New Case IH Line of Rain Boots


Case IH Boots


Case IH recently introduced their brand-new collection of pink rain boots for toddlers, girls and women and we jumped at the opportunity to test them out!

“After the success of our red rain boots for boys, we teamed up again with our footwear licensee Eastman Footwear to create a collection of boots that women and girls could wear in a variety of settings,” said Sarah Pickett, Licensing and Merchandising Manager with Case IH.

And that’s precisely what drew me to these awesome boots. With a pair of agriculture-immersed children, I have found it relatively easy to purchase tractor apparel for boys. But finding equivalent tractor gear for our daughter has sometimes proven difficult.

Case IH Boots


Our kids literally squealed when we received their new boots – a pink pair for her. A red pair for him. Since that day the twins have pretty much worn them everywhere. My kids cannot avoid puddles, so I was pretty happy to have those boots as well! Around here, you never know what the terrain near the barn might bring, nor what the weather will offer. But even on sunny days, my kids prefer to wear their Case IH boots:

Case IH BootsWhether they are playing in the arena waiting for their Dad, at the horse show or in the mud (where Mom really reaps the benefits of these rain boots,) if they’ve got the choice you can bet my kids will reach for their Case IH rubber boots first.

Case IH rain boots

The toddler boots feature the Case IH logo and the character Fern Farmall. They come available in sizes 7 to 13 and girls size 1. All children’s boots are made with thick treads for maximum traction and loop handles to allow small children to pull them on with ease – this is an absolute must-have in toddler rain boots, if you ask me.

Case IH toddler boots.


The boots also come in adorable boxes too, so if you’re like us – with no shortage of LEGO or small toys hanging around – the boxes are ideal to use for storing items. I realized my kids weren’t going to let me send the boxes out of the house when they pulled them back out of our recycling bin, so I figured I could put them to good use elsewhere anyways.

Case IH Boots


The women’s and girls’ boots in the collection come in the color very pink camo and are available in full sizes 7 to 10. All women’s boots feature premium comfort, patterned lining; a reflective black seam for safety; and an adjustable buckle for a custom fit.


To order Case IH rain boots, visit or see your nearest Case IH dealer.

Mother’s Day Giveaway



Today’s post is short and sweet and dedicated to my Mom. Because it was she who has fully believed in me from the very beginning. My mom was the one gave me the courage to fly towards a vocation with horses. She has been by my side countless numbers of times for a hug, a shoulder to cry on and a kind, inspiring word. Without my mom, I would have never had the courage to try.

I’m sure y’all have some amazing mothers too, so if you tell me about them, I promise I’ll have a pretty cool prize package for you at the end of this blog.

But in the meantime, here are a few other things I’m totally digging at the moment:

• Incubators were life-saving necessities for my premature babies, but for newborns without access, there’s Embrace. For 1% of the cost of a standard incubator, it’s already saved over 50,000 babies from hypothermia. Embrace is currently running a Mother’s Day campaign — make a donation in honor of your mom and save another mom’s new baby.

• Chardon-neigh? Caber-neigh?  With a Horse’s Glass in hand, you’re sure to be a hit at the next barn party, horse show, or the wine o’ clock with your fellow horse lover.

Maple Apple Bacon Waffles. A perfect Mother’s Day recipe. Let me reiterate – Maple. Apple. Bacon. Waffles. Need I say more?

• From visits to senior homes to the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School, the horses of Gentle Carousel  bring their love to where it is needed most.

• It may be better than any other grooming tool on the market for removing heavy winter coats. SleekEZ is a perfectly, unique Mother’s Day present for the lady who prefers horse equipment over flowers.

• I’m totally swooning over these adorable photos of Princess Z – Zenyatta’s first filly.

• Guns N Roses “Sweet Child O’ Mine” retooled as 1920 New Orleans Jazz.

Lunch Punches make food seriously fun. I’ve even been known to make a cute sandwich for myself here and there.

• Carla Webb of Abbotsford, B.C., was sworn in as Police Constable 1777 and walked Vancouver’s city beat for 13 years. Now fronting her Empowered Through Horses program, Webb helps young girls deal with serious issues ranging from bullies, to low self-confidence and a myriad of troubles in between. Webb may be one of Canada’s best kept secrets – and the kind of woman you want your daughter to meet.

• Ride, travel, dance in beautiful boots designed with hidden pockets for your cell phone, passport and more. Elizabeth Anne Shoes was recently on Dragon’s Den and I am excited to see the outcome!

