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  • DOC WEST – Steel Dusts

    Doc West returns with his sage advice for the lost and lonely gunsel. Q. Doc, an old-timer friend sometimes refers to my Quarter Horse herd as a band of “Steel Dusts.” What does he mean by this term? 
 A. There was a time where the horses that we call today, Quarter Horses, were known simply […]

  • War Horse

    War Horse

    BY DEBBIE MACRAE The year was 1914. The man was 42, a doctor, pathologist, soldier, teacher, artist, writer and more. The gift – a chestnut gelding, schooled for fox hunting with an admirable conformation. This is their story. John McCrae was born in Ontario, the son of a military family, with strong spiritual values and […]

  • Competitive Edge

    Every successful nutrition program starts with science. And that science may translate to success in the barn. Such is the case for Saffire Miniatures. Sandy Resch of Lousana, Alberta, is a busy lady. As the wife of professional pick-up man, Jeff Resch, and a mother, Sandy has a full schedule. However in addition to all […]

  • Lessons in Liberty – Part 2

    STORY & PHOTOS BY JENN WEBSTER If’ you’ve been reading along in our blog series with Jim Anderson, you may have caught our last installment. If not, you can always catch it here! In the last blog, we revealed 2014 Road to the Horse Champion Jim Anderson’s foundation principles of liberty training. In this blog, […]

  • Visionaries of the West – WWI – Winnie

    BY DEBBIE MACRAE It is August 1914, and World War I has only just begun. The 34th Fort Garry Horse Division is on its way eastward by train from Winnipeg, when they stop at the small community of White River, Ontario. Harry Colebourn, a young Lieutenant in the Fort Garry Horse Cavalry regiment, is a […]

  • Canadians Bring Home World Paint Title

    Big congratulations goes to Sandy McCook of Buck Lake, AB, and We Should B Friends (a home-bred and raised Paint filly) on their recent WORLD TITLE in the Open Class of the Amateur Yearling In Hand Trail at the 2018 APHA World Championship Show held at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, TX! […]

  • Visionaries of the West – John Ware

    BY DEBBIE MACRAE Legends are like the wind. You hear them; you feel them; you see their strength; you know their direction and their magnitude; you feel their gentleness and see the lasting effects of their force. They are traditional stories, historically related, told and re-told because of the power of their influence. Such is […]

  • Lessons in Liberty

    STORY & PHOTOS BY JENN WEBSTER Did you happen to catch Equus, Story of the Horse on CBC (The Nature of Things) this past Sunday on TV? In this beautiful documentary that will feature over three hours with anthropologist-turned-filmmaker Niobe Thompson, viewers are taken on an epic journey across 11 countries and back in time […]

  • Meet our Models

    Meet our Models

    Have you seen our September/October issue of Western Horse Review yet? Photographed by the talented Shelby Simmonds of Twisted Tree Photography at Webster Ranch, WHR put together one of our most elaborate fashion shoots to date. Focusing on fall fashion, we had several wonderful people come together to bring this shoot to life. This includes […]