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Today\’s post is short and sweet and dedicated to my Mom. Because it was she who has fully believed in me from the very beginning. My mom was the one gave me the courage to fly towards a vocation with horses. She has been by my side countless numbers of times for a hug, a shoulder to cry on and a kind, inspiring word. Without my mom, I would have never had the courage to try.

I\’m sure y\’all have some amazing mothers too, so if you tell me about them, I promise I\’ll have a pretty cool prize package for you at the end of this blog.

But in the meantime, here are a few other things I\’m totally digging at the moment:

• Incubators were life-saving necessities for my premature babies, but for newborns without access, there’s Embrace. For 1% of the cost of a standard incubator, it’s already saved over 50,000 babies from hypothermia. Embrace is currently running a Mother’s Day campaign — make a donation in honor of your mom and save another mom’s new baby.

• Chardon-neigh? Caber-neigh?  With a Horse\’s Glass in hand, you\’re sure to be a hit at the next barn party, horse show, or the wine o\’ clock with your fellow horse lover.

Maple Apple Bacon Waffles. A perfect Mother\’s Day recipe. Let me reiterate – Maple. Apple. Bacon. Waffles. Need I say more?

• From visits to senior homes to the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School, the horses of Gentle Carousel  bring their love to where it is needed most.

• It may be better than any other grooming tool on the market for removing heavy winter coats. SleekEZ is a perfectly, unique Mother\’s Day present for the lady who prefers horse equipment over flowers.

• I\’m totally swooning over these adorable photos of Princess Z – Zenyatta\’s first filly.

• Guns N Roses \”Sweet Child O\’ Mine\” retooled as 1920 New Orleans Jazz.

Lunch Punches make food seriously fun. I\’ve even been known to make a cute sandwich for myself here and there.

• Carla Webb of Abbotsford, B.C., was sworn in as Police Constable 1777 and walked Vancouver’s city beat for 13 years. Now fronting her Empowered Through Horses program, Webb helps young girls deal with serious issues ranging from bullies, to low self-confidence and a myriad of troubles in between. Webb may be one of Canada\’s best kept secrets – and the kind of woman you want your daughter to meet.

• Ride, travel, dance in beautiful boots designed with hidden pockets for your cell phone, passport and more. Elizabeth Anne Shoes was recently on Dragon\’s Den and I am excited to see the outcome!

Odysseo. We will be going to this amazing production for the second time this month. With Imax screens and an abundance of equine talent, this is an event you don\’t want to miss!

And speaking of Odysseo…. I have 2 tickets to give away to the event in Calgary, to one lucky winner. Simply enter into the comments below, a note about how your Mom helped you pursue your horse dreams. Or if you are a \”horsey\” Mom yourself, perhaps you want to tell us what gift you\’d love to receive for Mother\’s Day! Either way, we will be doing a random drawing of all the comments submitted near the end of the week. Good luck!







37 thoughts on “Mother\’s Day Giveaway”

  1. Hilary Enns

    My mom is so cool. When I was 13 years old, we were just finished grocery shopping when two of the coolest guys in school (on one of which I had a HUGE crush) were walking through the parking lot.
    “OMG mom! It’s Gary and Lloyd! I have to hide! My makeup’s all worn off after dance class!”
    I wanted to run and hide because I looked awful after a 3 hour dance class and an hour of shopping.
    “Oh don’t worry,” she said. “Why don’t you just get in the driver’s seat?”
    “Huh?” I asked, a little bewildered and a little confused.
    “Just get in the driver’s seat, start driving and see what they say tomorrow at school.”
    So I did. My tiny 13 year old frame trembled up into the driver’s seat of our huge pick-up truck. I was so scared. I put the key in and fumbled a bit, trying to start this enormous beast. I pulled out of the parking lot, terrified since I had never driven before. I saw Gary an Lloyd’s jaws drop and they just stared in disbelief as I pulled away.
    The next day they told everyone at school that “OMG, Hilary drives! Not only that, bu she drives this awesome truck!”
    And I got to be cool at school. Thanks mom 🙂

  2. My Mom was a full time stay at home Mom. This was her choice, and like all people that do what they love, she was, very successful at it. She raised 4 kids and looked after countless horses, dogs, cats and whatever else we drug home. She was my care giver, teacher, guardian, mentor and best friend. She was with me when I took my first breath. I was with her when she took her last. It has been 15 years, and I still miss her every day.

