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  • Western-Styled Gift Guide

    Western-Styled Gift Guide

    Our gift for you is this wonderful collection of gift ideas! As always, we are all for spreading some local cheer with amazing gifts for you and yours. By MONIQUE NOBLE PUT A RING IN ITWhat’s a gift without a box to put it in? For a little extra western flair this holiday season, wrap […]

  • Alberta Whisky Cake

    It’s becoming increasingly prevalent to consider source (local) and company (niche) in our world. In a sense, our western culture has perhaps always leaned more towards a high standard of craftsmanship, than an overload of cheap trappings. We cherish one well-made bit crafted from a local artisan, over 10 made overseas. A pair of chaps so […]

  • The Little Things

    With those of you who know me, you will understand the whole randomness of this thought process as you read. For those of you who do not know me, this is how I think. I ride and train barrel horses for a living. Love it. Although my days are sociably lonesome from any human contact, […]

  • 7 weeks ’till Christmas: Great Gift Ideas

    Music is a constant at the log house. We each have our influences and our tastes meander all genres. Shelves and cupboards overflow with CD’s, and I’m mildly grateful the era of albums is over, for the room it’s saved me. Even with the overabundance of our current collection, and the advent of itunes, new […]

  • 9 Weeks ’til Christmas: Great Gift Ideas

    Christmas is just around the corner . . . nine weeks away today. What was once a 12 Weeks ’till Christmas countdown here at Screen Doors & Saddles has evolved into nine weeks. Really, what was I thinking? Does anyone really want to know this detail, whether nine or 12? Seriously, I’m just getting my head wrapped around […]

  • Last Minute Gift Ideas

    Procrastinators take note! There are exactly 10 days until Christmas Day. And that means, if you haven’t started your shopping yet – you better get crackin’! Luckily, My Stable Life is here to help with some last minute gift ideas. According to Canada Post, December 19 is the latest suggested mailing date for Xpressposting a […]

  • 2 Weeks 'till Christmas: Great Gift Ideas

    We’re setting up the tree this weekend at the log house, so it’s all about tree and gift ornaments. Wee, Teenager and I have used a particular recipe for ornaments – from a 2003 Martha Stewart issue – several times over the years. It’s a simple afternoon project. Or, in the case of Western Horse […]

  • Christmas in the Country

    I love this time of year! Christmas is in the air and there’s just something about the way people come together to celebrate the season. The babes and I already went for a sleigh ride and this month, the scenery is particularly striking. The trees are heavy with snow. Even the barbed wire seems beautiful… […]

  • 3 Weeks 'till Christmas: Great Gift Ideas

    I have a love-hate relationship with baking cookies. I love the idea of it. Less captivated with the clean-up. And, often not quite satisfied with the result, particularly when attempting the odd new recipe. There is undoubtedly a lesson here from my mom. She was an accomplished cook, but only ran with a few signature […]