Chinook Team Penning Year End Awards


Chinook Team Penning

Hi-Pt. #5 Class Rider – Dale Glover (Donna O’Reilly presenting)

Chemistry … if you are lucky enough to have it with your horse and penning partners and combine it with practice and a year-long commitment, it can result in great rewards. Those rewards become reality at the Chinook Penning Banquet held annually, in conjunction with the Regional Finals Show at the Claresholm Agriplex.  Prizes are awarded to 5th place, with the coveted Hi-Point “Becker Buckles” going to the 1st place team in the Open, #10, #7 and #5 Classes.  Hi-Point Riders in those same classes received custom bits from Western Specialties and Reserve riders will be proudly wearing their new jackets. Hi-Point Youth riders also received a custom Becker Buckle. A detailed listing of all the prize winners and pictures from this year’s banquet are available at

Chinook Team Penning

Hi-Pt. #7 Class Rider – J.R. Johnstone (Sonya DiStefano presenting)

Chinook Team Penning

Hi-Pt. #10 Class Rider – Barb Doran (Rick Bond presenting)

Chinook Team Penning

Hi-Pt. Open Class Rider – Chris Thompson (Jaycee Spangler presenting)

The Mill Store Open Class –   Chris, Debbie & Bryan Thompson
Hi-Pt. Open Rider – Chris Thompson       Reserve – Bryan Thompson

Pajak Engineering Ltd. Open  – Bob Bolin, Wendy Wenaas, Carther Rice

Canmark Roofing #10 Class – Barb Doran, Devin  Antony, Hope Poole
Hi-Pt. #10 Rider – Barb Doran      Reserve – Devin Antony

Rolling Mix Concrete #7 Class – Doug Ohlmann, Holly Farkes, Cam Evans
Hi-Poin t#7 Rider – J. R. Johnstone       Reserve – Ray Antony

O’Reilly O’Rena #5 Class – Dale Glover, Clay Glover, Andy Chen
Hi-Point #5 Rider – Dale Glover        Reserve – Carrie Patton

Youth Winners:

Chinook Team Penning

Hi-Pt. Junior Youth – Sonya DiStefano (Samantha & Marcie Hamilton presenting)

Chinook Team Penning

Hi-Pt. Senior Youth – Hope Poole (Samantha & Marcie Hamilton presenting)

Hamilton International Consulting Youth Classes
Senior – Hope Poole       Reserve – Shane Hamilton
Junior – Sonya DiStefano     Reserve  – Haydn Ohlmann

Chinook Team Penning Regional Finals

Chinook Team Penning Update


Chinook Team Penning

Open Hi-Point team – Bryan, Debbie and Chris Thompson.

The Chinook Team Penning Association’s Silver Slate Series finals, were held July 28 and 29, in Nanton, AB. Penning in a large arena is always more challenging, and it often takes a little different strategy and lots of horse-power, to be the victorious teams sporting the gorgeous buckles at the end of the fourth show. This year, the most consistent teams were:

Open – Debbie, Bryan and Chris Thompson

#10 – Kirk Cottrell, Don Poole, Hope Poole

#7 – Mason Cockx, Dale Glover, Shane Hamilton

#5 – Marcie Hamilton, Ken Royko, Mandy Royko

Chinook Team Penning

#7 Hi-Point Team – Mason Cockx, Dale Glover and Shane Hamilton.

Chinook Team Penning

#5 Hi-Point Team – Marcie Hamilton, Ken Royko and Mandy Royko

The Senior Youth class provided some extra excitement with the necessity of a ride-off between Hope Poole, Clayton Mason and Shane Hamilton.  Jordan Lesh did the honours of “second” for each rider and, when the dust settled, Clayton Mason was victorious with a blistering run under 11 seconds!  Sonya DiStefano was the Junior Youth Champion.

Visit for a list of all those riders lucky enough to go home with a cheque in their pockets.


Stampede Penning Begins at Okotoks

Calgary Stampede Team Penning

The Calgary Stampede’s Team Cattle Penning Competition, presented by Calfrac Well Services, is one of the sport’s largest events across North America . This year’s competition runs from Friday, July 6 through Monday, July 9 at the Scotiabank Saddledome.
Photo credit: Calgary Stampede

Let the penning begin! The Calgary Stampede’s Team Cattle Penning Competition, presented by Calfrac Well Services, is underway. The Stampede announces that this year’s edition, during the Stampede’s Centennial celebrations, has attracted a whopping 777 teams from across the continent — with an estimated total prize purse of $400,000 and a dozen Centennial Trophy Saddles up for grabs.