  3. My mom raised us four girl single handedly from the time my younger sister was three. We moved across Canada to BC
    Well she dosent understand my passion four horses, she has never discouraged me either.
    In 1976 I found the perfect husband for her (he was a horseman and dairy man) and they have been married ever since.
    Thanks mom! I love you!

  4. My mother has supported me 150% of the way .. from taking care of vet/farrier appointments, to dusting off my chaps and running back to the barn for a last minute item that was forgotten for a show class … to helping me pack and unpack the trailer each and every time. She is irreplaceable!!! Love her and could never thank her enough. Stef

  5. Billie-Jean Duff

    Well…my mom, who was a single mom of two, worked hard so us girls could have a horse(s). She had horses as a teenager, and passed that love of horses on to us at an early age. Because she did that, I was able to learn to rope, and ride with the Calgary Stampede Show Riders for two years. I still have a horse of my own, and I rope frequently. I am also now a mom, who has a daughter with a love of horses as well. I’ve taken her to riding lessons, jumping lessons, and now she’s interested in learning to rope as well and do some high school rodeo next year. The best gift I could get would be to actively rope with my daughter. Going to Odysseo would with her would be a close second 🙂

  6. Cindy Wilinski

    I’d love to see the show! Sadly, my parents were non-horsey and non-supportive of my passion. But we all know how tenacious horse loving little girls can be! I hung out at the rodeo grounds, everywhere a horse was, I was. I am very fortunate that the local horse go-to people saw my passion and took me under their wing and gave me the joy of being with horses that only the truly equine addicted can appreciate. I would spend every weekend, after school and all summers at their place riding, doing chores, cleaning tack, grooming, whatever ‘horsey’ activity they would grant me. And I am forever grateful. I think of my surrogate mom every day as I manage my own day to day breeding operation. Thank you Mary and Alex.

  7. Mom was always there to aid in my horse habit – watching lessons, paying for lessons, following me around to shows and finally helping me go to the Olds College and the Equine Program. She’s always been a big supporter of “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life”, something I picked up on and ran with. 🙂

  8. I am a ranch mom in southern Alberta proudly passing on the special life ranching /horse training to my Twin 5yr old boys Logan & Brody. It is something you cannot replace watching your children learn what it takes to be respectful of the land and livestock they raise for a sustainable future in the dying art of young people continuing the ranching heritage. A thank you and good job going out to all the agricultural Mothers out there 🙂

  9. Denise Pezderic

    My Dad was the one who helped me with any of the horse related activities but Mom, well she made sure as a kid I always had sugar cubes in the drawer to give to my horse. She would take me to every horse related show in Calgary without me even asking. Not sure how many times she took me to the Lipizzan horse shows and any other jumping competition that came though. Also the first one to come racing out in the car any time a horse came barreling back into the yard riderless. Haha. That didn’t happen often but she was always watching it seemed! My parents passed away within 6 months of each other 8 years ago already. They are with me every day in my heart and I think of them every time I am out there riding. Thanks Mom and Dad. (Fathers day is coming too. 😉 )

  10. Pauline Long-Wright

    From my earliest memories it has been my sister Glenys who was my ” Mom” . Our mom was ill all my life and died when I was 19. My beloved sister has always been there through all my moments, our parents death, my crazy years, my marriage, the birth of my four sons, my careers and always my PASSION horses. She brought me through and brought me to God. I have been so blessed by her and I am so thankful.

