Silver Slate Penning


After four fabulous days of competition in the “big pen” at Silver Slate Arena, the Hi-Point teams added new buckles to their belts. As well, each junior youth competitor went home with a bucket of goodies sponsored by Bar T5 Trailers and Silver Slate. The sun shone, the footing was perfect and the addition of the espresso machine in the concession was an added bonus! The efforts of the Santangelo family to make their shows a pleasure to ride does not go unappreciated by every Chinook Penner.


Bar T5 Open Class Champions: Chris Smith, Johanne Duquet and J.T. Bell.


Hillside Acres Equestrian – #5 Class Champions: Rene O’Rourke, Lena Fleurie and Greg Sokolik.


Rolling Mix Concrete – #7 Class Champions: Sandra Mason, Clayton Mason and Sandra Clipperton. 


The Antony Family – Jr. Youth Class: (Crissy Santangelo of Silver Slate Arena) Kaycee Conan, Brody Conan, Kash Sigouin, Chase Hunter Serenity Kane, Sierra Inglis and Kaleigh McCallum (Shaylene Hunter, Bar T5 Trailers).


Canmark Roofing #10 Class Champions: Kirk Cottrell, Hope Poole and Ray Antony. 

Penning Series Winners

Cam Clark Ford and the Bullpen Arena teamed up to produce a unique three-show series May 10, June 28 and August 23 for the Chinook Team Cattle Penning Association. Points were combined from the Open & #10 Class, the #10 & #7 Classes and the #7 & #5 Classes. The high-point riders from each combination earned an Oxbow saddle for their efforts. The cattle were challenging at every show and It was a close race in each division right to the last cow.
Open/#10 Hi-Point Saddle Winner – Wendy Wenaas
#10 / #7 Hi-Point Saddle Winner – Lillian Dalton
#7 / #5 Hi-Point Saddle Winner – Charlie Peppard

New Equine Events for Calgary Stampede

Arabian Horse Association Region 17 Championship covers every aspect of Arabian horse use and competition, from reining to English Pleasure, and Western to Arabic dress. Photo by Tex Cam.

Arabian Horse Association Region 17 Championship covers every aspect of Arabian horse use and competition, from reining to English Pleasure, and Western to Arabic dress. Photo by Tex Cam.

For year-round excitement, just add horsepower! The Calgary Stampede is thrilled to welcome four major horse events to their new home, the nearly-constructed Agrium Western Event Centre. Each event will draw new participants and visitors to the heart of Calgary from across Western Canada to enjoy top horses and riders in action. Collectively, the events will add to the reputation of Stampede Park as a year-round gathering place.

When we embarked on this journey to build Canada’s premiere agriculture showcase space, these are the types of events we envisioned – big national and international shows that will connect the country to the city and draw guests to Calgary,” says Max Fritz, director of agriculture and western events for the Stampede. “We designed the building to meet their needs and to create exceptional experiences for participants, animals and guests.”

The following four events have signed multi-year agreements with the Stampede to host their major shows and competitions at the Agrium Western Event Centre:

Arabian Horse Association Region 17 Championships

July 21 – 26, 2014

Arabian Horse Association Region 17’s Western Canadian Championships in July will draw up to 500 Arabian horse entries from across the West and even some U.S. competitors. This spectator-friendly event showcases these beautiful horses and riders in the full spectrum of event disciplines. Website:

Team Roping Canada, Canadian Finals

September 26 – 28, 2014

Expecting 1,200 to 1,400 teams and up to 2,500 spectators, Team Roping Canada’s Canadian Finals will feature ropers of all ages, from eight to 80 years old. This is the culmination of their association’s season, which spans the summer months and features professional, open, amateur, junior and shoot-out classes. Website:

Canadian Team Cattle Penning Association National Finals

October 9 – 14, 2014

The National Finals for the Canadian Team Cattle Penning Association brings together to up to 1,200 teams of three each, and an estimated 2,500 spectators to fill the stands and cheer them on. Competitors in this championship event come from across Western Canada and many U.S. states, including California, Montana, Texas, Oklahoma and Washington, all in the hunt for an estimated $285,000 in prize money. Website:

Royal West, produced by Rocky Mountain Show Jumping

October 23 – November 1, 2014

The Royal West is an all-new 10-day multi-breed show, offering Western Canadian riders an alternative, and prelude to the Royal Show in Toronto. Royal West will feature a division for international show jumpers, national hunter/jumper classes, hackney and heavy horse classes, and a multitude of other events including indoor eventing, terrier racing, barrel racing and even mutton-busting. Website:

Jordan Dodds  and Heeler Clark McCarroll team up to showcase the fast-paced sport of team roping in the summer of 2013. Photo by Mike Copeman, courtesy of Calgary Stampede.

