Duane Latimer Wins Bronze

Duane Latimer. Photo Courtesy: Kalina Rutledge, Equine Canada

Duane Latimer of Bienfait, SK won the individual bronze medal today at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG), which are being held in Lexington, KY September 25–October 10, 2010. Latimer had a great run riding Dun Playin Tag, Lance Griffin’s Canadian-bred six-year-old Quarter Horse gelding, to a score of 222.5, securing the bronze medal finish. “It feels great to do something for your country. Parts of our run were really, really good,” said Latimer, who just started working with Dun Playin Tag in April to prepare for WEG. “I thought my horse ran his large fast circles awesome, and he stopped great three times out of four. We stayed clean today, and he was very good.”

Shawna Sapergia. Photo Courtesy: Kalina Rutledge, Equine Canada

Shawna Sapergia of Cochrane, AB, and This Chics On Top, a seven-year-old bay Quarter Horse mare owned by Outrider Ranch Ltd, received a score of 218.5 to finish in eighth. “My first stop was amazing and her back up was great. We had a little bobble in our second spin, but she was trying her absolute hardest out there. I don’t think I have ever run her that hard or asked that much of her before. She was there for me every step of the way,” said Sapergia.

Medal Presentations for Reining. Photo Courtesy: Jenn Webster

The gold medal was won by American Tom McCutcheon riding Gunners Special Nite, and the silver medal went to Craig Schmersal, also of the United States, and Mister Montana Nic.  “We are enormously proud of Duane and Dun Playing Tag.  Their performance was truly world class, and has upheld our country’s record of medalling at every World Equestrian Games Reining Championship ever held,” said Akaash Maharaj, CEO of Equine Canada.
For more information on the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, including live results, please visit www.alltechfeigames.com.
For additional information on the CRC and its programs, including selection criteria, please visit the Equine Canada website at www.equinecanada.ca or e-mail [email protected].

Love Bites in a Good Way

Sales of Masterfeeds’ signature horse treat “Love Bites” continue to soar and have allowed this Canadian company the opportunity to make its third donation of 2010 to the Canadian Equestrian Team bringing its total contribution to $20,000. An official cheque presentation featuring this milestone contribution took place on September 10th during The Masters Tournament at Spruce Meadows.

Masterfeeds is the Official Gold Feed Partner of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG), and is engaged in an initiative that benefits the Canadian Equestrian Team.  $1 from the purchase of each bag of Love Bites, the Official Treat of the Canadian Equestrian Team, is being directed to the Equine Canada Athlete Assistance Fund. This fund’s sole purpose is to help realize the dreams of many of our athletes — especially those most in need of financial support — to compete for our country.

“We are enormously grateful for Masterfeeds’ kind donation to the Canadian Equestrian Team,” says Akaash Maharaj, CEO of Equine Canada.  “The period since the 2008 Summer Olympics has arguably been the most successful in our team’s history, but we recognise that our ability to continue representing our country and our sport well hinges on the support of our friends.  Masterfeeds has quickly become one of our most significant corporate partners and our athletes will have an easier path to victory in Lexington because of it.”

The Games, to be held at the Kentucky Horse Park from September 25 – October 10, 2010, are the world championships of the eight equestrian disciplines recognized by the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI).  Held outside of Europe for the first time, the 16-day competition involving 600 riding competitors and 700 horses from more than 60 countries is expected to be attended by as many as 600,000 spectators and viewed on television by an international audience exceeding 460 million.

WEG Post Comments

Duane Latimer & Dun Playing Tag. CREDIT: Kalina Rutledge, Equine Canada

As My Stable Life reported yesterday, the Canadian Reining Team, comprised of Duane Latimer, Shawna Sapergia and Vernon Sapergia, finished in fifth place at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG), which are being held in Lexington, KY September 25—October 10, 2010.

Latimer of Bienfait, SK, rode Dun Playin Tag, Lance Griffin’s Canadian-bred six-year-old Quarter Horse gelding, to a sixth place score of 223.00.

“We had a little tough luck when we lost one of our riders right off the bat in the jog, and that is hard to recover from,” said Latimer. “My horse went really well today. There are a few little improvements we can make, but I achieved my main goal, which was to make it to the individual final.”