  11. Jane Unsworth

    My mother was instrumental in getting my first Shetland pony when I was 8 years old. She faithfully helped to take care of him with me and suffered many of his stubborn ways. She helped me to train my next Welsh pony at the age of 12 and drove me to pony club. Having always wanted a horse herself, she lived her dreams vicariously through the horse pursuits of me and my sister. My sister had Arabians and my horse was a Quarter horse cross Morgan and Percheron. She helped my sister to purchase a pedigree Arabian and so finally was able to have a horse of her own.

  12. Amanda Fehr

    My mom was always there to support my horse love!!From the purchase of my first horse my mom always supported me in every aspect of riding!!My dad wasn’t much for the horse end if things so my mom drove me to 4-H starting at the age of 9.From here on out she made sure I was in riding lessons to ensure that I was riding to the best of my ability,and then purchased more horses so that I could strive in each event,including showing and rodeo.She was always there to encourage me,there wasn’t anything with my horses that she missed,now that I’m older I give all my credit to my mom!!I now own horses of my own and compete on a regular basis in local rodeos/barrel racing jackpots!!If it wasn’t for my moms comitment towards my horses when I was younger I wouldn’t be the rider/competitor I am today!!She truley made my love for horses only grow stronger over the years,I’d love nothing more than to spend an evening out with my mom creating new horse memory’s together!!

  13. Lynne Harder

    My Mom was not a horsey mom at all, although she helped me chase her down a few times when “escaped” from the pasture. She just seemed to understand my obsession and allowed me to ride as much as I could if my chores where done. I rode all over the place and I am sure if she knew all the places I went on my own on the side of the mountain she would have taken my horse away!! She let me ride to my friends’ place to spend the weekend riding because she just knew that Alice and I were horse crazy. For someone who knew little about horses she truly appreciated and allow my passion for this animal to be a part of my life.

  14. Natalie Taylor

    My boy Tomahawk is my very first horse. I bought him last year at the age of 3, I turned 43 last year. I can not imagine my life without him now. He is so very patient, loving, and such a goofy boy. If I had to choose a mothers day gift it would probably be a beautiful outfit for not only myself but for Tomahawk as well. Black riding outfit for myself with Purple accents & sparkly bits and a full western tack outfit for Tomahawk accented with purple as well with silver accents in all the right places & a beautiful purple saddle pad. It may be a dream now but it will become reality if I can manage it.

    Love & Light To All

  15. Randi Hrisook

    My mom has had a love for horses since she was a little girl but growing up in a semi pro hockey family that always moved she was not allowed to have one. Her love of horses never waivered and she was finally in the position to own some horses and that’s where it all started for my sister and I. We have always said we would not be where we are today without our mom!

  16. Lana Caldwell

    My mom was the first to put me on a horse. She taught me the power in the connection between us and horses. From that my love of being with, around and in horses grew. I know hope to instill that same love of equines in my son. I also am a certified eagala a mental health therapist and use horses to heal kids and adults. Here’s to all moms this Mother’s Day if it wasn’t for my moms passion and encouragement I would not be the person I am now – for myself, my son or my clients. <3

  17. Melissa Cockle

    My mom taught me how to ride when I was young. I will always be thankful for the operating use to have these amazing animals in my life because of her!

  18. My mom could never understand how a girl brought up in the city had such a connection to horses. Her stories: when I was three I got a cowboy hat and chaps for a bday present… when she went up to check after we had all gone to bed I was asleep propped up on the edge of my bed astride my stick horse with hat and chaps over my pajamas’ First horse ride I was on the woman asked how long I had been taking lessons – my mother replied “this is her first time on a horse”

    when I struck out with my own horse business – my mom was always the first to say. It’s something she has wanted to do since I began to talk. So here’s to having horses in my back yard… thank you Mom.

