In the mainstream media he is known as the man behind the scenes of the Robert Redford movie, The Horse Whisperer. In the horse world we know him as one of the greatest clinicians and teachers of our time.


After attending a Buck Brannaman clinic years ago, director Cindy Meehl was taken with the charisma of the man, and a technique that thrived on gentleness with horses.

“In four days, he taught me more about horses than anyone ever had in all the decades I’d been dealing with them. Even more compelling was watching how he could instill the feeling of power in someone when they were afraid and had given up hope, whether it was about their horse or their life.”

Buck's own story of rising above the violence of his childhood and his ability to translate his own pain and fear into an understanding of the equine mind is just as inspirational as any I'll ever know in our life.

The Sundance Film Festival is currently on in Park City, Utah, from now until January 30, and Buck is a featured documentary.

Here's a trailer for the film. If this is any indication I'd say it's a winner!


1 thought on “Buck”

  1. Can’t wait for this documentary to be available in Canada. Is there any chance that we could be advised of it being here so we don’t miss it.
    We are blessed in the industry that people like Buck have led the way for many others with his same heartfelt need to use the equine language verse the heavy hand.
    It appears to me that humans have and continue to use force verse thought.
    thank you for keeping kindness alive

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