Shawna Sapergia & This Chics On Top. CREDIT: Kalina Rutledge, Equine Canada

Shawna Sapergia of Cochrane, AB, and This Chics On Top, a seven-year-old bay Quarter Horse mare owned by Outrider Ranch Ltd, received a score of 218.00 to finish in 14th.

“My warm-up was excellent, and I was really happy with how my run went in the ring,” Sapergia. “I was hoping for a little higher score, but I guess that is how it goes.”

With no drop score, Canada had a team total of 652.50. Team gold went to the United States with 674.50. Belgium won silver with 659.00, and Italy was bronze with 655.50.

“The team worked really hard and Duane put everything into his round today. Unfortunately, it was not to be,” said chef d’équipe Wendy Dyer. “Now we are working toward the Individual Final. Duane and Shawna will be focusing on their best in order to make the podium. As a chef d’équipe, I could not have asked for a better team captain than Duane.”

Day 2 Team Competition

Molly Sapergia and Alex get ready to watch Mom, Shawa Sapergia's ride. Shawna went on to score a 218.

The final tallies for the countries are in as Day 2 of the Team Competition at the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, KY, has concluded. USA won the Gold medal, Belgium won the Silver and Italy took home Bronze. Austria came in fourth place and Canada was fifth.

Two of our riders, Duane Latimer (score 223) and Shawna Sapergia (218) have secured themselves a top 15 placing and therefore, will get to run in the individual medal competition.

J.P Forget and Duane Latimer discuss strategy after the First Day.

Here is a quick note I received from Lance Griffin last night:

“The park here is huge and the walk from the main arena to the reining arena is a mile-and-a-half, so we are getting good at hitch hiking again on golf carts. But it helps a lot if we have Canadian flags with us as everyone seems to love the Canadians here!”

The opening ceremonies.

And here is a note I received from Lance at 2:27 pm today:

Team competition is over in Kentucky with the Americans winning again. They deserved the Gold medal, their performances were almost flawless and they deserve to be the winning team.

A huge congratulations to the Silver Medalists from Belgium, this is a huge accomplishment for such a small country. And a special mention goes to the father of Cira Baeck, one of the competitors.  Mr. Baeck has been a huge supporter of the sport of reining in Belgium and has been battling cancer, but seems to be doing well.

Italy placed third, Austria 4th and Canada 5th.

Both competitors today for Canada looked sharp, congratulations to them. The Team is invited to Winstar Farms tonight for the special Cowboy Gala. We are taking our grooms and companions. Will update you tomorrow.

– Lance Griffin

A welcome to the Canadians at the opening ceremonies.

