Month: January 2011

Good, Better, Best

Billings Livestock\’s \”Winter Special Catalog Sale\” on January 22nd started the year off with a positive note with the top five horses averaging $3,380.

Cow Horse Utopia

The World\’s Greatest Horseman and the NRCHA World Championship Show is set to begin tomorrow!

Wolf Teeth Question & Answer

It\’s amazing how one little tooth can affect so much. In this Q & A session, Dr. Larry Hanson explains why it\’s so important to remove wolf teeth in riding horses.


A new documentary about Buck Brannaman hits the Sundance Film Festival.

Great Expectations

A friend muses on her year of accomplishments and expectations, and shares it all in a beautiful e-book.

Burning Day

A few bits of advice for controlled, open air fires. Plus, specifications for doing so in the provinces of B.C, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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