Curly and Babe

For Karen Pallats and Tamara Tuyttens, it started as an idea in early January 2011 – to enter a team of Fjords into the Vernon Winter Carnival Parade. It seemed like a great way to also advertise their respective “horsey” businesses: Tamara is the owner of The Corner Corral Tack and Feed Farm Market, and Karen owns Auntie Karen’s Horse Kookies.

Curly and Babe (the Fjords, of course) had not been worked in harness for over two years, and so the preliminary training and preparation was started. The Fjords were line driven around a large field as a refresher course before being hooked up to a training cart, called the forcart. Tamara and her father-in-law Terry Wasylyszyn drove the team all over the farm. Karen was the photographer throughout the progress, and each week uploaded the pictures on Facebook for family and friends.


As all their hard work and dedication culminated on parade day, the pair was ecstatic with a 2nd place ribbon in the Horse and Carriage Division, where the suitable theme was “Cooking with Carnival”.


The small idea that grew into a successful day at the Winter Carnival Parade is not without help and support from family and friends. Tamara and Karen were thankful for Terry Wasylyszyn’s guidance (as well as the use of Curly, Babe and the carriage). Also special thanks to dedicated friends who were there from the very beginning to the very end.



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