Great Expectations

Over the weekend I received an inspiring e-book which I\’d love to share with you.

I\’ve known Nancy Lowery for several years, and at Western Horse Review, we have followed her work with interest. I\’ve always admired the fact that she left a high profile career in the corporate world to strike out on her own and live the life she wanted – with horses. It takes a bit of courage to take that leap of faith.

Thinking creatively and strategically is something which seems to comes naturally to Nancy and she has spent the the last years employing those skills in the programs she creates and delivers to the corporate sector or to youth programs through her business, The Natural Leader.

As a reflection of the past year, Nancy composed this divine book, full of inspiration and honest reflection of lessons learned.


Pages are delivered with favorite quotes, gorgeous photography and musings on Nancy\’s lessons from horses. Such as this essay on the Drama Queen in her life, a 16-year-old mare named Zoe.

I\’m hoping this essay might help me understand the 16-year-old in my life. I know . . . it\’s a long shot.


I love Nancy\’s stories of steps taken, progress made, with favourite horses.


It\’s telling to note, that after working for years with such high profile clients as Mercedes-Benz and Proctor & Gamble, Nancy came to the conclusion that much of what she learned about leading people, \”I learned from my horses.\”


“Thinking requires effort, effort equates with discomfort, discomfort produces a level of uncertainty; uncertainty reduces our capacity to reason and tends to steer us back to what is certain. It is this chain of action and reaction that makes it difficult for us to accept change, even when change is for the best.”


Nancy\’s relationship and insightful moments with her horses are told in the book. No matter our background, there are words, passages and stories within this e-book we can all relate to. And learn from.


I encourage you to view Nancy\’s A Year of Expectation e-book in it\’s entirety at The Natural Leader website.

It\’s an inspirational piece of photography, typography and reflections.

Take a moment and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Great Expectations”

  1. Clare Lowery

    Thanks, for your thorough review of Nance’s e-book from the Western Horse Review magazine. As her Mom I just have to emphatically agree with you!
    Best wishes to you,

    Clare Lowery

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