Odysseo. We will be going to this amazing production for the second time this month. With Imax screens and an abundance of equine talent, this is an event you don’t want to miss!

And speaking of Odysseo…. I have 2 tickets to give away to the event in Calgary, to one lucky winner. Simply enter into the comments below, a note about how your Mom helped you pursue your horse dreams. Or if you are a “horsey” Mom yourself, perhaps you want to tell us what gift you’d love to receive for Mother’s Day! Either way, we will be doing a random drawing of all the comments submitted near the end of the week. Good luck!






4 Weeks ’till Christmas: Great Gift Ideas

It’s only a few days until the beginning of December, and at the log house, the preoccupation with Christmas decorating has come into full swing. Here’s how it goes: tubs of ornaments, glass balls, antiques and rustic stuff is hauled out of storage – we ponder it all and then take to the outdoors to cut the boughs, dig up the pinecones, wrestle pots, pails from their frozen beds and retrieve the well rusted horseshoes from the fences they’ve been resting on all summer and fall. Then we mix it all together to create our own version of country Christmas. Along the way, we create a few ornaments and greenery arrangements to give to friends. Because of their western touches, these often turn out to be some of my most loved gifts.

This year I’ve been gathering inspiration all year at the Western Christmas board at the magazine’s Pinterest page. Here’s a bit of inspiration for you.

4weeksbootarrangementIn the boot genre, try filling an old pair with greenery and a few ornaments . . .

4weeksccbootAttach a boot to a door or wall, fill it with decorations and greenery.

4weeksbootlightsOr, drape a string of lights, in and around a pair and set on a ledge. . .

4weekswreathWreaths provide a perfect attachable canvas for horseshoes, old tack and in this case, baler twine.

4weekshorseshoetreeHorseshoes find a great repurpose around here in wreaths, mantles and centrepieces, but here’s an idea we haven’t thought of yet, a horseshoe tree!

4weekshorseshoeornamentHorseshoe ornaments are easy to put together with a bit of glue and greenery.

4weeksbigornamentTake it one step further and create a bit ornament!

4weeksbwornamentEven I’m handy enough to bend old barb wire and turn it into a beautiful keepsake to attach to gifts or hang on the tree.

4weekslanternlightYou might need someone handy with electrical work to complete this project, stuff a string of lights into an old lantern and wire it up to warm up a front entrance or mud room.

4weekspoletreeA simple arrangement for a front gate or driveway.

4weeksrakeornamentRepurposing an old garden rake with pretty glass bulbs.

4weeksbarrelChristmas in a barrel with a Texas star touch.

4weekscalfpailOr, in an old pail – this one reminds me of the calf feeding pails we employed regularly at our farm.

4weekssimplearrangmenetOld containers hold so much character, and with a few candles and greenery make a beautiful and rustic centrepiece. For more ideas in this vein, have a look at this autumn centrepiece. 

4weekssmalltreearrangementSet a number of small containers together and stuff them with greenery from your shelter belt.

4weekswesternvignetteCreate an entire simple and soft coloured vignette with the simplest of items. Add lights.

4weekslariatwreathFinally, a lariat door wreath great for a barn or shop door.

For more western decorating ideas, visit the Western Christmas board at the Western Horse Review Pinterest Page. (You’ll also find the links for the sources for the photos I’ve employed here.)

4weekscavaliaAND – we’re giving away two tickets to Cavalia’s new production, Odysseo, soon to open in Vancouver, B.C.! All you have to do to be entered in the draw is comment below on what your favourite application of western, as depicted in the pictures above, is, or just mention one of your own.

To receive a double entry into the contest, just head over to the Western Horse Review Facebook Page, and enter there as well.

5 weeks ’till Christmas: Great Gift Ideas

One of the real gratifying perks of my job is the pleasure of meeting the western artists and artisans whose work I’ve admired from afar, as over the years, we’ve structured the content of the magazine to include more of a cultural bend and showcase the vibe of art and crafts in the western world. Consequently, the scope of my Christmas shopping list takes a considerable dabble into this, and we’re all the better for it, supporting our local economy, leaving a gentler footprint on the world, and often gifting pieces bound to become family treasures in the generations to come.

Here’s a few the interesting paths we’ve wandered down lately.

Though the Calgary floods temporarily closed The Van Ginkel Art Gallery – housed in one of the oldest buildings in historic Inglewood – the work of artist, Paul Van Ginkel can again be viewed in all of it’s breathtaking beauty, now that the gallery is open again.

