Civiero and Santos & Tina DeBartolo for the added money.


1st25.16/3Cody MousseauDrew Carnes$1,541.46/each
2nd27.42/3Daniel BriandDrew Carnes$1,340.34/each
3rd30.65/3Jeremy McCullighFred Lelievre$1,139.34/each
4th30.73/3Cody MousseauJason Thomson$938.28/each
5th31.89/3Jeremy McCullighTrevor Dunk$737.22/each
6th33.42/3Jeremy McCullighBrad Bowie$536.16/each
7th33.51/3Trevor DunkJarod Nooren$335.10/each
8th33.61/3Ken DonerBrad Bowie$134.04/each