Calgary Stampede Team Penning Open Finals

From left, Jody Elliott of Lacombe, Alta., Skylar Hansen of Calgary, and Skylar’s father Lonnie Hansen of Calgary won the Calgary Stampede’s Open Class Team Cattle Penning competition on Sunday night at the Pengrowth Saddledome. Victory for the trio was worth $10,266.

A penning associate of Lonnie Hansen figured it was time for a little good-natured, post-victory ribbing. All in fun, you understand.

“Even a chicken gets a kernel every once in a while, eh, Lonnie?” she chuckled. “Or should we say a wrinkled-up rooster?”

If Hansen has been waiting a long time to win a Calgary Stampede buckle in Team Cattle Penning, his 15-year-old daughter Skylar may well be the Stampede’s youngest winner in history in the Open Class, the highest-caliber of competition contested annually at The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

The Calgary-based pair did it together on Sunday evening, though, winning the Open along with Lonnie’s longtime penning pal Jody Elliott of Lacombe, Alta. Victory for the trio is worth a cool $10,266 and three of those coveted, gold-and-silver handtooled Stampede buckles.

Lonnie Hansen and Elliott have been trying their luck in the Stampede’s Team Cattle Penning for almost as long as the competition has been around.

“Sweet. For Jody and me, it’s been coming a long time,” said Lonnie Hansen. “And with my daughter involved . . . I can’t think of two other people I’d rather celebrate this win with.”

A race against the clock, Team Cattle Penning gives a team of three riders on horseback 60 seconds to separate three specifically identified cattle from a herd of 30 and direct them into a 16-foot-by-24-foot pen at the opposite end of the arena. Teamwork is key, with all three riders working in harmony to cut out the correct cattle and drive them to the pen.

After beginning the competition with two rounds of preliminaries, along with 57 other triumvirates, on Thursday at the Okotoks Agricultural Society, the trio arrived at the Saddledome on Sunday sitting seventh overall among the elite 20 entries heading into the third round and championship final.

After runs of 37.35 and 43.01 seconds, on a night when the cattle were particularly rank, their performance stood up for victory. Hansen, Hansen and Elliott’s winning aggregate time for 12 head of cattle was 139.99 seconds, one second and change better than the 141.14 turned in by Travis Kaiser of Ontario, Wisc., Ken Kresbach of New Prague, Minn., and Russell Armstrong of Armstrong, B.C., who collected $6,844 as reserve champions.

“You’re sitting on the fence watching the clock for the other teams,” said Elliott. “You don’t want to wish bad luck on anyone else, but you’re still hopin’. You just wait and see.”

Skylar Hansen has been penning since she was four years old. So what will this 15-year-old Stampede champ do for an encore?

“Maybe come back and win it again next year,” she suggested with a laugh.

The third round and final in the 7 Class, the last of the four Team Cattle Penning divisions being contested at the Stampede, begins today at 5:30 p.m. at the Saddledome.

To follow the action live on the Internet, please visit our home page and click through to the live coverage.

Calgary Stampede Team Penning Results – Saturday

They started the night as outsiders, but ended up occupying the winner’s circle.

Steve Sigouin, Deja Iannone, and Katy Kosinski earned everything they got – and then some – on Saturday night at the Pengrowth Saddledome, beating very long odds to win the Calgary Stampede’s 10 Class Team Cattle Penning Competition.

From left, Deja Iannone of Abbotsford, B.C., her husband Steve Sigouin, and Katy Kosinski of Williams Lake, B.C., captured the 10 Class final of the Calgary Stampede’s Team Cattle Penning Competition on Saturday night at the Pengrowth Saddledome. Their winnings totaled a whopping $22,878. Calgary Stampede photo.

The British Columbia trio had fought hard just to make it out of Wednesday preliminaries in Okotoks, where a whopping 186 teams had thrown their hats in the ring. And starting Saturday’s proceedings at the Saddledome, they stood 15th among the 20 teams left standing, with a good 19 seconds and change to make up on the leaders after the first two rounds.

But Sigouin, Iannone and Kosinski methodically stopped the clock in 31.71 seconds during the third round, which allowed them to advance directly to the 10-team final. From there, they laid down the fastest time of the night – 26.80 seconds – to take over the lead. And, finally, they watched for several anxious moments as the final five teams tried in vain to match their challenge.

Suddenly, the winners’ cheque of $22,878 was theirs. Simple, right?