  19. Susan Brace

    My Mom wasn’t the one that taught me to ride, that was my Grandma, my Mom though was the one that spent hours, and I mean hours!, at her sewing machine making sure my 3 sisters and I always had new show clothes to wear, to what ever show we were off to! Hats off to you Mom, thanks for your contribution in my horse style life!!

  20. My mom was the one who convinced the non-horse-loving men of the farm to allow a horse on the property. And eventually another… and another… And she has been incredibly supportive of everything I have wanted to do with horses. She now has her own horse and goes trail riding with me, riding in the mountains, and even went on a spur-of-the-moment trip to New York with me to watch the running of the Belmont Stakes – what a thrill!

  21. My mom signed me up for riding lessons when I was six. I was hooked from the start. She’s always supportive of my horse dreams even if they aren’t the most realistic at times. 🙂

  22. My Mom was the best person ever. She taught me to have a good work ethic. And best of all my Mom was my best friend who taught me that your family is the most important thing . Basically my mom taught me how to be the mother that I am today and I am teaching my daughter and Granddaughter those same lessons in life. Thanks Mom miss you every day. Hugs in Heaven.

  23. Kathy Luedtke (@4Mustangs4Ever)

    I am a horsey Granny. All four of my grandkids LOVE the horses and donkeys at our place. We ride most times they come for a stay (at least twice a month) regardless of what the Montana weather decides to throw at us. For this Mother’s Day ~ I will be happy to have those kids with me, doing what we all LOVE ! Just horsing (and donkeying) around. Yeee Haw and Heee Haw !!

  24. Mary Ellen Lickfold

    Well! My mom has 11 children, is still alive and kicking at 89!
    She has seen, taken care of and put up with a stream of pets we all dragged home
    At one time or another! She took pictures of me and my pony at our first fair, knew
    I had brought my first horse ever in the house! (I had given him a bath so he was clean)
    And to this day she listens to my horse stories and has pictures of me and my horse on her night stand.
    Love you mom!

  25. I am a new horse mom with two kids who love and were born for the western lifestyle.
    I was born and raised in Labrador where I continuously drew pictures of mountains and horses. I may not know much about horses other than an insane appreciation for them, but I can get a flooded skidoo going again!!
    My dream life has always involved horses.
    A recent move from Banff to Cochrane is bringing us closer to this lifestyle, but it has been tough on us all, income is tight, no teaching jobs in sight, my husband is preparing for jobs up north.
    How is it I am a new horse mom?
    Upon moving here I registered my son in 4-H, leased a Norwegian Fjord and started the kids on the journey and dream that is alive in their hearts too. The friendships we have made in 4-H are amazing and have allowed us to involve our kids in ranching life too

    I’m not afraid to say it. And I am proud of myself . All too often us moms don’t give ourselves enough high fives. We cannot afford this lease horse at all, but it’s one of those things we can’t afford not to. My son is flourishing and learning so much. My daughter is too! Things might be tight but it’s so worth the benefits and I am proud to be trying to offer these experiences.

    Things will turn around and we are continuing to grow towards this dream to make it a reality! So high fives to all the moms who keep on keepin’!!

  26. My mom was the best horse show mom ever. To loading up camper and trailer heading out a few days before each show. She was always on the side lines. She even went so far because of my love of horses to run all the shows in Alberta many years ago. She was show manager for the Alberta Quarter Horse Association. Doing this even though she was not a horse person herself. She pushed me to be the best horse person I could be, paying for tuition for Lakeland college, to setting up a breeding raising and training facility at their farm so I could continue doing what I loved in training horses for them and others. I am fortunate to still have both my parents and they still own a few horses. But horse operation has almost come to a close as they are now in retirement. And I can no longer train because of resulting injuries. Love my mom for being there all through my horsey years, and understanding what it all ment to me.