Jordan Dodds and Heeler Clark McCarroll team up to showcase the fast-paced sport of team roping in the summer of 2013. Photo by Mike Copeman, courtesy of Calgary Stampede.

Agrium Western Event Centre

Agriculture is at the heart of the Calgary Stampede and the expansion activities underway with the Agrium Western Event Centre will provide a new focal point for agricultural events on Stampede Park.

One of the largest projects in our 100-year history, the Agrium Western Event Centre is a state-of-the-art facility for western events and agriculture education, exhibition and industry in southern Alberta. Designed to form a lasting connection between urban and rural communities, it will host an engaging, globally-focused educational program called Journey 2050, and it will play a central role in making the Calgary Stampede a year-round gathering place.

The Agrium Western Event Centre will be the new home for agricultural events on Stampede Park, hosting both regional and international competition, convention rodeos, and trade shows. The facility will include a 250’x150′ ft. show floor and 31,250 sq. ft. of clear-span space. It will also feature a 20,000 sq. ft. multipurpose hall, designed for competition, warm-up, trade shows, or exhibitions, as well as a magnificent 8,000 sq. ft. rotunda and entranceway.

Cattle Penning National Championships are returning to downtown Calgary each October at the nearly-completed Agrium Western Event Centre at Stampede Park. Photo courtesy of Calgary Stampede.

Cattle Penning National Championships are returning to downtown Calgary each October at the nearly-completed Agrium Western Event Centre at Stampede Park. Photo courtesy of Calgary Stampede.

Features in brief

250′ x 125′ Show Arena:

– Large arena for events that require the space, such show jumping, dressage and barrel racing, or to run simultaneous events within the same arena

– Allows events like team penning plenty of arena performance area with staging space alongside

– Arena seating for 3,200 including VIP suites, and stands with the right pitch for spectators wearing cowboy hats

– Concourse is fully open to main arena, ensuring great sight-lines throughout while accessing food and exhibits

20,000 sq. ft. Multi-purpose hall:

– Offers warm-up arena adjacent to main performance arena, can be used for smaller separate events or trade shows to accompany arena events

– Enables smaller events to stage their shows at the Agrium Western Event Centre and then grow their events to the size that merit booking the large arena

Animal-friendly features:

– livestock pens and traffic areas under stands instead of through performance arena

– adjacent multi-purpose warm-up arena with performance dirt and same-level ground throughout for optimal livestock and horse footing

– outside building roof overhangs to protect penned livestock from sun and rain

– direct access for participants and livestock to barn stalls through a no-traffic area

– Links with other Stampede developments to serve participants, including new bigger tunnel to infield livestock trailer parking, 1,200 additional stalls, RV Parking with amenities and improved Christie Bridge back entrance

Scheduled for completion before the 2014 10-day Stampede, the Agrium Western Event Centre will be an important milestone in the Calgary Stampede’s vision of becoming a world-class, year-round gathering place. The key sponsor, Agrium, along with the governments of Alberta and Canada, has been instrumental in helping the Stampede elevate its agriculture and outreach programs by creating this world-class facility.

Education will play a pivotal role in the legacy of the Agrium Western Event Centre. The building’s rotunda will be the home of the Journey 2050 program – an inquiry-based educational experience for Calgary-and-area middle school children. This world-class program will challenge students to sustainably feed the world’s nine billion people by 2050 in a fun and interactive way.

Show jumping returns to the heart of Calgary after a 30-year absence. Photo courtesy of Rocky Mountain Show Jumping.

Show jumping returns to the heart of Calgary after a 30-year absence. Photo courtesy of Rocky Mountain Show Jumping.

One of the most ambitious capital projects in the Stampede’s history, the Agrium Western Event Centre is an ultra-modern centerpiece for western events and agriculture education, exhibition and industry in southern Alberta. Slated to open in June of 2014, it is unique in Canada, creating 150,000 square feet of dedicated livestock-friendly space. The building’s key sponsor, Agrium, along with the governments of Alberta and Canada, has been instrumental in helping the Stampede elevate its agriculture and outreach programs by creating this world-class facility.

We’re thrilled to preview these four exciting horse events that will bring this building to life year-round. We’re looking forward to securing other major livestock and horse shows,” says Fritz. “Our ultimate goal is that regional residents, tourists and guests can enjoy western events, horses and livestock in the heart of Calgary most weeks of the year.”

Lorne Robertson of the Arabian Horse Association Region 17 says having a specialized agricultural arena in a major destination city will help grow their event. “Our Arabian horse championships are very colourful, elegant and formal events. Our horses are our primary focus, and our riders and trainers have confidence in the top- notch footing and facilities that have been custom-designed for the best care of our horses,” says Robertson. “We’re also hearing excitement from members because Calgary is a great destination city and they’re planning site-seeing activities around their visit.”