The Stampede interviewed Joel and Jordan Lesh, out of Oklahoma and mention they have been coming up to Calgary since 2006, and have been duly rewarded at The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. Joel has been part of the Stampede’s Open Class championship trio in two of the past three years, while Jordan was part of last year’s Open title with his big brother and won a 10 Class crown in 2009.

Joel has also captured four United States Team Penning Association (USTPA) titles — validation for the estimated 160,000 kilometres he and Jordan put on the odometer together each year to saddle up in 45 to 50 competitions across North America.

“It’s the excitement, the adrenalin rush. Team penning is a fast-paced sport — you’re moving, you’re thinking on the go,” he says. “There’s a competitive edge that a lot of sports don’t always keep up with. It’s a timed event, not judged, so you have to make up for your mistakes, and fix them, within the time limit, or you get a no-time hung on you.”

It all starts with two days of preliminaries at the Okotoks Agricultural Society, at Okotoks, Alta., on Wednesday, July 4 and Thursday, July 5. The Stampede says there are — 72 in the Open Class, 135 in the 14 Class, 297 in the 10 Class, and 273 in the 7 Class — it will be only those who will survive these rounds, that will make their way to the lights of the Scotiabank Saddledome. For four straight nights, starting at 5:30 p.m., the Team Cattle Penning Competition will take over the Saddledome — the 14 Class on Friday, July 6; the 10 Class on Saturday, July 7; the Open Class on Sunday, July 8; and the 7 Class on Monday, July 9 — with the best 20 teams competing in the third round, and the 10-team final immediately to follow.

At Calgary, there will be teams entered  in the number 7 Class to 10 Class to 14 Class to the professionals of the Open Class.

Chinook Team Penning Update


Team Penning

Ray Antony winner of the #7 Hi-Point Rider award.

The final two shows of the Dave Fraser Series were held May 5 and 6 at the Claresholm Agriplex. More than 250 teams raced the clock for the day money and series prizes. Gift Certificates were awarded from Frontier Western Store for the Hi-point Teams and buckles for Hi-Point Riders. The lucky Series Winners are as follows and a complete list of all class winners are available at

OPEN – Deb Thompson, Sabine van Laere, Danielle Cottrell
Hi-Pt. Rider – Deb Thompson

#10 – J.T. Bell, Tim Bushko, Kent Hillard
Hi-Pt. Rider – Barb Doran

#7 – Susan Kluzak, Denise Peters, Deb Rowland
Hi-Pt. Rider – Ray Antony

#5 – Drew Parker, Sam Chretien, Ken Slovak
Hi-Pt. Rider – Ken Royko

Senior Youth – Josie Abraham

JR Youth Riders – Brooklynn and Kody Palin, Haydn Ohlmann, Sonya DiStefano, Amanda Rezansoff

Chinook Team Penning Update

Chinook Team Penning

Winners of the O'Reilly O'Rena #5 Class on April 22 - Clay and Dale Glover, Drew Parker.

Chinook Team Penners have been soaking up the warm spring sunshine and taking in the cash, at the Willow Creek Ag. Society (WCAS) in Claresholm, Alberta. Each daily pot on the April 21 and 22 weekend had $1000.00 added.  Check out their busy 2012 schedule of clinics and competitions posted online. Full results and standings can also be found on their website:

Winners of the Canmark Roofing #10 Class on April 21 - Ken Crawford, Kerry Lariviere, Ervie Miller.


Chinook Team Penning

Winners of The Mill Store Open Class on April 21 - Pat Bolin, Wade Adams, Ron Scott.


Chinook Team Penning

Winners of the Rolling Mix Concrete #7 Class - Priscilla & Rick Cherrington, Suzie Emms


Team Penners Series Shoots Off

Chinook Team Penners are gunning for a great season. The Okotoks Ag. Society’s three-show Series began March 3rd and will culminate June 2nd with the presentation of summer sheets to the Hi-Point Teams in the Open, 10, 7 & 5 and headstalls to the Hi-Point Junior and Senior Youth Riders. As always, the O.A.S. volunteers do a great job operating the show and it’s exciting for the local competitors to have the stands full of friends and relatives cheering them on to victory. Riders must attend all three shows to be eligible for the awards and the final show will have everyone on the edge of their seat as the points are tallied. The CTPA extends their special thanks to all their sponsors for the 2012 season and invites everyone to visit a view our sponsor page.

Chinook Team PenningOpen Class March 3: Pat Bolin, Bob Bolin, Dave Fraser
Open & Ltd. Open March 17: Pat Bolin, Johanne Duquet, Bob Bolin
Ltd. Open – March 3: Wim Van Der Poel, Bob Bolin, Darryl Bruce

#10 Class – March 3: Josie Abraham, Hugh McPherson, Sabine van Laere
#10 Class – March 17: Dean Palin, Brian Dick, Rick Cherrington

#7 Class – March 3: Ray Antony, Hope Poole, J.R. Johnstone
#7 Class – March 17: Denice Hansen, Craig Spangler, Darlene Rae

#5 Class – March 3: Samantha Hamilton, Drew Parker, Samantha Chretien
#5 Class – March 17: Mandy Royko, Haydn Ohlmann, Doug Ohlmann

Chinook Team Penning

Junior Youth – March 3: Haydn Ohlmann, Sonya DiStefano
Junior Youth – March 17: Kody Palin, Sonya DiStefano
Senior Youth – March 3: Hope Poole, Kyle Dingreville, Cassidy Allan
Senior Youth – March 17: Cassidy Allan, Hope Poole, Josie Abraham

The Island Gets Western

Coombs Western Weekend

Vancouver Island’s third annual Western Weekend, at the Coombs Rodeo Grounds, in Coombs BC, is just around the corner. This event is set for April 21st and 22nd and is sponsored by Buckerfields Country Stores. It will host ranch sorting and team penning competitions, a ranch horse obstacle course, as well as a BBQ and country dance Saturday night.

Sue Sheppard, an organizer for this event, is encouraging riders and spectators to attend and participate in the weekend events.

“Come on down and cheer your favourite team on and be ready to be on the edge of your seat. You are in for a treat to see great horsemanship. This event only happens once a year and we all look forward to it. A HUGE thank you to Buckerfields and Whitta Farms and to Hugh and Tammy for organizing this event.”

The ranch horse obstacle course is a two minute timed event where riders are to complete as many obstacles that they can.

“This includes roping a dummy cow, going over a bridge, pulling a log, loading into the trailer, going through the cowboy shower, jumping a log, and crossing water. It is a fun event to watch.”

Sheppard is also inviting those who are unfamiliar to these competitive events, to join in and learn what makes them so exciting.

Team penning is a fast paste event and competitors can learn quickly how the rules work. However, in each run the cattle have the opportunity to make the game a whole lot more exciting and unpredictable.

“It sounds easy enough, but the cows have a total different agenda. The team with the highest number of cows in the pen with the quickest time wins.”

Those looking to participate in the team ranch sorting event, Sheppard also welcomes to enter- even if they are green as grass.

“Come on down you will have a hoot!”

In the team ranch sorting competition, there are three member teams with 12 cows at the other end of the arena. They are numbered 0-9 and two are without a number.

“When the team hears the random number called out one member goes into the heard and cuts the numbered cow out away from the heard and over the line. Then the next goes in and cuts the cows out in numeric ordered until 190 seconds is called. The team with the most amount of cows over wins.”

The Western Weekend is promising to be a fun packed event, for all levels of competitors. Those who would like to enter this event or would like more information, are to contact event organizers Hugh or Tammy at [email protected].

Chinook Penning 2011 Wrap-Up

Christmas Team Penning

1st Place Team - Ken Crawford, Ev Prestie, Darryl Bruce - Silver Buckles sponsored by Olson Silver, RONA Black Diamond and OK Tire & Auto, Black Diamond


Chinook Team Penners take in the New Year and wave out 2011 with a round of competition.

Thompson Training Center’s annual Christmas/New Year’s penning was held on December 30th.  The Top 10 teams went home with some prize money and the following lucky riders also received buckles and prizes.

Christmas Team Penning

Hi-Point Cowgirl - Johanne Duquet, presented by Debbie Thompson.

Christmas Team Penning

Hi-Point Cowgirl & Cowboy: Johanne Duquet and Darryl Bruce - Olson Silver Watches Sponsored by Crop Production Services

Fast Times  1st & 2nd Go:

Michelle McLaren/Chris Thompson/Wendy Campbell - $50 Gift Certificates from The Mill Store

Johanne Duquet/Kim Campbell/Jackie Miller – $50 Gift Certificates for Thompson Training Center

Chinook Team Penning will start off their season with the Cam Clark Ford & Trailers  co-sanctioned event at the Olds Cow Palace, February 25 & 26, 2012.  In past years, well over 300 teams from CTPA and CATPA have vied for the prize money and the great awards presented to the Hi-point teams, such as this year’s Irvine Tack Gift Certificates.

The CTPA season will continue with March 3rd being the first of three shows produced by the Okotoks Ag. Society, at their facility.  Details of all upcoming events can be found at