RANK    /   NUMBER   /   NATION    /    RIDER      /    HORSE      / SCORE

1    345     USA       S. Flarida    RC Fancy Step    227.00
2    319     ITA        S. Massignan    Yellow Jersey    224.00
2    338     USA      T. McCutcheon    Gunners Special Nite    224.00
4    328     USA      C. Schmersal    Mister Montana Nic    223.50
4    323     BEL      B. Fonck    BA Reckless Chick    223.50
6    372     CAN      D. Latimer    Dun Playin Tag    223.00
7    381     AUT       R. Kronsteiner    Einsteins Revolution    221.00
7    310     GER       S. Rzepka    Doctor Zip Nic    221.00
9    341     USA       T. McQuay    Hollywoodstinseltown    220.50
9    309     GER      G. Ludwig    Hot Smokin Chex    220.50
11    355     AUT      M. Mühlstätter    Wimpys Little Buddy    219.50
11    324     BEL       A. Poels    Whizdom Shines    219.50
13    313     NED     R. Young-van Osch    Burnt Starlight    219.00
14    373     CAN     S. Sapergia    This Chics On Top    218.00
15    300     BRA     W. Teixeira    SJ Rodopio    217.00
15    375     AUS      M. Larcombe    Top Prize Prince    217.00
17    317     ITA        D. Carmignani    Red Chic Peppy    216.50
17    334     BRA      J. Lacerda    Remenic N Poco    216.50
17    348     MEX     J. Vazquez Hernandez    Wound By Juice    216.50
20    377     GBR      L. Rutter    Setting Off Sparks    216.00
20    321     BEL       C. Baeck    Peek A Boom    216.00
20    356     ISR        K. Ahisshar    Whiz N Lena Jac    216.00
23    331     NED      H. Heule    Crome Shiner    215.50
23    380     GBR      F. Sternberg    Slidin Like A Yankee    215.50
25    329     AUS       W. Backhouse    Whizs Bronze Star    215.00
25    320     ITA        N. Brunelli    Spat a Blue    215.00
27    349     MEX      A. Gonzalez Barragan    Custom Harley    214.00
28    378     GBR      D. Allen    Don Julio Whiz    213.50
29    343     DEN      J. McCabe    Starbucks Sidekick    213.00
29    357     AUT      M. Morawitz    Spin Me A Deal    213.00
29    327     FRA      G. Legrand    New Doc Peppy Cat    213.00
32    301     BRA      P. Koury Neto    Spin Zone Whiz    212.50
32    335     BRA     J. Salgado Filho    Leopardo do Infinito    212.50
32    342     MEX     R. Pacheco Cuevas    Topsail Command    212.50
32    315     AUT       D. Schulz    Laredo Whiz    212.50
36    337     ISR        Y. Suger    Strike Em Out    212.00
36    360     SWE      F. Thomsson    Gallos Stylish Star    212.00
38    374     CAN      V. Sapergia    Its Wimpys Turn    211.50
39    312     NED      A. van Grunsven    Whizashiningwalla BB    211.00
39    311     NED      F. Elzinga    Smoking Kills    211.00
41    303     IRL       O. Galligan    Whizardre N Starlite    210.50
41    332     DEN      A. Lau    Hollywood And Fine    210.50
41    314     DEN      S. Skovrider    Magnum Licorice Chic    210.50
44    366     AUS      S. Larcombe    Silver Benz    210.00
44    368     AUS      W. Schiller    Peptos I Brow    210.00
46    306     GER      E. Ernst    Legends Diamond Doc    209.00
47    326     FRA       A. Girinon    RS McJac Smoker    208.50
47    330     COL       H. Jimenez Reyes    Conquistador Lilstar    208.50
47    382     DOM       M. Orizondo    Tattoos Dun It    208.50
50    344     RSA        S. Borland    Ses Smart Star    207.00
51    350     MEX       A. Hawa Sarquis    Better Not Rest    206.50
51    361     SWE       I. Silverstolpe    Chexx A Roanie    206.50
53    322     BEL       J. Boogaerts    Gumpy Grumpy BB    205.00
54    325     FRA       P. Barret    Whizard Star    202.50
55    363     POL       B. Czarnik    Colonel Pepenator    200.50
56    362     DOM      F. Garrido    A Smart Enterprise    200.00
57    351     ESP         G. Recio Pezzi    Bonnies Smart Chic    194.50
58    305     GBR       T. Greaves    Jac Wonders Who    188.50
59    365     SWE       M. Goransson    Hey Houston    166.00
60    340     ITA       M. Ricotta    Smart And Shiney    .00
60    304     ESP      F. Cueto    A Real Hillbilly    .00
60    308     GER     N. Hörmann    Mister Dual Spring    .00
60    370     SWE     H. Hokkanen    Sailor In Command    .00

The Scores So Far…

Vern Sapergia is the first rider to represent Canada on Reining Team Canada at the 2010 Alltech World Equestrian Games. He has garnered a respectable score that moves him into 13th place at this point. Reports one of the Canadian horse owners, Terry Griffin, “The crowd welcomed Vern with huge cheers. His mare turned big and circled nice, but drug a lead. Her first stop was huge, the second stop was very nice and just a little weak on the last stop. Vern did a great job and I know he would have liked to do better.”

