Month: December 2010

Winner of the Cowgirl Gift Basket!

Today MSL reveals the big winner of the Christmas contest and we share some holiday memories of our readers with you.

A New Baby, Baby Horses & A Baby Sister

A big congrats to the Mallett family! Lots of snow to be moved and blown. And my sister is gonna kill me for posting this one…

First Down Dash Dies at Age 26

First Down Dash, a Dash for Cash son who has been called the greatest American Quarter Horse Racing sire of all time, left for greener pastures in November.

You Oughta’ Know: Banamine

Like it\’s common counterpart Bute, the use of Banamine has some common misconceptions to dispel.

APHA Breeder\’s Trust Select Sale

The sale moves the industry and horses forward with a high selling horse bringing $17,500 and overall grossed $130,700.

Saskatchewan Sundog

A beautiful weather phenomenon and another preventative maintenance trick to keep waterers from freezing.

APHA’s Fall World Show

Tough, enthusiastic competition and great Paint Horses created a winning atmosphere at APHA’s 2010 Fall World Championship Show, where entries and activities both increased for Open & Amateur competitors.

Hoof Prints

A tribute to a horse that left unmistakable hoofprints on her owner\’s hearts.

A Homemade Present

A Christmas gift straight from the heart of your kitchen.

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