“I didn’t believe it. I was having trouble believing it. And I still don’t believe it,” grinned Kosinski, of Williams Lake, B.C.

“I just prayed, and I am so thankful . . . it’s just amazing,” added Iannone, who lives with husband Sigouin in Abbotsford, B.C. “And it’s my son’s birthday, to boot (Jayden turned eight on Saturday).”

The West Coasters’ winning aggregate time for 12 head of cattle was 130.12 seconds, and their margin of victory was slim – just 0.45 seconds over the runner-up squad of Hugh McPherson of High River, Alta., Robbie McKay of Okotoks, and Chris Baczkowski of Claresholm, Alta., who took home $15,252 for their efforts.

“We’ve been talking about how important it is to get the cows in the pen as quickly as we possibly can. If we take one more step, if you don’t jump in when you need to, we might not have won tonight,” said Sigouin, who rides Blondie, a 13-year-old quarter horse mare.

“We kept it together, and that’s what it’s all about when you come here. With the (Saddledome) crowd, and the loud cheering, you can’t hear each other, so you’ve got to trust each other,” he said.

“I thought we had good odds of making the top 10, but to finish first? Not likely,” added Sigouin, who’d been part of a fifth-place finish in the Stampede’s 14 Class final on Friday night. “But we came here to win.”

Team Cattle Penning, a race against the clock, gives a team of three riders on horseback 60 seconds to separate three specifically identified cattle from a herd of 30 and direct them into a 16-foot-by-24-foot pen at the opposite end of the arena. Teamwork is key, with all three riders working in harmony to cut out the correct cattle and drive them to the pen.

All three members of Saturday’s winning team earned their maiden Stampede championship buckle, although Kosinski has been a winner before in Calgary at the Canadian Team Cattle Penning National Finals.

“We’ll be here (for the nationals) in October,” said Kosinski, who rode Stevie, an 11-year-old quarter horse mare, on Saturday. “We will be riding in the 10 (Class), and everybody will be gunning for us, I’m sure.”

“With the size of this cheque,” noted Iannone, who rode Bo, an 11-year-old quarter horse gelding, “we’ll be able to enter for the next 20 years.”

The third round and final of the Open Class, the highest caliber Team Cattle Penning competition at the Stampede, will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, July 11 at the Saddledome. The third round and final in the 7 Class begin at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, July 12, also at the Saddledome.

Team Penning Gets Off to Hot Start

Just like that renegade black steer, Lindsey Thorlakson saw her championship hopes slipping away Friday evening.

Just as the Thorlakson trio was ready to start celebrating victory in the Calgary Stampede’s 14 Class Team Cattle Penning Competition, the stubborn bovine bolted back up the middle of the Pengrowth Saddledome infield. But with a stirring second effort, Thorlakson and her teammates corralled the cantankerous critter, rounded it up with its two mates, slammed the door, and finished the job.

And suddenly Thorlakson, at 22, has three Stampede championship cattle penning buckles in 12 months and change.

“That was a horrible feeling, for a few seconds,” the Carstairs, Alta., gal later admitted with a smile. “The steer turned, put on the brakes, and got back between us. But we knew we had a little room to breathe (as the last trio out in the 10-team final), and we’d been doing pretty well so far, so we just wanted to finish it off with some consistency.”

From left to right, Pete Molnar of Langley, B.C., Lindsey Thorlakson of Carstairs, Alta., and Russell Armstrong of Armstrong, B.C., celebrate their victory in Friday’s 14 Class Team Cattle Penning final at the Calgary Stampede. The three split a cheque worth $16,500. Photo credit: Calgary Stampede

As it turned out, the winning squad of Thorlakson, Russell Armstrong of Armstrong, B.C., and Pete Molnar of Langley, B.C., authored a comfortable margin of victory in cashing a winners’ cheque of $16,500. With a 43.27-second run in the final, their aggregate time for 12 head of cattle clocked in at 123.18 seconds, more than seven seconds better than the 130.80 turned in by the second-place team of Calgary’s Amy Carver, Ken Crawford of Okotoks, and Sal Howell of Calgary, who will spit the reserve champions’ prize of $11,000.

That 43.27-second run also stood up as the fastest time of the final, which saw plenty of high jinks from two pens of restless cattle.