Rank /    Number /    Nation  /    Rider  /   Horse /   Score
1    319     ITA        S. Massignan    Yellow Jersey    224.00
2    328     USA     C. Schmersal    Mister Montana Nic    223.50
3    341     USA      T. McQuay    Hollywoodstinseltown    220.50
3    309     GER     G. Ludwig    Hot Smokin Chex    220.50
5    355     AUT      M. Mühlstätter    Wimpys Little Buddy    219.50
5    324     BEL      A. Poels    Whizdom Shines    219.50
7    377     GBR      L. Rutter    Setting Off Sparks    216.00
8    349     MEX     A. Gonzalez Barragan    Custom Harley    214.00
9    343     DEN     J. McCabe    Starbucks Sidekick    213.00
9    357     AUT     M. Morawitz    Spin Me A Deal    213.00
11    301     BRA    P. Koury Neto    Spin Zone Whiz    212.50
11    335     BRA    J. Salgado Filho    Leopardo do Infinito    212.50
13    374     CAN   V. Sapergia    Its Wimpys Turn    211.50
14    312     NED   A. van Grunsven    Whizashiningwalla BB    211.00
14    311     NED      F. Elzinga    Smoking Kills    211.00
16    303     IRL     O. Galligan    Whizardre N Starlite    210.50
17    366     AUS    S. Larcombe    Silver Benz    210.00
17    368     AUS    W. Schiller    Peptos I Brow    210.00
19    326     FRA    A. Girinon    RS McJac Smoker    208.50
20    350     MEX   A. Hawa Sarquis    Better Not Rest    206.50
21    322     BEL    J. Boogaerts    Gumpy Grumpy BB    205.00
22    363     POL    B. Czarnik    Colonel Pepenator    200.50
23    305     GBR    T. Greaves    Jac Wonders Who    188.50
24    365     SWE    M. Goransson    Hey Houston    166.00
25    340     ITA      M. Ricotta    Smart And Shiney    .00
25    304     ESP     F. Cueto    A Real Hillbilly    .00
25    308     GER    N. Hörmann    Mister Dual Spring    .00
25    370     SWE    H. Hokkanen    Sailor In Command    .00

The Alternate Rider Question

With the setback experienced this morning at the 2010 Alltech World Equestrian Games Jog Test for our Canadian Reining Team, we have learned that Canada will compete as planned, however with only 3 members as opposed to 4. This new development begged the question, “Well, don’t we have an alternate rider?” Via social networking –  you – our readers asked us exactly that.

Lance Griffin, owner of Dun Playin Tag, the horse that will be shown by Duane Latimer at WEG has kindly stepped up to offer us an answer:

Hi Everyone,
The reason for the lack of a fifth horse and rider is quite involved, but here it is.

Few people realize that all of the expenses for the horses and riders are paid for by the owners of the horses and while the rules allow for an alternate horse and rider,  just imagine being the owner of the fifth horse and paying about $17,000.00 to ship your horse and rider to Kentucky with only a remote chance for your horse to show. Almost impossible to imagine anyone doing this.

It is frankly just a lot of money to ask for with very little chance of you watching your horse show here and that is, in fact, after you have paid to send your horse to the national qualifier which this time was in Vancouver, BC.

As to the reasons for this being the process, you will have to ask Equine Canada and their Reining Committee.

Tonight the three remaining horses practiced for the final time prior to the games starting tomorrow and they all looked good. Only Vern Sapergia shows tomorrow and hopefully things go great for him.

More tomorrow after the show.

– Lance Griffin

If you want to catch some coverage on television from the World Equestrian Games, you can catch it on NBC at the following times:

Sunday, September 26 from 12:00pm-1:00pm ET
Sunday, Ooctober 3 from 1:00pm-4:00pm ET
Sunday, October 10 from 4:00pm-6:00pm ET

Report from WEG

General view of the first reining Veterinary Inspection at WEG this morning. Credit: Kit Houghton/FEI

My Stable Life is back with a report on our Canadian Reining Team from the 2010 Alltech World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky. If you’ve been following along, you’ll have already read about the preliminary arrangements that were made to get our Canadian horses down to Kentucky and you will have caught a glimpse of Vern Sapergia at 5 am in the morning (if you didn’t see that one, check out the WEG Team Exclusive)

Team member Shawna Sapergia sent me this note on September 21:

“Well Mike, Alex and myself are officially on our way!! I talked to Dad and the horses are all doing well. Just adjusting to the heat. Seems it’s, oh about a mere 38 degrees warmer there in Kentucky then here – not including humidity.

