Easter at Twin Corazones Ranch

    A new creative spin on eggs and Easter baskets.

    Easter at Twin Corazones Ranch Easter at Twin Corazones Ranch

    Vermillion’s Bull Riding Win

    The biggest beneficiary of the lucrative April 5th event was Ty Pattern.

    Vermillion’s Bull Riding Win Vermillion's Bull Riding Win

    Alberta Association for Stables

    The Alberta Stables Initiative announces a new official association for stables.

    Alberta Association for Stables Alberta Association for Stables

    Winter Skin Conditions

    Winter woes: 3 common skin conditions often partial to this time of year.

    Winter Skin Conditions Winter Skin Conditions

    Countdown to the Canadian Cowboy Ski Race

    CPRA contestants are on their way to the second annual Canadian Cowboy Ski Race.

    Countdown to the Canadian Cowboy Ski Race Countdown to the Canadian Cowboy Ski Race

    Awesome. It’s Winter. Again.

    9 ideas for improving winter horse health, engaging kids and staycations. No more winter blues!

    Awesome. It’s Winter. Again. Awesome. It's Winter. Again.

Easter at Twin Corazones Ranch


Easter is a special time of year, especially for children. I remember the joy of the season when I was young and how special my mother made the occasion (think, four-hour long egg hunts!) Not sure I’m gonna go to that extent with my children, lol! But I’m excited that this is the first year our twins can really get into the thrill of an egg hunt and the notion of a magical rabbit that leaves treats for good girls and boys. Plus, the egg decorating is something that absolutely delights them. We’ve been coloring eggs for a week already.


From the brightly colored dyes to the endless possibilities of egg creations, there are so many great creative projects for Easter decorating! We picked up a kit that transformed colored eggs into baby chicks this year.

First we dyed the eggs as normal.


Then we added tiny “collars” (stickers from the kits) to the tops of each egg.


Then we glued pom-poms on for heads, eyes, beaks and legs. The end result was adorable!

My daughter kept sneaking into the fridge to grab the “chicks” to nurture them, away from the refrigerator.

(You know how Easter eggs often tend to become Deviled-egg tapas? I’m not sure these hard boiled suckers should end up there…)


I love this time of year. With a brand new foal out in the pasture as of yesterday, it feels like Spring has possibly arrived. That notion alone makes me happy. Very happy!

You know – until the snow they’ve predicted for tonight hits.


Another aspect I’m truly psyched for this weekend is the fact that I will be skipping over the traditional chocolate and candy basket for the kids this year. I discovered another idea that will let the kids unleash their inner gardeners. And potentially keep them away from Mommy’s main garden this spring – because they’ll have their own flowers to tend to instead!


And yeah, maybe some candy made its way into the baskets. But honestly what is Easter without a few chocolate eggs, really?


A couple of plants, a gardener’s trowel, a kid-sized watering can, gloves, a stuffed bunny and some Sweet Pea seeds – I can’t wait until my twins each receive one of these on Easter morning!

Happy Easter everyone!

Vermillion’s Bull Riding Win

Ted Stoven- 2014 CPRA Vermilion Bull Riding Champion

Ty Pattern – 2014 Lakeland College CPRA Bull Riding Champion. (photo by Ted Stovin)

By adding more than $20,000 (per event) in the 2014 season, for the three events in the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association, (Vermilion AB; Panoka AB; and the Canadian Finals Rodeo), placing well at Vermilion’s Lakeland College CPRA Bull Riding had a dramatic impact on the CPRA standings.

The biggest beneficiary of the lucrative April 5 event was Ty Pattern, earning the win courtesy of his 89 point short-go ride aboard Calgary Stampede’s 819 Man In Black. The win added $6,949.72 to his 2014 Canadian Standings.

“It’s going to look pretty good in the standings and pretty good in the bank account as well,” said Pattern.

Pattern was looking for a win this spring after coming home empty handed from the 40th Anniversary Canadian Finals Rodeo last November.

“I was kinda sour over it during the winter. I don’t want that to happen again. I didn’t want it as bas as I should have this winter, but I was definitely wanting it once spring came around,” said Pattern.

Pattern’s break only proved to excite him for the upcoming season and he has his sights set high for 2014.

“If things keep going as they are, it’s going to be less and less pressure as the year goes on. I don’t want to be going to the last two rodeos fighting for those final two spots. I’ve been there before and didn’t make it a couple times; I don’t want to be in that position again. My whole season last year was pretty decent; I was pretty consistent but never really won big anywhere,” tells Pattern.

Pattern is hoping to secure the title of the Canadian All-Around Championship, and he plans to use his Vermilion win, followed by a good spot at Calgary, and roping in almost all of the rodeos to get it.

Two-time reigning Canadian Bull Riding Champion, Chad Besplug, moved up to the number one spot in the 2014 CPRA standings after a third place finish at the Vermilion event. Besplug added $4,577.95 from his event placings to bring his season total up to $7,902.43 after two events. Pattern follows in second place with his $6,949.72 total.

The 2014 Canadian Pro Rodeo Association will next be at the Broncs and Honky Tonks Rodeo in Medicine Hat, AB from April 11th to 13th.

View Pattern’s winning ride here: http://youtu.be/M8CCPANtCj0


Alberta Association for Stables


The Alberta Stables Initiative (ASI) recently made the announcement that the group is converting from an initiative to an official association for stables. The association of stables will address the many economic and demographic challenges that stable operators face in Alberta.

The ASI began in 2009 with the goal of developing professional association for stables. The initiative itself was a collaborative project among the Horse Industry Association of Alberta (HIAA), the Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF), and the horse industry section of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (AARD).

“This association will enable stable owners and operators with the opportunity to work together to share the operational strategies, processes, policies, and to speak with a unified voice to municipal and provincial authorities on issues involving the stable industry,” says current interim President, Gary Millar.

“In the fast changing world in which we find ourselves, the equine marketplace is in a constant state of evolution. It is an advantage for some stable owners and operators to work together to maintain high standards and a high level of service. We are all stronger in the horse industry when working together than we are working alone.”

The inaugural meeting of the Alberta Stables Association to elect the new board of directors will take place in the Lookout Room at Westerner Park in Red Deer on April 27, 2014 at 1:30 p.m. during The Mane Event.

Nomination forms for the prospective board of directors are available for download at the ASI website, www.findalbertastables.ca.



Winter Skin Conditions


As hash as winter can be on our skin, it can be just as harmful to the skin of our horses. Long periods without baths, regular grooming and under heavy blankets can lead to a plethora of problems. The moisture from rain and snow can encourage bacteria to grow and the lack of sunlight is […]

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Countdown to the Canadian Cowboy Ski Race

Canadian Cowboy Ski Race

BY DEANNA KRISTENSEN Lake Louise Ski Resort is about to get wild and western March 29, as Canadian Professional Rodeo (CPRA) contestants make their way to the top of the hill for the second annual Back on Track Canadian Cowboy Ski Race sponsored by Ranchman’s. In 2013, CPRA cowboys and cowgirls invaded the slopes and raised […]

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Awesome. It’s Winter. Again.

Photo by Natalie Jackman, have-dog.com.

As you can probably tell by the enthusiasm of my blog title, we were all super impressed with the new blast of cold and snow to match, this week. Since winter is showing no signs of letting up – ever – I figure I should probably just change my attitude about it. After all, there […]

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2015 Calgary Stampede Poster Artwork Unveiled

Dr. Gordon Atkins, chair, Chuckwagon committee, left, and Bill Gray, vice-chair, Calgary Stampede Board, unveil Stavrowsky's original artwork for the 2015 Calgary Stampede poster. The piece will be auctioned off during the Western Art Auction on Thursday, July 10, 2014.

The 2015 Calgary Stampede poster artwork, created by artist Oleg Stavrowsky, was revealed at the annual Canvas Auction taking place on Thursday, March 20. The annual auction of chuckwagon tarps used for business advertising, proved to be a suitable venue for the chuckwagon-themed painting. The artwork pays homage to the chuckwagon drivers and horses that […]

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Next Steps for Reining

Massimiliano Ruggeri (ITA) on Spat Split And White, silver medallists at the FEI European Reining Championships 2013 in Augsburg (GER). (Photo: FEI/Action Images/Henry Browne)

A cooperation agreement has been signed formalizing the Fédération Equestre Internationale’s (FEI) relationship with the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) and the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA), which has been in place since Reining became a FEI discipline in 2002. “Since Reining became an FEI discipline in 2002, we have worked closely with the NRHA […]

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The Open Door to Solitude


First: last week we ran a little contest regarding headwear preferences. Thank you for participating. Andrea Williams, you’re the winner of the Professional’s Choice splint boots. Andrea’s response was: “Felt hat for fancy places, straw for summer but helmet whenever I ride!” Congratulations, Andrea! Contact editorial@westernhorsereview.com with your shipping details. Second: The Open Door to […]

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