Making A Ruckus in Your Industry


This is entirely borrowed from Seth Godin, a daily blog I\’ve been following for a while now. I thought this older post was particularly adaptable to the horse industry.

P.S. – the photo is entirely mine, taken with my ultimate iphone camera app, the Hipstamatic and shot on a stormy evening at last year\’s Calgary Stampede. The subject is the gorgeous new bronze on the grounds.

On Making a Ruckus in Your Industry

Bring forward a new idea or technology that disrupts and demands a response.

Change pricing dramatically.

Redefine a service as a product (or vice versa).

Organize the disorganized,

connect the disconnected.

Alter the speed to market radically.


the infrastructure, the rules or the flow of information.

Give away what used to be expensive and charge for something else.

Cater to the weird, bypassing the masses.

Take the lead on ethics.

(Or, you could just wait for someone to tell you what they want you to do)


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