The horses are leaving OK at 3:00pm today to travel through the night to arrive about 8:00 am, baring no complications.”

Then I received this message from one of our Canadian grooms, Christa Turel, on the eve of September 23:

“The weather is very hot and humid here. The horses are riding great, though! We just finished practice. Lisa and Vern are the first to ride on Saturday (25). Duanne and Shawna will go on Sunday (26). The grooms quarters are a long ways from the barns so Vanessa and I are getting a lot of exercise!”

(The grooms for Team Canada are Christa Turel, Samantha Griffin and Vanessa Strotman.)

“Things are very structured here. You need ID to get around everywhere because it’s very tight security. We are stabled with only reiners so unfortunately, we don’t get to socialize with the other disciplines. The horses are under fans and they have been getting electrolytes (to compensate for the heat). The grooms also need a steward to accompany us as we hand walk the horses out to the grass.”

Anky Van Grunsven (NED) with Whizashingwalla BB at the first Veterinary Inspection. Credit: Kit Houghton/FEI

This morning, all reining competitors and their horses underwent the FEI Jog test at 8 am, Kentucky time. I received this note from Terry Griffin at 9:55 am, September 24:

“Sad news for the Canadian Reining Team this morning. The Team is really going to miss Lisa Coulter and Western Whiz. Fortunately the Team can compete as 3. We are awaiting how this affects our Team for the order of go, which we will know this afternoon. We will update you with the draw when we have it.”

Since the Canadian Reining Team will compete as only 3 members, this simply means all of our scores will count now. There will be no low score to drop. Stay tuned to My Stable Life for more updates from the World Equestrian Games. Tomorrow will feature the Opening Ceremonies where Canadian Paralympian, Lauren Barwick of Aldergrove, BC, has been chosen as the flag bearer for the Canadian Equestrian Team.

Barwick, riding her horse Maile, a 16-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare, won the individual gold and individual silver medal at the 2008 Paralympic Games in para-dressage. A two-time Paralympian, Barwick was also named as the 2004 Equine Canada Equestrian of the Year based on her outstanding accomplishments at the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens, GRE.

Art & Music & the Equine

There are plenty of reasons to attend the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, set to officially kick off tomorrow, Sept. 25 until October 10, at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, among them:

1)    Kentucky

2)    Canadian reiners competing on a world stage

3)    Thoroughbred farms

4)    Gorgeous horses

5)    Kentucky

Did I mention that already? Over the weekend, I discovered another reason. The HORSETAILS 2010 art exhibit, which marries three of my favorite passions – music, art and the equine. An incredibly insightful idea. Fifty-two artists were chosen and each given a small replica of a violin and a bow. The bond is naturally the string. For centuries, horsetail hairs have been strung across the bow, a characteristic unique to string instruments.

Horse racing aficionados, you might remember Bernardini, sired by A.P. Indy in 2003, with a pedigree that includes Seattle Slew and Secretariat. Bernardini won six of his eight career starts and amassed over $3 million in earnings, before retiring to stud. His first foal crop arrived in 2009, and yes, that is his tail hair. Painted by Joanne Mehl.

One of my favorites, Lucilla II, by Helene Steene, tail hair donated by owner Her Royal Highness Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein.

And finally, Doc, the champion vaulting horse and quite possibly the only Belgian ever to compete in the history of the World Equestrian Games, donated a few of his tail feathers for this piece by Steve Armstrong.

HORSETAILS 2010 is a unique and exquisite way to visually appreciate the bond between the horse and orchestral music. Visit www.horsetails2010.com and meander through all of the pieces of stunning and charming violin art up for sale. Give yourself a moment and really appreciate it.

Equine Comic Relief

Hey folks if you have a few minutes to kill, check out these hilarious television commercials developed specifically to promote the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky this September 25 to October 10. There’s only 1 more day to go and we are looking forward to updates from our Canadian Reining Team. Stay tuned to My Stable Life!

This one’s for the reiners:

This one’s for those who like surprises:

And this one’s for all the guys out there: