Month: March 2011

Is It Spring Yet?

A beautiful day, a new filly and the kindness of friends. What more could a person ask for?

Kings of Their Castle

When pregnancy woes start to get me down, these guys are always a great pick me up.

New Reining Judges

The first Equine Canada Reining Judges Clinic resulted in four new Canadian judges.

Breeding the Older Mare, PT 4

With the advent of new technology and tools (for instance embryo transfer,) your old broodmare can be what she used to be. Here\’s some Q & A with Dr. Chris Berezowski.

AQHA Goes Digital

Beginning in April, The American Quarter Horse Journal will be publishing a digital supplement to the print edition of the magazine.

Breeding the Older Mare, PT 3

Secretariat\’s dam. Somethingroyal was was 18 when she foaled \”Big Red\” and Natalma, the dam of Northern Dancer had her last foal at age 24. When you have a great broodmare, it\’s understandable to want to breed her again.

Curly and Babe

Two Fjords receive a refresher course in driving, in preparation for the Vernon Winter Carnival Parade.

Marketing Mondays: Patti Colbert

“It\’s time the horse industry evolves into an aggressive well-marketed outdoor life experience.\”

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