“After (Friday’s third go), with all those fast runs, you’re thinking, ‘Wow, these herds are soft. People are going to have some smokin’ times,’ ” noted Armstrong, 20, who was riding Mary, an 11-year-old quarter horse mare. “But it just never really came together for a lot of teams. It seemed like one thing went wrong on every run.”

The 14 Class, which is the second-highest caliber Team Cattle Penning competition at the Stampede next to the Open Class, began with 110 entries on Thursday at the Okotoks Agricultural Society, with the top 20 teams moving on to Calgary after two rounds of competition.

Armstrong and Molnar, whose team cattle penning partnership goes back “a lot of years,” noted Molnar, “ever since he was just a little guy,” both celebrated their first career Stampede team cattle penning win.

Pete Molnar of Langley, B.C., shows winning form during Friday night’s 14 Class Team Cattle Penning final at the Calgary Stampede. Photo credit: Calgary Stampede

“It would have been nice to finish with a bang,” said Molnar, who competed aboard Rebel, a 20-year-old Quarter Horse gelding and cattle penning veteran. “But we got ‘er done, and that’s what counts.”

Thorlakson, who had no Stampede titles to her credit on Canada Day 2009, now has three. She was the only two-time cattle penning champion at the ’09 Stampede, as a member of the winning 10 Class and 7 Class teams. And it’s an eight-year-old quarter horse gelding known as Doc’s Little Sky, whom she affectionately calls Little Man, who’s carried her to victory all three times.

“This feels pretty awesome. It’s pretty exciting,” she said. “I had really good luck last year, but we definitely had to earn it today.”

Team Cattle Penning, a race against the clock, gives a team of three riders on horseback 60 seconds to separate three specifically identified cattle from a herd of 30 and direct them into a 16-foot-by-24-foot pen at the opposite end of the arena. Teamwork is key, with all three riders working in harmony to cut out the correct cattle and drive them to the pen.

A pair of defending champions in the 14 Class came oh-so-close to repeating on Friday. Phil Mainey of Victor, Mont., seeking his fourth Stampede buckle in nine years, had the best aggregate time of the bunch with his teammates Drew Lewis and Larry David after the first two rounds, but couldn’t keep the momentum going. Meanwhile, Kurt Robson of Carstairs authored Friday’s best time – 23.05 seconds – in the third round, along with teammates Jennifer Robson and Shaylene Hunter, but followed it up with a 54.77 in the final.

The third go-round and final in 10 Class start at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 10. The third round and final of the Open Class will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, July 11, while the 7 Class third round and final begin at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, July 12. The Saddledome will play host in all three competitions.

To follow the action live on the Internet, check back to our Home Page and click on the live stream link.

Alberta Team Cattle Penning Society Results

Results for the Alberta Team Cattle Penning Society June 5-6 Thorsby Show.

Submitted by Bonnie Romanuik. Photos by Bonnie as well.

June 5 Open champions Ivin Potts/Elaine Shuck/Lonnie Hanson

June 5 Five Class champions Dave Edwards/Eric Hould (missing) /Karen Muller

June 5 Ten Class champions Roy Bennett/Don Clipperton/John Hope

June 6 Seven Class champions Daren Hawrish/Brian Murray/Al Keeler

June 6 Ten Class champions Sheldon Greanya/Connie Bureau/ Leah Synowec

June 6 Open Class champions BOB BOLIN/Gail Middagh/GERRY FILEWICH

Note: Bonnie would like everyone to know that while Deena Adams was injured at the show, she will be fine, and her horse has recovered as well.

