Bring on Cowboy Christmas

After Wainwright, Sundre, and High River, the CPRA notes that there have been a couple changes in their standings. With Cowboy Christmas now underway, there could be a whole new list of names at the top of the leader boards.

While some Americans are still rocking the timed events, Canadians are holding their own in the rough stock line-up. Dusty LaValley made a move in the standings last weekend- overtaking Jake Vold in the bareback riding. Chad Besplug shuffled Garrett Green out of the top spot in the bull riding.

Sundre shot out some spectacular roping runs. Oklahoman tie-down roper Hunter Herrin made an arena record, with a 6.6 second run on his calf. Another record was set in the team roping, where Montana’s Travis Tryan and his Kansas heeler Jake Long nailed a time of 3.5 seconds.

Texan Lee Ann Rust, scored big in June. She again cashed at all three rodeos, and according to the CPRA standings she is sitting on top with a 12 straight winning streak. Fellow Texan Carlee Pierce, of Stephenville, won the money at the Daines Ranch Rodeo with a time of 15.678 seconds, for $10,481.

Another Texan cashed in over the weekend. Tie-down roper Clif Cooper, was the second highest money earner taking home $5,903. He is now sitting 15th in the CPRA standings.

According to the weekend results, Luke Butterfield, was on the move. After taking home $5,415, for the weekend, he scaled from 10th to fourth in the standings. The CPRA also listed Ty Taypotat jumping from 14th in fourth in the bareback riding after winning Wainwright; Montana’s Beau Hill went from ninth to third. Utah’s bulldogger Olin Hannum, earned $5,246 at Wainwright. California team ropers Spencer Mitchell and Broc Cresta rose from ninth to second in the standings, taking home $6,421 apiece.

Rodeo action continues at Ponoka (June 26-July 2), Airdrie (June 27-July 1) and Williams Lake, BC, (June 29-July 2). Over the weekend there will be around $700,000 handed out. There is no holding out now for these competitors- fire it out now, or put it away for next year. The time is now to make it or break it, for the 2012 rodeo season.


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