The unique features of the Agrium Western Event Centre convinced John Anderson of Rocky Mountain Show Jumping that Calgary is the right location for his show. Anderson is launching an all-new, ambitious 10-day show jumping and horse extravaganza in late October of 2014, called Royal West. Designed to provide Western Canadian show jumpers a prelude or alternative to the Toronto-based Royal Show, Royal West will showcase hunter-jumper classes plus a full spectrum of other events such as barrel racing, heavy horse shows and terrier racing.

I’ve always wanted to do something like this. Now this large arena and all the dedicated facilities make it possible,” says Anderson, who explains show jumping requires more space than standard arenas would provide, with careful attention to proper footing and warm-up areas.

Size and specialized facilities drew the Canadian Team Cattle Penning Association back to the Stampede after several years in other venues. Their championships finals draw up to 1,200 team entries with many as 2,500 spectators in the stands.

Agrium Western Event Centre is an ideal set-up for us,” says Kent Hillard, vice-president of the association. “Adjacent warm-up and staging spaces ensure the horses and riders can warm up, stand by to watch cattle and then jump into the action fully warmed up. The livestock stalls for pens of cattle right under the stands make for quick transitions between pens. The audience is going to love this modern arena because they can see the action from anywhere, even on the concourse, and won’t have to take their cowboy hats off sitting in the stands.”

Art Gallais, manager of Team Roping Canada, likens the Agrium Western Event Centre to the top facilities in Las Vegas where the world roping series are held. He says the building design is not only ideal for smooth operation of his event, but he adds the open concourse and VIP suites in the arena allows for valuable sponsorship exposure and experiences, which will help attract more sponsors to grow Team Roping Canada’s National Finals.

About the Calgary Stampede

As we enter our second century, the Calgary Stampede celebrates the people, the animals, the land, the traditions and the values that make up the unique spirit of the west. The Calgary Stampede contributes to the quality of life in Calgary and southern Alberta through our world-renowned 10-day Stampede, year-round facilities, western events and several youth and agriculture programs. Exemplifying the theme: We’re Greatest Together, we are a volunteer-supported, not-for-profit community organization that preserves and promotes western heritage and values. All revenue is reinvested into Calgary Stampede programs and facilities.

Calgary Stampede Penning Champions

The Calgary Stampede Team Penning Competition is traditionally held at the Stampede grounds.

Calgary – With the Saddledome out of commission, the 2013 Stampede Team Cattle Penning Competition presented by Calfrac Well Services was held at the Okotoks Agricultural Society grounds on Wednesday, July 3rd and Thursday, July 4th.  They might have competed in Okotoks, but the winners still got some glory as they were introduced to the Grandstand crowd on Friday.
There might have been a happier winner than Wallace McComish of Stettler, but you would have had to work pretty hard to find one.  The winner of the prestigious Open class with teammates Larry Cressman of DeWinton and Vern Hamilton of Innisfail, McComish has had a fair share of success in previous Stampedes.  Last year, he and Cressman teamed with Russell Armstrong and earned reserve champion status in the 14 Class.  In 2011, McComish teamed with Russell Armstrong and Bob Armstrong to take the 14 Class championship.
It’s the Open class champion’s buckle that McComish says he really wanted.  “It’s been a long time coming,” he says.  “I’ve been trying pretty hard to win that and I haven’t done it until now.  I’ve never won an Open.  You’re playing against the best and that’s why it’s a lot more rewarding to win.”
Although McComish, Cressman and Hamilton are a new combination at Stampede, they aren’t a new team by any means.  “We compete together all summer in the Central Alberta Team Penning Association, so we’re very familiar with each other,” McComish explains.  “We’re all good friends, and that makes winning even more special.  We’ve teamed-up before, just not for this particular show – and we probably should have.”
Team cattle penning is a race against the clock where each team of three riders has a maximum of 60 seconds to separate three specifically-identified cattle from a herd of 30 and direct them into a 16 x24 pen at the opposite end of the arena.  All three riders must work in harmony to cut out the correct cattle and drive them to the pen, while keeping all the other cattle out.  Teams of riders enter the Stampede’s four classes based on relative skill and experience – in ascending order from 7 Class to 10 Class to 14 Class, with the highly-skilled professionals of the Open class at the very top.
The Stampede’s Team Cattle Penning Competition, presented by Calfrac Well Services, is one of the sport’s annual marquee events.  This year’s edition drew entries from a remarkable 536 teams from across the continent, chasing an estimated total prize purse of $300,000.
There were 60 teams entered in the Open class this year.  “We had four very even runs,” McComish says.  “That’s what it takes.  Our very first run ended up the second-fastest run of the Open class.  After that, we just had average runs.  We kept our last run very controlled because we didn’t want to take a chance of blowing ourselves out.”
There’s usually a Thorlakson somewhere in the vicinity of a team penning championship buckle.  This year it was Tom Thorlakson of Carstairs who took the 10 Class with partners Naomi and Scott Fraser.  The 7 Class was won by Sandy and Larissa Price of Airdrie, who teamed with Laura Bird of Crossfield for the win.  In the 14 Class, the 2013 champions are Megan Bond of Calgary, Will Hanson of Fort Saskatchewan and Dusty Wigemyr of Arrowwood.
McComish probably speaks for all the champions when he says, “I’m overwhelmed.  I’ve had so many rewarding experiences in this game, but the Calgary Stampede is Show Number One.  We’re raised around it.  You’re always cheering on the local guys.  To be part of it is huge.”
The Stampede will be webcasting all events being held in the Big Top this year.  Visit to see live streaming of action from the Big Top.