Open-June 5/10 (75 teams) Payout
1 Ivin Potts/Elaine Shuck/Lonnie Hanson $1,819.13
2 Donny Latimer/Benny Wurz/Barry Yanosik $1,299.38
3 Wendy Dwernychuk/Deanne Foster/Elaine Shuck $1,039.50
4 Wendy Dwernychuk/Deanne Foster/Sam Kluthe $623.70
5 Sheldon Greanya/Chris Smith/Corrine Smith $415.80
6 Brad Shuck/Elaine Shuck/Danny Smoole $135.00
7 Carmon Reich/Grant Sterling/Cody Yanosik $135.00
8 Corrine Smith/Ione Smoole/Benny Wurz $135.00
Ten- June 5/10   (70 teams)
1 Roy Bennett/Don Clipperton/John Hope $1,323.00
2 Daren Hawrish/Bev Keeler/Gaynelle Witzke $945.00
3 Don Goodbun/Brenda Miller/Curtis Snethun $756.00
4 Dace Chisan/Skylar Hanson/Kim Hull $453.60
5 Kevin Harris/Len McCullough/Chris Smith $302.40
6 OJ Frankish/Andy Shephard/Susan Shephard $120.00
7 Kevin Harris/Deb McCullough/Ivin Potts $120.00
8 Don Clipperton/Sherry McIlveen/Kris Standish $120.00
Seven- June 5/10   (96 teams)
Jun-05 Payout
1 Don Goodbun//Karen Muller/WENDY DWERNYCHUK $1,814.40
2 Roy Bennett/Arlene Kristiansen/James Tardif $1,296.00
3 Brenda Miller/Terry Peck/Karen Stredick $1,036.80
4 Bonnie Feser/Kansas McGregor/DACE CHISAN $622.08
5 Ernie Jeffrey/Brian Murray/Richard Robitailee $414.72
6 Al Keeler/Brenda Miller/Kris Standish $120.00
7 KAREN STREDICK/Leanne Murray/Steve Stredick $120.00
8 Doris Barsness/Ione Smoole/Grace Young $120.00
9 Bev Keeler/Leah Synowec/Gaynelle Witzke $120.00
10 Kelly Feth/Kevin Harris/Deb McCullough $120.00
11 Vic Abel/Jackie Burns/Kurt Fries $120.00
Five-June 5/10    (34 teams)
Team Name Payout
1 Dave Edwards/Eric Hould/Karen Muller $642.60
2 Ken Gilmet/Murray Skippen/BRENDA GILBERT $459.00
3 Gary Babcook/Rick Meston/Brent Seely $367.20
4 Doris Barsness/Patty Hawrish/Howard Pratley $220.32
5 Steven Gilbert/Ken Gilmet/HOWARD PRATLEY $146.88
6 Kristina Doblanko/Debbie Stewart/Kathy Thompson $120.00

Open class – june 6/10   (76 teams) Payout
1 /BOB BOLIN/Gail Middagh/GERRY FILEWICH $1,949.06
2 Gerry Filewich/Gail Middagh/Ed Palsat $1,392.19
3 Sam Kluthe/Deb McCullough/Ivin Potts $1,113.75
4 Corrine Smith/Grant Sterling/Barry Yanosik $668.25
5 Sheldon Greanya/Len McCullough/Glen Olfert $445.50
6 Brad Shuck/Elaine Shuck/Danny Smoole $135.00
7 Connie Bureau/Roger Bureau/Chris Smith $135.00
8 Sheldon Greanya/Carmon Reich/Benny Wurz $135.00
Ten–June 6/10   (70 teams)
Team Name Payout
1 /Sheldon Greanya/Connie Bureau/ Leah Synowec $1,360.80
2 Benny Wurz/Ernie Wurz/Marvin Wurz $972.00
3 Kelly Feth/Gerry Filewich/Will Hanson $777.60
4 Connie Bureau/Skylar Hanson/Janet Taylor $466.56
5 Ronnie Fleming/Skylar Hanson/Kim Hull $311.04
6 OJ Frankish/Deb McCullough/Ione Smoole $120.00
7 Don Clipperton/Sherry McIlveen/Kris Standish $120.00
8 Sandi Feth/Diane Falls/Danny Smoole $120.00
SEVEN CLASS – JUNE 6/10   (96 teams)
Team Name Payout
1 /Daren Hawrish/Brian Murray/AL KEELER $1,795.50
2 Stacie Doyle/Clarence Knight/Ione Smoole $1,282.50
3 Stacie Doyle/Chelsey Jensen/Benny Wurz $1,026.00
4 Joanne Card/Donny Latimer/Vicky West $615.60
5 Kristina Doblanko/Chelsey Jensen/Danny Smoole $410.40
6 Rae Anderson/Roy Bennett/John Hope $120.00
7 Dawn Sieben/Leah Synowec/Janet Taylor $120.00
8 Kelly Feth/Kevin Harris/Deb McCullough $120.00
9 Wendy Dwernychuk/Kevin Harris/Grace Young $120.00
10 BEV LARGE/Joan Gaasbeek/Arlene Kristiansen $120.00
FIVE CLASS – JUNE 6/10   36 teams)
1 Jackie Burns/Cheryl Connolly/Twyla Goodbun $680.40
2 Gary Babcook/Rick Meston/Robert Poissant $486.00
3 BRUCE WADE/Murray Skippen/Mac Wade $388.80
4 Kristina Doblanko/Murray Skippen/Bruce Wade $233.28
5 Gary Babcook/Rick Meston/Brent Seely $155.52
6 Dave Duff/Brenda Gilbert/Howard Pratley $120.00

She Told a Friend Who Told a Friend


It all began with two gals who owned motorcycles in 2001.

