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  • Parasite Burdens

    Article By Jenn Webster When Dr. Ela Misuno, DVM, MVSc first came to Canada from Denmark to pursue her veterinary residency program, she was surprised to learn of the differences our country presented in terms of equine deworming strategies. By comparison, Denmark had been employing routine fecal egg examinations since the 1990s and dewormers were […]

  • Determining Towing Capacity

      Are you in the market for a new truck? When it comes to vehicles built for hauling livestock, there’s a lot to consider. How do you determine the right kind of a truck for your needs? Wainalta Motors has been serving clients since 1962, carrying new Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge vehicles as well as […]

  • Emergency Aid Needed for Equine Community

      In light of the wildfires in Fort McMurray, AB, Equine Canada (EC) would like to share the following update from the Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF) with the Canadian equestrian community: The Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF) greatly appreciates the outpour of support of the Alberta equine community and have been assembling a growing list of […]

  • Good Advice

    Sensible counsel prevailed at this year’s Alberta Horse Conference, hosted each year by the Horse Industry Association of Alberta. In the April issue of Western Horse Review, we featured 44 notes of advice curated from those two days of lectures. Here are 16 more. Billy Smith (speaking on transitions in the horse industry) Billy Smith […]

  • Maintaining Condition with Less Forage

    Maintaining Condition with Less Forage

    In times of drought, which can lead to a hay shortage, what can horse owners to do ensure their equine friends maintain their condition? The answer lies in the proper and complete digestion of forages: in order for a horse to completely digest forages, digestive health is key. Just like in humans, horses require pre- […]

  • Western Careers – Equine Veterinarian

    Not many people have the gumption to give up a successful career and start into post-secondary schooling again. Yet, that’s exactly what this cowgirl did. Here’s why she’ll never look back.  Interview by Jenn Webster • Photograph by Deanna Kristensen My great-grandfather homesteaded in Millarville, AB, in 1902. My grandmother was part of the very first […]

  • Vaccination Strategy

    By Jenn Webster If you’re a horse owner, it’s likely you’ve come up against the vaccination debate a time or two. For every individual equine, risk factors vary based on the animal’s age, exposure risk, value, general management and geographic location. There is no one single vaccination protocol for horses, however an informed vaccine strategy […]

  • A Tale of Mistaken Identity

    By Jenn Webster As the date of April 9, 2013, approached, owners Janice and Jack Hepburn of Cochrane, Alberta, waited with anticipation. The days passed. April 10th became April 22nd and still, no foal for their beautiful palomino mare, Miss Chexy Whiz, better known as “Chexy”. Rewind to 2012. Chexy had been bred via artificial […]

  • Turning Them Out

    Turning Them Out

    Under the right circumstances, pasture breeding can be an effective technique for breeding operations to maximize their foal crops, while minimizing costs. Yet, with the demand for higher control over mating’s, plus the high values of individual mares and stallions, pasture breeding is a technique that often results in an increased conception rate in a […]