Winner of the Cowgirl Gift Basket!


Happy Friday everyone! It is with great pleasure that I get to reveal the winner of the awesome Cowgirl gift basket this morning!! Even my Little J (yearling pictured above) is super excited about it! And I promise to stop using so many exclamation marks now…

If you had a chance to see December 10th\’s post, My Stable Life Christmas Contest, I announced that MSL would be giving one lucky reader a special prize package consisting of; a beautiful horse head mug; a cowgirl\’s notebook; PooPooPaper & refill; a DiVoga ballpoint pen; Cowboy band-aids; and a triple DVD featuring The Black Stallion, The Black Stallion Returns and The Man from Snowy River.


All readers had to do was tell me about one of their favorite Christmas memories, or why this upcoming Christmas would be special for them or someone else. I received all kinds of answers, which I\’d love to share with you today:

• Don wrote – \”My favorite Xmas story was when I got a Budgie bird… too bad mom didn\’t give me any birdfeed!\”

• Chelsea wrote – \”I will never forget the \’reindeer droppings\’ that were left on our roof one Christmas. They mysteriously looked a lot like horse poo, but to this day my parents maintain that it was Rudolph that left the mess on the roof!\”

• Andrea wrote – \”This will be our first Christmas in our new home on our acreage. It was cow pasture when we bought it last October and we moved into our new home in February. We are very excited, we also were able to bring our horses to their new home this fall. We hope to go for a ride on Christmas Eve! It will be very special!\”

• Pat wrote – \”This one isn’t from a Christmas past, it’s about the one that is coming. This year I am giving a Christmas gift to a very special little Paint Horse called Lightning. No it’s not a toasty warm winter blanket or a new fancy brush.  He will still get some yummy horse treats in his stocking but his main gift is more special than any material gift I could give him. My gift to him represents an end to an era for him, an end to the stigma of being a twice rescued horse and an official end to the irresponsible neglect and poor handling he endured…  My Christmas gift to him is a new name – I will call him… Scout.\”

• Rachel wrote – \”This Christmas will be the most special because it will be my daughter’s first Christmas. Then 3 days later we will celebrate her 1st birthday.\”

• Dame Debbie wrote – \”Connections – with family and friends. We often forget to share how important they really are! Christmas time gives us a perfect excuse to exercise some ‘love’ and demonstrate these affections. It ain’t just the gettin’, it’s the givin’ where hearts really shine! Let yours out for folks to see the kindness inside. The exercise will do ya good!\”


• Sharon wrote – \”The candle light service at our little church in our small town. When the candles are lit and the lights are turned off and everyone sings Silent Night. Our church is closed now and it just won\’t seem the same this year even though we do have another one to go to. This one was special.\”

And the winner is…? (Submissions were entered into a pot and a winner was randomly selected by a draw.) Drum roll pleeeeeeeaaase……

Judy Greenall! Who tells me her favorite Christmas was when her husband bought her a shovel… because she was complaining the one she had was too heavy for her to clean the barn!


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