Day: July 9, 2012

Mark Sheridan, Horsemanship Part II

This article is part two of Mark Sheridan\’s lesson series, on the basics of horsemanship. How do I give my horsemanship patterns

The Stampede Spotlights Cutting

The Calgary Stampede takes a look behind the cutting event: Why is Dustin Gonnet a heavy hitter in the cutting

Stampede\’s Six-Horse Hitch Showcase

The Calgary Stampede says, \’Once again, the milkman has delivered.\’ For the second time, the Country Lane Belgians wagon of

CS Team Penning Championship

The Calgary Stampede Team Penning Open Class Championship finalists: Pat Bolin joined a pair of Oklahoma’s finest team cattle penners

Cowboy Up Anderson

Just in from the Calgary Stampede: they now say you can feel free to call Jim Anderson an overnight sensation.

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