The Scores So Far…


Vern Sapergia is the first rider to represent Canada on Reining Team Canada at the 2010 Alltech World Equestrian Games. He has garnered a respectable score that moves him into 13th place at this point. Reports one of the Canadian horse owners, Terry Griffin, \”The crowd welcomed Vern with huge cheers. His mare turned big and circled nice, but drug a lead. Her first stop was huge, the second stop was very nice and just a little weak on the last stop. Vern did a great job and I know he would have liked to do better.\”

Rank /    Number /    Nation  /    Rider  /   Horse /   Score
1    319     ITA        S. Massignan    Yellow Jersey    224.00
2    328     USA     C. Schmersal    Mister Montana Nic    223.50
3    341     USA      T. McQuay    Hollywoodstinseltown    220.50
3    309     GER     G. Ludwig    Hot Smokin Chex    220.50
5    355     AUT      M. Mühlstätter    Wimpys Little Buddy    219.50
5    324     BEL      A. Poels    Whizdom Shines    219.50
7    377     GBR      L. Rutter    Setting Off Sparks    216.00
8    349     MEX     A. Gonzalez Barragan    Custom Harley    214.00
9    343     DEN     J. McCabe    Starbucks Sidekick    213.00
9    357     AUT     M. Morawitz    Spin Me A Deal    213.00
11    301     BRA    P. Koury Neto    Spin Zone Whiz    212.50
11    335     BRA    J. Salgado Filho    Leopardo do Infinito    212.50
13    374     CAN   V. Sapergia    Its Wimpys Turn    211.50
14    312     NED   A. van Grunsven    Whizashiningwalla BB    211.00
14    311     NED      F. Elzinga    Smoking Kills    211.00
16    303     IRL     O. Galligan    Whizardre N Starlite    210.50
17    366     AUS    S. Larcombe    Silver Benz    210.00
17    368     AUS    W. Schiller    Peptos I Brow    210.00
19    326     FRA    A. Girinon    RS McJac Smoker    208.50
20    350     MEX   A. Hawa Sarquis    Better Not Rest    206.50
21    322     BEL    J. Boogaerts    Gumpy Grumpy BB    205.00
22    363     POL    B. Czarnik    Colonel Pepenator    200.50
23    305     GBR    T. Greaves    Jac Wonders Who    188.50
24    365     SWE    M. Goransson    Hey Houston    166.00
25    340     ITA      M. Ricotta    Smart And Shiney    .00
25    304     ESP     F. Cueto    A Real Hillbilly    .00
25    308     GER    N. Hörmann    Mister Dual Spring    .00
25    370     SWE    H. Hokkanen    Sailor In Command    .00


3 thoughts on “The Scores So Far…”

  1. Gloria, if you want to catch some coverage on television from the World Equestrian Games, you can catch it on NBC at the following times:

    Sunday, September 26 from 12:00pm-1:00pm ET
    Sunday, Ooctober 3 from 1:00pm-4:00pm ET
    Sunday, October 10 from 4:00pm-6:00pm ET

  2. Lance Griffin

    Well, we have finished another day at 2010 Weg here in Kentucky. It was not a stellar day for Canada as Vern Saperiga scored a 211.5 and this will make it very tough for Canada to medal in the team competition but we will see tomorrow. The Americans were very strong with Tim Mcquay and Craig Schmersal scoring big and they only need one out of two tomorrow to do well and they will be in a great postion.

    We watched the Opening ceremony tonight and they did a great job of showcasing the state of Kentucky as well as demonstrations of the differant breeds of horses from around the world. Very well done.

    More tomorrow.
    – Lance Griffin

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