It soon grew to be 10 women of varying ages and backgrounds who owned motorcycles too.

Those 10 became the Spokes Sisters-a Calgary Women’s Motorcycle Group, cruising around raising money for breast cancer research. Over five years; through annual rides through Banff and the interior of British Columbia, magic shows, downtown raffles, Denim Days At Work and Poker Runs, the group raised over $65,000 for research. No small amount.

Then, in 2005, whilst cheering her husband on from the stands at the Canadian National Team Penning Finals, Angela Pipe, co-founder of the Spokes Sisters asked team penner, Jennifer Baldwin about having the Spokes Sisters become involved (in an organizational capacity) with a ladies team penning fundraiser, as there wasn’t much riding or fundraising to be done for the Spokes Sisters over the winter.

“There isn’t one”, replied Baldwin.

Seriously, no ladies team penning. No fundraising opportunity. Nada.

Between the two, that day, on the Canadian Nationals Team Penning official program, the names of lady penners who might be interested in participating were jotted down. From that a penning committee was established which included lady bikers and lady penners.

Not wishing to deny their menfolk the opportunity to be involved, ten “Pink Stallions” were chosen – a handful of husbands who would “pretty up the place’ in tuxedoes and bow ties. Aren’t they pretty!

A goal of raising $5,000 was targeted.

On March 25th, 2006, the inaugural Ladies Only Team Penning was held at the Okotoks Agri-Plex.

The Committee learned that one of the gals who would be coming down from Edmonton for the event was fighting breast cancer. Her name was Maxine. The event was called Horsepower to the Max in her honor and the goal of $5,000 was surpassed with a total of $27,624 raised that day.

Since that incredible beginning, the event has grown from 50 women penners to a firm 87. The number has remained low to allow for a day that’s fun filled but still ends early enough to allow for other life commitments. The Spokes Sisters have remained involved in the day and The Pink Stallions are still in place. The Stallions hold not only the herd for the ladies, but also hold their own Stallion Penning at $100 a man, which is often raised to $1,000 and more over a matter of minutes.

The rest of the funds are raised through registration fees, a silent auction, cow and herd sponsorships, and a calcutta.

“The generosity of the team penning community never fails to humble me, and not just with their cheque books but also with their generous gift of time. I think I’m in love with over 200 people! The penning committee has evolved over the years, as has the Spokes Sisters but I am always in awe of the women who have been and are still involved. How often have we all come up with an idea and it goes nowhere. With this bunch of women it doesn’t fade away – it goes places!” says Pipe.

The money raised over the past four events has benefitted not just breast cancer research but has also been put to use for tangible items for the Grace Women’s Centre in Calgary.  Much needed and expensive equipment such as a biopsy bed, blanket warmers, surgical lighting, surgical equipment and a colposcope have been purchased.

A lunch room was also transformed into a Quiet Room. Here, women and their physicians can meet privately with their spouses and family members in an environment, outside of the typically cold examination rooms, to discuss diagnoses and treatments. Imagine, for a minute, what a difference that could make in a person’s life.

Last year not just funds were donated as 13-year-old hockey player and Flames fan Liam Greer donated over 12 inches of his hair to help make wigs for cancer patients. It seemed only fitting to have those locks shorn by former Calgary Flame Paul Kruse! Liam’s mum, Tovah Place was talked into snipping off her lengthy locks too.

This year on Saturday, June 12th, it’s Horsepower for Life once again, and the fundraising goal for 2010 is $40,000, which will buy four examination beds for the Grace Hospital. These beds are both mobile and adaptable and can meet the needs of women who are physically challenged or who are over 250 pounds to ensure they receive a vaginal examination with both ease and dignity.

To date almost $200,000 has been raised by women and their varied horsepower.

And it all started with two gals on motorcycles. And two gals with big hearts and great determination, at a National Penning Final!

For more information on how you can donate to this very worthy cause, run so efficiently and selflessly by these amazing women, contact Angela Pipe at [email protected] or give her a call at (403) 816-7655.

Living the Life

The Alberta Team Cattle Penning Association began their 2010 season April 17/18 at the Thorsby Arena. See the story in the June issue of Western Horse Review. Photos by Bonnie Romanuik.

April 17 Open class winners Benny Wurz, Bonna Labrecque and Lucille Chisan.

April 17 #5 Class winners Kathy Thompson, Kristina Doblanko and Debbie Stewart.

April 17 #10 Class Winners Skylar Hanson, Ernie Wurz and Lucille Chisan.

April 17 #7 Class Winners Preston Fleming, Debbie Stewart and Murray Skippen.


Thorsby Team Penning

Placing /Riders/ Aggregate Time/Team Payout

Open Class

Sat. April 17, 2010

1) Lucille Chisan/Bonna Labrecque/Benny Wurz/1.1175/$1,382.54

2) Joan DeRudder/Gail Middagh/Ed Palsat/1.1448/$987.53

3) OJ Frankish/Len McCullough/Danny Smoole/1.1477/$790.02

Sun. April 18, 2010

1) Connie Bureau/Roger Bureau/Chris Smith/1.2242/ $1,431.05

2) Deana Edwards/Gerry Filewich/OJ Frankish /1.493/$1,022.18

3) Chris Smith/Corrine Smith/Danny Smoole /1.3364/$817.74

10 Class

Sat. April 17, 2010

1) Lucille Chisan/Skylar Hanson/Ernie Wurz/1.928/$1,311.19

2) Stacie Doyle/Deana Edwards/Carmon Reich /1.1799/$936.56

3) Kelly Feth/Len McCullough/Cody Yanosik/1.2368/$749.25

Sun. April 18, 2010

1) Gerry Filewich/Cody Yanosik/Lloyd Zelisko/1.1332/$1,311.19

2) Roger Bureau/Wendy Dwemychuk/Cody Yanosik/1.2375/$936.56

3) Deana Edwards/Andy Shepard/Marvin Wurz/1.2730/$749.25

7 Class

Sat. April 17, 2010

1) Preston Fleming/Murray Skippen/Debbie Stewart/1.2523/$1,800.70

2) Gary Babcook/Mandy Miller/Richard Miller/1.2687/$1,286.21

3) OJ Frankish/Debbie Stewart/Bruce Wade/1.2928/$1,028.97

Sun. April 18, 2010

1) Vic Abel/Dave Edwards/Jim Sheldon/1.3132/$1,765.73

2) Preston Fleming/Murray Skippen/Debbie Stewart/1.3367/$1,261.24

3) Doris Barsness/Ione Smoole/Grace Young/1.3638/$1,008.99

5 Class

Sat. April 17, 2010

1) Kristina Doblanko/Debbie Stewart/Kathy Thompson/1.2391/$681.82

2) Gary Babcook/Rick Meston/Robert Poissant/1.3787/$487.01

3) Michelle Barsness/Kathy Thompson/Lori Vestby/1.4460/$389.61

Sun. April 18, 2010

1) Sheilagh Chilibeck/Kezia Robinson/Terry Sargent/1.4140/$681.82

2) Steven Gilbert/Ken Gilmet/Brian Riehl/1.5890/$487.01

3) Dave Edwards/Jim Sheldon/Lori Vetsby/2.2016/$389.61

Winter Series Penning Results

Thanks to Jen Santangelo of the Silver Slate Arena for sending in these shots and results for the Silver Slate Winter Penning Series.

Open Class: Pia Bond, Rick Bond, Crissy Santangelo awarded coats sponsored by Cam Clark Ford

2nd: Lindy Barron, Rick Bond, Crissy Santangelo. Award: bronc halters

Ltd Open: Devin Antony, Ray Antony, Crissy Santangelo. Award: bronc halters

10 Class: Pia Bond, Rick Bond, Debby Rowland. Award: buckles sponsored by the Antony Family

2nd: Ray Antony, Danielle Cottrell, Hugh McPherson. Award: bronc halters

7 Class: Samantha Chretien, Susan Kluzak, Tina Santangelo. Award: jackets

5 Class Incentive: Butch MacPherson, Debby Rowland, Tina Santangelo. Award: bronc halters

First Canadian penning series a wrap

Pat Bolin guarding the wing as Jen Robson rides up on their cows to push them in 1,2,3.