See Paul’s Facebook page for a glimpse of what he’s been working on (horses!), and while you’re visiting be sure to purchase one of his calendars, illustrated with his work. Only $20 and 100% of the donations go to Calgary based charity HOPEthiopia (

The Van Ginkel Art Gallery has limited hours, be sure to check before you go.

Nanton, Alberta, western artist, Shannon Lawlor has a great Christmas idea – custom hand painted brands. Here’s a collage of several brands shown here on different colours of hide. Hand painted on 4″ x 4″ squares, they make a unique gift idea for those with brands of their own.

Artist Gena LaCoste brings the Living West to life through her watercolors – horses, cowboys and cowgirls, flowers and heifers, and other gorgeously interpreted western expressions. For your little ones, she’s reprinted her books, “Horses” and “Living in the West” just in time for Christmas giving. They are full colour, about 40 pages, 8 x 10 inch soft-cover books, brimming from cover to cover with Gena’s beautiful paintings.

A perennial favourite in the Western Horse Review offices, western photographer Kim Taylor’s 2014 day planner is just as perfect as every year preceding it. I’ve a stack of these in my office, and often find myself flipping back to find a date or notation I need from a previous year.

Wanda Whaley’s beautiful slate paintings continue to awe me. She also paints on buffalo hide, birch bark and clay, working with organic hand-made paints. It’s about as close to 50,000 years ago as art can be. Check out her new work here. 

Finally, add a little western Christmas music to your day, with the Jeremy Neal Willis CD, Remembering Christmas, available at the Horse Barn in Kamloops, B.C., and Cowboys Choice in Vernon, B.C., or on cdbaby.

Postscript: Thanks to everyone who participated in last week’s 6 Weeks to Christmas Contest. We have a winner: Missy Merrill-Davies, contact us at [email protected] by next Friday to retrieve your beautiful Paige Albrecht hand-crafted cowhide belt.

6 weeks ’till Christmas: Great Gift Ideas

I haven’t always been a fan of cowhide, perhaps because I haven’t had the vision for it into the decor of the log house. Cowhide placemats and runners have just never really taken my fancy. Pinterest has changed all of that and really popped open my eyes to the endless possibilities of cowhide. I’ve grown to love the idea of it so much, I’m venturing a guess that one or two of the people on my Christmas list will be receiving it in one form or another.

If you’re looking for a lifetime gift for the people who share your home, or a unique western-styled option for the urbanites in your life, here’s a selection of uses of cowhide to inspire.

Cowhide is a thought of as a traditional western accent, but with it’s organic elements of hide, hair and colour, it transfers easily into modern spaces.

Decorators know a cool thing when they see it, but I hadn’t ever thought of putting a cow hide in the bathroom. Is it even practical? Will it stand up to the inevitable water splashes?

Ever more daring, how about a bathtub encased in cowhide? So much warmth in the combination of wood grain, browns and hide.

Cowhide on white plank floor is a favourite for me, especially pulling together this minimal look. . .

. . .  or adding warmth and style to an office.

Boho chic gets a boost of Wild west with a cowhide.

No need to go for the whole rug, opt instead for a piece of furniture, like this award-winning coffee-table design.

Cool and chic chairs and ottoman. . .

. . . or these full loungers, really spectacular pieces.

Why not just drape your entire staircase in chocolate brown sensory overload? This one captures my vote.

There’s also a plethora of smaller decor items in cowhide such as mirror frames, lampshades and pillows.

These carry-ons are neat statements of your love of the West. And wine :).

And finally, what speaks of your love of the West more than a stocking crafted of cowhide.

Turns out the Wild West is alive and well in places modern, not  traditional western homes. If I’ve tweaked the idea of adding cowhide (or more cowhide!) to your decor, you can find much more of it at our Make Mine Cowhide Pinterest board, where we’ve amassed a small collection of all things cowhide. (You’ll also find the links for the sources for the photos I’ve employed here.)

Belt by Paige Albrecht. Skull by Dylan Callaghan. Photo by Krista Kay.

For the love of all things cowhide, we’re giving away this gorgeous cowhide belt by our friend and artisan, Paige Albrecht. All you have to do to be entered in the draw is comment below on what your favourite application of cowhide, as depicted in the pictures above, is, or just choose one of your own.

I nearly forgot to mention, to receive a double entry into the contest, just head over to the Western Horse Review Facebook Page, and enter there as well. Happy Friday!

