7 weeks \’till Christmas: Great Gift Ideas

Music is a constant at the log house. We each have our influences and our tastes meander all genres. Shelves and cupboards overflow with CD\’s, and I\’m mildly grateful the era of albums is over, for the room it\’s saved me. Even with the overabundance of our current collection, and the advent of itunes, new CD\’s regularly find their way into the house. I don\’t know about you, but itunes just doesn\’t cut it for me. Hits aren\’t sustainable enough to hold my attention, too much like soundbites of a larger picture. I need to listen to the full CD, to hear the entire story told.

In this house, the gift of music, in any form, excepting of course, Toby Keith, can never be misguided.

Here\’s some of the latest we\’ve been listening to.


Ryan Fritz writes all of his own material, inspired by the trails and cowboying life he\’s led. He grew up in southern Alberta, and worked for many years on Canada\’s renowned ranches such as the Gang and Douglas Lake Ranches. Ryan Fritz and his family now live in eastern Saskatchewan where they run cattle and manage a 5,000 steer pasture. And, play guitar. Produced by fellow prairie musician, Eli Barsi and John Cunningham, Wind Blown Buckaroo is Fritz\’s fourth album, and his best, keeping the tradition of cowboy music alive. Order direct from Fritz at [email protected].

\"\"Western Horse Review writer Deanna Buschert interviewed Tim Hus for an earlier issue this year, and upon the edit, I was awed by his humbleness. He didn\’t let an answer go by without thanking his mentors, fellow musicians and always, his fans and friends. Just one of the reasons why it\’s so satisfying to see his latest album, Western Star, receive such fantastic reviews and play. Some compare him to the late and great Stompin\’ Tom Connors; I don\’t see that comparison myself in the music, but one thing is sure, he is a true Canadian and original roots musician.

\"\" And, finally, Johnny Cash. \"\" Insight Editions recently published House of Cash:  The Legacies of My Father, Johnny Cashwritten by his son, John Carter Cash. This book gives you an insight into the Man in Black the likes of which you\’ve never seen before. It is an intimate exploration of the soul behind the music, housed in a beautiful mock-leather binding, with a feature CD, accompanied by reproductions of handwritten song lists, lyrics and liner notes.


Gathering together previously unpublished photographs, lyrics, art, notes such as this humorous \”to do list\”. . .


. . . letters to June, and recollections from the Cash family archives, John Carter paints a portrait of his father\’s inner life, and the values he imparted to his son and family.

This is truly a unique portrait of a deeply spiritual, creative, and passionate soul whose music sprang from the way he lived, and one I don\’t mind saying, I would love to find under our tree.


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