Mane Event Red Deer, Post Coverage



That’s a wrap, folks! Western Horse Review Magazine had the pleasure of attending the 11th annual Mane Event Expo held at Westerner Park, in Red Deer from April 21-23, 2017. This year’s event hosted amazing clinicians and speakers who presented a great variety of disciplines and topics; from barrel racing and ranch roping, to dressage and jumping, to driving the horse and tack fitting. Plus, the well anticipated “Trainers Challenge”. But what would be an expo without the shopping? The Trade Show, as expected, didn’t disappoint. With an array of options for everyone, from jewelry made from your horse’s hair, to saddles and farrier equipment.

Highlights of the expo included presentations by Van Hargis and Peter Gray (over 35 years of experience in the show arena and Bronze medalist at the Pan Am Games in Eventing, respectively) who filled both arenas with thrilled spectators. There was also the “Live Like Ty” booth, which commemorated the loss of champion and an exceptional individual – both on and off the arena – Ty Pozzobon. Looking to raise awareness, protect and support the health and well-being of rodeo competitors and hosted by the Ty Pozzobon Foundation, a presentation on Liberty Training was conducted by Kalley Krickeberg. During this time, Krickeberg taught the audience how to build awareness and educate the horse’s instincts, in addition to presenting other interesting topics.

The always anticipated Trainers Challenge consists of a three-day event and this year’s competitors Glenn Stewart, Martin Black, and Shamus Haws went head-to-head, putting their skills and knowledge to the test. Each trainer relayed their methods to the audience while handling unbroke horses provided by Ace of Clubs Quarter Horses. In a progression that usually takes between 30-60 days, these amazing trainers managed to achieve it in just as little as 96hrs! After Sunday’s final session, Martin Black was named the champion of the 2017 Trainers Challenge.

On Sunday afternoon, Western Horse Review had a wonderful visit from the Calgary Stampede Royalty. Queen Meagan Peters, Princess Brittany Lloyd, and Princess Lizzie Ryman helped us draw names for our give-aways for the expo and delivered Western Horse Review goodie bags, plus had pictures taken with the public.

After the conclusion of the Trainers Challenge, people gathered their belongings and shopping articles, loaded their horses into trailers and this year’s Red Deer, AB, Mane Event came to a closing. We hope to see y’all at the next Mane Event, which will be held in London, Ontario from May 12-14, 2017!

Upcoming ARCHA Alberta Championships

Photo by: Natalie Jackman.

Today’s blog entry is short and sweet. There is an upcoming show at the end of this month in Claresholm, Alberta, hosted by the Alberta Reined Cow Horse Association called the ARCHA Futurity, Derby & Championship Show. I am truly excited about it – and not just because it means the three-year-old cow horses will be coming out for the first time – but also because the ARCHA is a very forward-thinking association when it comes to the promotion of cow horses in Canada.

Plus, did I mention there’s a $10,000 purse up for grabs?

Enjoy the video and hope to see you there!

Marketing Mondays: Pinterest Updates

If your business is employing Pinterest as a marketing tool, you may already be savvy to the newest updates.

If not, here are several links which will bring you up to speed.

I like the new look they’ve introduced. A couple of the highlights include:

• Pins from the same board: You can explore the entire board without leaving the page you’re on.

• Pins from the same source: Here you’ll find other things pinned from the same website. This is a great option for quick searches.

• “People who pinned this also pinned” feature.

• Easier share options.

• The Rearrange Boards button has been moved, but you can now easily do this by drag and drop.

There’s also a few aesthetic changes such as bigger pins (was 600 pixels wide, now 735 wide), removal of the Comments button, and useful changes such as a back button. My saunters through Pinterest have, until now, been a bit of a free fall journey, landing me wherever in the Pinterest universe the click may take me. Now, when you scroll and click through pins, the back button lands you right back where you were no matter how far you’ve gone.

Read more about the new look and features here.

Deploying it to your Pinterest page is simple. You’ll need to have a business account or list a website on your profile. Then, hover over the profile menu and click Switch to the New Look.

Importantly for businesses, Pinterest also introduced Web Analytics. Now you can see what pinners are repinning most from your site and also track their activity. Learn more about it at this link, and find installation instructions and tips to optimize your Pinterest business page here.

Finally, a few more useful insights and tips at this post. 

Marketing Mondays: Horses and Taxes

Marketing Mondays: What's Left

Views From the Auction Block

Making A Ruckus in Your Industry

This is entirely borrowed from Seth Godin, a daily blog I’ve been following for a while now. I thought this older post was particularly adaptable to the horse industry.

P.S. – the photo is entirely mine, taken with my ultimate iphone camera app, the Hipstamatic and shot on a stormy evening at last year’s Calgary Stampede. The subject is the gorgeous new bronze on the grounds.

On Making a Ruckus in Your Industry

Bring forward a new idea or technology that disrupts and demands a response.

Change pricing dramatically.

Redefine a service as a product (or vice versa).

Organize the disorganized,

connect the disconnected.

Alter the speed to market radically.


the infrastructure, the rules or the flow of information.

Give away what used to be expensive and charge for something else.

Cater to the weird, bypassing the masses.

Take the lead on ethics.

(Or, you could just wait for someone to tell you what they want you to do)

Marketing Mondays: 2013 Reorganization

Marketing Mondays – Pinterest 101

I’ve maintained a personal Pinterest page for about six months now, which I use to collect ideas – for renovation projects, farm shots, event ideas, favorite photographers, books, films, art, travel, barns, kitchens, gardens, decks, it’s an endless list. It’s like a great big picture book of favorite things, and a source book of ideas when I need it for a specific project, such as the barn we’re planning to build in the spring, for instance.

We launched Western Horse Review’s Pinterest a few weeks ago and it’s slowing gaining momentum.

We’ve developed the idea of three goals for our WHR Pinterest page. Primarily, we wish to invite viewers back to our site, and convert passer-bys into fans and regular viewers. Secondly, we use it to profile the work of our partners, such as advertisers, photographers, artists, contributors and so forth. Thirdly in our Pinterest mandate is simply an imagery of the western way of life – from horsemanship to culture to style – both in our modern times and history. With both a Canadian viewpoint and a global outlook. You’ll find all from Brazilian cowboy artwork to pins with links to local western heroes.

If you’re a real neophyte, and are wondering what this Pinterest is all about, it really is just another social media sharing site. It allows you to visually share, curate, and discover new interests by “pinning” Users can either upload images from their computer or pin things they find on the web using the pinterest bookmarklet, pin it button, or just a url.

I haven’t gotten to all of the business and marketing possibilities with Pinterest. But, I will in future Marketing Mondays posts. In the meantime, good luck with your own Pinterest ventures. Here’s an infograph you might enjoy, a bit dated, but still does a great quick job of explaining Pinterest, how it works, and from a marketing perspective, why it matters.