This was definitely a show that needed to be held at a facility which could accommodate. The Cam Clark Ford and Cam Clark Trailers sponsored show attracted a swarm of penners eager to get back at it. Held in Olds at the Cow Palace on February 27th and 28th having 398 team entries per day with each day having its own payout. The added $12,000 was split equally between the two days giving the penners a greater chance at earning a pay cheque, making this show a great way to kick off the 2010 season.

Enjoy these shots from the show, taken by Western Horse Review columnist Darla Rathwell and read her full story in the April issue.

With Pat Bolin on the wing, Brian Dick funnels in from the hole assisting as Joel Lesh pushes their final cow into the pen.

Leaping into action Junior Youth Mandy Schalk, bound and determined to bring 'em in!


Placing /Riders/ Aggregate Time/Payout

Open Class

Sat. Feb. 27, 2010

1) Harold Bayes, Cory Conan, Ervie Miller/72/$2997.40

2) Carther Rice, Corrine Smith, Caroline Armstrong/73.35/$2141.00

3)  Ron Scott, Bryan Thompson, Hugh McPherson/78.62/$1712.80

Sun. Feb. 28, 2010

1) Burl Aycock, Jens Greimeier, Dean Palin/61.67/ $2967.30

2) Wade Adams, Jody Elliot, Crissy Santangelo/62.61/$2119.50

3) Jody Steenbergen, Lydia Webster, Steve Webster/67.48/$1695.60

10 Class

Sat. Feb. 27, 2010

1) Heather Bowing, Brady Jensen, Lydia Webster/59.88/$3829.35

2) Ken Crawford, Val Crawford, Ervie Miller/67.77/$2735.25

3) Don Badry, Bev Miller, Jody Steenbergen/68.53/$2188.20

Sun. Feb. 28, 2010

1) Wendy Wenaas, Suzie Emms, Bruce Stewart/62.43/$3817.80

2) Cam Clark, Wendell Schumacher, Philip Van Der Poel/69.34/$2727.00

3) Burl Aycock, Cam Clark, Bob Sinclair/69.83/$2181.60

7 Class

Sat. Feb. 27, 2010

1) Hugh McPherson, Charlene Smith, Ken Prochera/73.31/$2339.40

2) Cavan McMullan, Bruce Stewart, Tracey Connatty/75.14/$1671.00

3) Ken Pochera, Bev Mailer, Becky Nickerson/79.80/$1336.80

Sun. Feb. 28, 2010

1) Cam Evans, Dale Glover, Tina Santangelo/81.50/$2258.20

2) Yvonne Harris, Brandee Kromm, Jim Hudecek/89.60/$1613.00

3) Barry Lanz, Susan Kluzak, Madison Lanz/90.08/$1,290.40

5 Class

Sat. Feb. 27, 2010

1) Beau Riedel, Jody Riedel, Paul Roy/57.28/$642.00

2) Cliff Denham, Rob Schalk, Tracey Connatty/86.16/$481.50

3) Donna Hillard, Kent Hillard, E v Prestie/93.39/$321.00

Sun. Feb. 28, 2010

1) Don Badry, Charlene Smith, Mikayla Ruissen/102.2/$610.80

2) Darien Caks, Kathy McSween, Jody Riedel/106.83/$458.10

3) Lorne Reagan, Mikayla Ruissen, Dave Sather/112.9/$305.40

Junior Youth

Sat. Feb. 27, 2010

1) Josie Abraham, Charlene Bayes, Adult Rider/99.78/$45.00

2) Charlene Bayes, Justine Elliott, Adult Rider/99.92/$30.00

Sun. Feb. 28, 2010

1) Josie Abraham, Justine Elliott, Adult Rider/92.27/$45.00

2) Shaelynn Enders, Charlene Bayes, Adult Rider/143.24/$30.00

Senior Youth

Sat. Feb. 27, 2010

1)Hope Poole, Skylar Hansen, Philip Van Der Poel /91.98/$245.00

Sun. Feb. 28, 2010

) Philip Van Der Poel, Mikayla Ruissen, Hope Enders /96.27/$245.00

Speeding in Thomas Thorlakson and team mate JT Bell sort out their trash, so they have no dirty clean up later down at the pen.

– Photos & Copy by Darla Rathwell

Thanks to Chinook Assoc. show Secretary Carlene Giesler for providing results.