Chinook Team Penning Update


Willow Creek Ag. Society produced their usual smoothly-run, two day show April 20 & 21, at the Claresholm Agriplex. Road trips are always a great experience, with extra time for socializing and meeting new members! Unusually, the weekend proved to be a bit of a surprise for seven riders … they involuntarily dismounted while in hot pursuit of their wily cow, injuring only their egos. Full results and the winners’ pictures from each day are available on

Rolling Mix Concrete #7 Class winners, Carrie & Bill Patton, Donna O’Reilly.
Chinook Team Penning

O’Reilly O’Rena #5 Class winners, Rene O’Rourke, Charlie Peppard, Ken Royko.

Chinook Team Penning Okotoks Series


The first two shows of the Okotoks Ag. Society’s Series were held March 2 and March 16, at the Agriplex. Both shows were well-attended and much enjoyed… in spite of our unpredictable Alberta weather!  With expanded payout placings this season, there are more riders going home with a smile and a fatter wallet.  The third and final O.A.S. shows will be held May 25, so come on out and watch the fun or visit to see the winners and their pictures!

Chinook Team Penning

Flagworks Open Class winners, Dusty Wigemyr, Johanne Duquet and Brian Dick.

Chinook Team Penning

Rolling Mix Concrete #7 Class winners,
Kathy McSween, Rick Bond and Amanda Kozik.

Chinook Team Penning

O’Reilly O’Rena #5 Class winners,
Bill, Karley and Carrie Patton.


Chinook Team Penning 2013 Season Kick Off

Chinook Team Penning's Special Awards

Chinook Team Penning Year End Awards


Chinook Team Penning

Hi-Pt. #5 Class Rider – Dale Glover (Donna O’Reilly presenting)

Chemistry … if you are lucky enough to have it with your horse and penning partners and combine it with practice and a year-long commitment, it can result in great rewards. Those rewards become reality at the Chinook Penning Banquet held annually, in conjunction with the Regional Finals Show at the Claresholm Agriplex.  Prizes are awarded to 5th place, with the coveted Hi-Point “Becker Buckles” going to the 1st place team in the Open, #10, #7 and #5 Classes.  Hi-Point Riders in those same classes received custom bits from Western Specialties and Reserve riders will be proudly wearing their new jackets. Hi-Point Youth riders also received a custom Becker Buckle. A detailed listing of all the prize winners and pictures from this year’s banquet are available at

Chinook Team Penning

Hi-Pt. #7 Class Rider – J.R. Johnstone (Sonya DiStefano presenting)

Chinook Team Penning

Hi-Pt. #10 Class Rider – Barb Doran (Rick Bond presenting)

Chinook Team Penning

Hi-Pt. Open Class Rider – Chris Thompson (Jaycee Spangler presenting)

The Mill Store Open Class –   Chris, Debbie & Bryan Thompson
Hi-Pt. Open Rider – Chris Thompson       Reserve – Bryan Thompson

Pajak Engineering Ltd. Open  – Bob Bolin, Wendy Wenaas, Carther Rice

Canmark Roofing #10 Class – Barb Doran, Devin  Antony, Hope Poole
Hi-Pt. #10 Rider – Barb Doran      Reserve – Devin Antony

Rolling Mix Concrete #7 Class – Doug Ohlmann, Holly Farkes, Cam Evans
Hi-Poin t#7 Rider – J. R. Johnstone       Reserve – Ray Antony

O’Reilly O’Rena #5 Class – Dale Glover, Clay Glover, Andy Chen
Hi-Point #5 Rider – Dale Glover        Reserve – Carrie Patton

Youth Winners:

Chinook Team Penning

Hi-Pt. Junior Youth – Sonya DiStefano (Samantha & Marcie Hamilton presenting)

Chinook Team Penning

Hi-Pt. Senior Youth – Hope Poole (Samantha & Marcie Hamilton presenting)

Hamilton International Consulting Youth Classes
Senior – Hope Poole       Reserve – Shane Hamilton
Junior – Sonya DiStefano     Reserve  – Haydn Ohlmann