Month: June 2012

Bring on Cowboy Christmas

After Wainwright, Sundre, and High River, the CPRA notes that there have been a couple changes in their standings. With

Stampede\’s Elite Western Rider Award

Will this prestigious award be handed out at this year\’s Stampede? In 2011, the Calgary Stampede’s Elite Western Rider Award,

Mark Sheridan Horsemanship Series

Starting in July, Western Horse Review will be presenting a blog series by horseman and show judge, Mark Sheridan. Mark Sheridan

Agriculture 100 At The Stampede

The Stampede is opening the doors to an \’ag\’ reunion. Agriculture 100 will bring together blacksmiths, vintage tractors, sheep shearers,

Forever In Blue Jeans

by guest blogger Deanna Beckley Aww blue jeans. Dark wash, acid wash, worn out, boot-cut, straight leg, fancy pockets, relax

Fashion Shoot Steal, Giveaway 3 Winner

The \”Quarter Horse\” purse we featured in last weeks Fashion Shoot Steal, Giveaway 3 attracted a justified amount of interest and

Moore & Company Adds New Vet Clinic

The same Moore & Company Veterinary Clinic that we all know and love, located in Balzac, AB, has recently opened

Sensational Senior

BY MELISSA SWORD Barrel racer Doug Brown of Nakusp, B.C. is a male in a predominantly female world of barrel

A Stunning Gift

In the July/August, 2011 issue of Western Horse Review, Darla Rathwell visited and wrote about the historic OH Ranch near

Daines Ranch Rodeo Highlights

The Americans are here and they are taking home Canadian cash. The final results detailed this week by the Canadian

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