7 weeks ’till Christmas: Great Gift Ideas

Music is a constant at the log house. We each have our influences and our tastes meander all genres. Shelves and cupboards overflow with CD’s, and I’m mildly grateful the era of albums is over, for the room it’s saved me. Even with the overabundance of our current collection, and the advent of itunes, new CD’s regularly find their way into the house. I don’t know about you, but itunes just doesn’t cut it for me. Hits aren’t sustainable enough to hold my attention, too much like soundbites of a larger picture. I need to listen to the full CD, to hear the entire story told.

In this house, the gift of music, in any form, excepting of course, Toby Keith, can never be misguided.

Here’s some of the latest we’ve been listening to.

Ryan Fritz writes all of his own material, inspired by the trails and cowboying life he’s led. He grew up in southern Alberta, and worked for many years on Canada’s renowned ranches such as the Gang and Douglas Lake Ranches. Ryan Fritz and his family now live in eastern Saskatchewan where they run cattle and manage a 5,000 steer pasture. And, play guitar. Produced by fellow prairie musician, Eli Barsi and John Cunningham, Wind Blown Buckaroo is Fritz’s fourth album, and his best, keeping the tradition of cowboy music alive. Order direct from Fritz at [email protected]

Western Horse Review writer Deanna Buschert interviewed Tim Hus for an earlier issue this year, and upon the edit, I was awed by his humbleness. He didn’t let an answer go by without thanking his mentors, fellow musicians and always, his fans and friends. Just one of the reasons why it’s so satisfying to see his latest album, Western Star, receive such fantastic reviews and play. Some compare him to the late and great Stompin’ Tom Connors; I don’t see that comparison myself in the music, but one thing is sure, he is a true Canadian and original roots musician.

And, finally, Johnny Cash. Insight Editions recently published House of Cash:  The Legacies of My Father, Johnny Cashwritten by his son, John Carter Cash. This book gives you an insight into the Man in Black the likes of which you’ve never seen before. It is an intimate exploration of the soul behind the music, housed in a beautiful mock-leather binding, with a feature CD, accompanied by reproductions of handwritten song lists, lyrics and liner notes.

Gathering together previously unpublished photographs, lyrics, art, notes such as this humorous “to do list”. . .

. . . letters to June, and recollections from the Cash family archives, John Carter paints a portrait of his father’s inner life, and the values he imparted to his son and family.

This is truly a unique portrait of a deeply spiritual, creative, and passionate soul whose music sprang from the way he lived, and one I don’t mind saying, I would love to find under our tree.

9 Weeks ’til Christmas: Great Gift Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner . . . nine weeks away today.

What was once a 12 Weeks ’till Christmas countdown here at Screen Doors & Saddles has evolved into nine weeks. Really, what was I thinking? Does anyone really want to know this detail, whether nine or 12? Seriously, I’m just getting my head wrapped around Halloween.

Still, I can’t deny it, the 25th of December looms and over the next nine weeks I’m going to share a few unique Christmas gift ideas with you – offerings geared specifically for country and western living – my favorite genre of shopping. I hope you’ll find something that catches your eye and incites a cross off your list.

By the way, if you’re not a subscriber to the print magazine, it’s a great time to join up, and also give a gift. We have a holiday subscription special currently on – two for one! Only $24.95 – two subscriptions for the price of one – catch it here. 

On to this week’s Christmas gift idea. I recently caught wind of a nifty new equine subscription service. A Horse Box is a unique home delivery gift idea that’s been omnipresent in the U.S.A. for sometime, and just launched this August in Canada.

Photo by Krista Kay

The folks at A Horse Box kindly sent me the August box to review and it really impressed with the choice of products. I really like this idea. How much fun is it to receive A Horse Box? Akin to a mini-Christmas, I tell ‘ya! It’s innovative, brilliant, fun and a perfect anecdote for the hard-to-buy for rider, or anyone who loves to try new horse products.

This box of goodies in mini-sizes merit attention, and offer up a perfect way to test out an array of equine products you might otherwise miss on the store shelf, or just never think of trying.

Photo by Krista Kay

Here’s how it works: Each month members receive 5-7 handpicked items – from grooming products to alternative health items and gourmet treats.

Even. . . MAGAZINES!

That’s right, I’m thrilled to let you know that A Horse Box has partnered with Western Horse Review and thousands of A Horse Box deliveries in early 2014 – in both the U.S. and Canada – will contain the Jan/Feb issue, bundled with a special subscription offer.

I hope you love the sample issue, as much as I love A Horse Box.

P.S. A Horse Box is available for order in the United States and Canada, each with a separate order website. I’ve linked them here for your convenience.

Artisans of the West – Shawna Whiteside

Shawna Whiteside, silversmith and owner of the Sweet Iron Silver Co.

Our March 2013 issue featured the Ultimate Artisans of the West. Over the next few months, we’ll profile some of the talented artisans we met, and whose work we fell in love with. To see the full feature, order the back issue 

Whiteside’s Bronc Pendent, represents the symbolism of the West.

For silversmith Shawna Whiteside, working from her studio near Didsbury, Alberta, creating the feel of the West involves color, creativity and her passion for life. In her work, she combines intricate designs and a splash of color to create a unique western flavor. Whiteside feels she has a passion to create innovative and expressive jewelry, which offers whimsical detail with a modern twist. Her work specializes in the bright cut style western engraving and she also is fond of making custom work, incorporating logos, brands or initials.

“I have a passion for anything that will make a piece a one-of-a-kind or an heirloom. I love adding color, which is why I’m always putting pendants on colorful turquoise, amethyst, or other stones. I also try to mix copper, gold, silver and other metals together to make things pop.”

Whiteside relates she has always had a passion for jewelry, but it wasn’t until she turned 30 that she decided to pursue her passion.

A beautifully crafted silver ring, inspired by western design.

“My mother started doing bronzes around that time. She is an amazing artist and she has always taught me to follow my dreams.”

Inspiration for her jewelry comes from different ideas that might have not been done in the western style. Whiteside says she keeps a notebook in her purse and does quick sketches whenever a new idea comes to life. “I’m always looking in magazines and trying to figure out new ways to wear and engrave, keeping the traditional methods, but putting a colorful or modern twist on them.”

Recently she has gone to Washington to meet and train with Mark Drain, founder of the Traditional Cowboy Arts Association. “He is a hero of mine and a brilliant silversmith. He continues to inspire me to try different things and make every piece the best one I can possibly make it.”

For seven years, Whiteside has been juried into the Calgary Stampede Western Showcase. “I was one of the first artisans they let into the Western Showcase.”

She said the opportunity to show at the Stampede is like winning an Academy Award. “I try every year to incorporate something new or different in my work. It really makes me try to evolve and improve.”

Custom brand bracelet with 10 karat gold scroll.

Visit the Sweet Iron Silver Co. to see more of Shawna’s work.

~ story by Deanna Buschert

Back On Track Vegas Stars

There’s a Canadian company making waves in Las Vegas right now. Back On Track has become the first Canadian corporate sponsor of the National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA). Currently, president and CEO of the Back On Track Canadian division, David Bergendahl and VP of Sales and Marketing, Tobi Mcleod, are at the South Point Arena and Equestrian Center to take in the NRCHA Stakes show, held March 26-30 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“I’m a cow horse guy myself,” says Bergendahl. “So we really like to support the discipline of cow horse in Canada through the Alberta Reined Cow Horse Association and we’ll continue to do that. However, we wanted to grow the Back On Track support even more, so we decided to become a corporate sponsor with the NRHCA.”

Bergendahl first learned of BoT – which maintains its head office in Uppsala, Sweden – when he returned back to Sweeden (his home country), after a long stay in Canada.

“I thought BoT products were pretty neat. And I had previously contended in reining events. But when I was drawn to cow horse while still in Sweden. So I got in touch with the Swales family and when I returned to Canada, I became involved in cow horse.”

Back On Track (BoT) products are really strong in the English, trotting and race worlds, as riders are seeing the benefits the company’s products offer to both riders and animals alike. The corporation additionally has show jumper, Ian Millar on board as a company spokesperson. However, the product is still gaining momentum with western folk and riders in the south are just starting to recognize the advantages of BoT’s products.

Credit: Primo Morales Photography. Photo courtesy of Back On Track.

Recently, 2 Million Dollar NRCHA rider Todd Crawford also started singing BoT’s praises:

Back On Track’s joint and muscle support products are made of a unique wellness textile. The textile is a synergy of ancient Chinese experience and modern scientific textile technology. During the manufacturing of polyester-or polyester fibres, the ceramic particles are fused into the fibres. The ceramic particles have a strong reflective property, which when worn against the body works to help stimulate circulation through far infrared radiation.

It is well established and documented that long wave infrared radiation increases blood circulation. This helps to prevent injury, manage chronic pain symptoms, and speed up the recovery process. All are invaluable in helping you and your animals live a comfortable, active lifestyle.

BoT has supplied the NRCHA Stakes with an all-product sponsorship. In 2013, the company will sponsor five major NRCHA events and affiliates can contact the association directly for products at a discounted price.

For more information about Back On Track, check out: