Kings of Their Castle


So, the above picture doesn\’t have much to do with what I\’m about to tell you initially, but I promise – I will circle back to it! I do have a point, I promise! <grin>

Life is starting to get away from me a bit these days. I\’ll admit it. The dishes are piled up in the sink and I\’m not keeping up with the laundry like I should be. Sigh.

I hit 32 weeks of pregnancy yesterday and while I\’m happy about that milestone, I\’m now starting to feel the crunch of things that need to get done before the D-Day for these babies arrives. (With a twin pregnancy, 37-38 weeks is the big goal…)

People ask me a lot these days what it\’s like to have 2 little buns in the oven. Well, honestly I never knew what to expect and I couldn\’t tell you the difference between having one or two at a time. It\’s not in my experience… but some days, it\’s like having little soccer matches inside my belly. Or maybe they\’re training to become MMA fighters – I don\’t know. But when both babies decide to engage in such an activity just before my bedtime, it makes getting to sleep fairly difficult.

Then there\’s the whole \”mountain of pillows\” issue. With a complete body formation of pillows around me – including the special body pillows, the wedge pillows and an ergonomic pillow for my neck – I literally have to \”fall into place\” every night. I get everything set up perfectly and then do my best to plunk myself between them in an optimum position. And heaven forbid, I miss the target because then there\’s a whole lot of tossing and turning that goes on until I can settle down.

My poor husband.

On top of that, my absent-mindedness and clumsiness is really starting to bother me! I will spare you the details – but my husband is more than happy to share them. He thinks some of these episodes are pretty funny. It\’s a good thing he doesn\’t have his own blog…

At any rate, when the frustration kicks in reminding me of all the things I need to set up / prepare / read / learn in a short while, I like to look outside my window. Currently we have a group of geldings on the property that is always good for a laugh.

Whether they are all standing high on snowbanks like Kings of their castle:


Or rough housing as all boys do:




Or careening wildly around the pasture because somebody just had their blanket ripped from all the rough housing and now looks like some funky looking camel as the wind billows out the torn remnants:


These guys are always good for a laugh.


And yesterday, we even had a bit of a winter rainbow. It was a nice reminder of things to come.



3 thoughts on “Kings of Their Castle”

  1. What a delightful story Jenn! I am so happy that you have “your guys” to put a smile on your face, things must be getting a little heavy these days! And your photography skills just keep getting better and better; you’re amazing 🙂

  2. Good morning Jen, your pictures are gorgeous, except for the wrestling matches with the boys they present such solitude and peace. The land is still sleeping but the geldings are ready to wake it up and bring on the spring! They are hilarious and uplifting to watch I agree. Good luck with your deliveries, it wont be long now…can’t wait to see your new little family. Take care and hi to Clay.

  3. Jen,
    If it makes you feel better at all, the clumsiness and forgetfulness all comes with the territory! We all have our stories to tell. My best one was paying to xpress post an envelope to myself! I mixed up the addresses for the “to” and “from” boxes. So next time I went to get the mail I was so excited to see a parcel card as I was not expecing anything! Then when the postmistress gave me my parcel and I saw it was the one that I had tried to mail to someone else, I was embarrased to say the least!
    Hope that makes you smile and know that you are not alone! Enjoy the time and quiet that you have for the last few weeks and everything will fall into place, I promise!

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