  27. Cyndi Folyer

    My mom was my inspiration for pursuing a horse of my own. For many years, we went to shows, expos, barns, performances together, and we had wonderful times and made wonderful memories. We shared a love of these magnificent animals, and brought us closer together. I am so grateful for the chance I had to own my very own Quarter Horse, and to share the experience with my mom. She had had a horse herself as a young woman, and passed on her love. Unfortunately, my mom has since passed into heaven, and I miss her, but I know how proud and happy it made her to share this with me. I loved her very much, and think of heroften.

  28. Hi my name is Emma Sager I’m 13 and always had a love for horses! My parents aren’t *horse people*but my nana has seen my passion for horses ever since I was 3 and she’s always been a horse lover too! 🙂 nana and papa live on a farm so nana took me to Sales and we bought a 2 horses and took them to her farm the only thing is she lives 2 hours away :/ I try to spend all my holidays there my nana has taught me lots over the years then she bought me a welsh quater horse that was abused we did lots of work with her,her name is candy she was afraid of… Everything! Today she is the best horse you could ever have and guess what she is mine! I love my nana so much she made all my dreams come true I would love to win this prize for my nana/your ticket to your show. Thank you so much :). Love you nana :))

  29. My Mum has always been the most supportive person in my life. She wasn’t a horse person herself, but fully understood my passion and obsession for horses. She allowed me the freedom to ride horses for every neighbour, and at age 12, bought me my own saddle. She supported me in every aspect of the horse industry I took part in. my Mum is the best!

  30. Jennifer Soltys

    I am a the mother of 2 horse crazy girls, ages 5 and 7! The greatest Mother’s Day gift would be to witness the expression on their faces as they watch in amazement, the spectacular performance of Odysseo! 🙂

  31. I am a mom of a daughter who is completely infatuated with horses. She has a desire to have her own horse and to raise horses some day. Unfortunately I can’t afford to make that happen for her. She loves horses. It would be wonderful to win these tickets and to be able to treat my girl to a momma daughter date. Thanks for the chance to win.

  32. glena mcfarlane

    hi my name is glena my mother is the best because she supports me in every thing i do. she takes me to horse shows and rodeos and even mane event. just to support my dream. my mom not in to horses at all but she is willing to go look at horses and do horsey things with me and let me strive for my passion love u mom. glena

  33. Hi my name is Emma Sager I’m 13 and always had a love for horses! My parents aren’t *horse people*but my nana has seen my passion for horses ever since I was 3 and she’s always been a horse lover too! 🙂 nana and papa live on a farm so nana took me to Sales and we bought a 2 horses and took them to her farm the only thing is she lives 2 hours away :/ I try to spend all my holidays there my nana has taught me lots over the years then she bought me a welsh quater horse that was abused we did lots of work with her,her name is candy she was afraid of… Everything! Today she is the best horse you could ever have and guess what she is mine! I love my nana so much she made all my dreams come true I would love to win this prize for my nana/your ticket to your show. Thank you so much :). Love you nana 🙂

  34. My parents disliked horses… So I had a saddle before I had a real horse… My mom gave me a long wig to use as a tail…. I’d ‘ride’ in that saddle all day long! One Christmas I did finally get a real horse from santa… Thank goodness for my unselfish parents to bless me with the gift of horses even though they don’t like them!

  35. My mom was born in 1919, she never learned to drive a car, but she could ride a horse! We moved to town in the 60’s but her passion for horses lived on through pictures (she loved paint by number) of horses on the walls and ceramic (blue mountain pottery), and western nicknacks around the house. She loved all God’s creatures and nursed some very sick animals back to health and gave them shelter in their time of need. Her love of horses lives on in my sister and myself , we both have our own and ride and I see the light in my grandson and granddaughter when they are sitting high in the saddle for a ride. Thanks Mom for sharing your passion with us, it has been a gift!

  36. My mom grow up loving horses but never had the support to follow her dream when she was young. However, when she married my dad she was able to full fill her dream in a small way. They raised horses together & rode in a local gymkhana club. I had the same love of horses & she supported me in ever way she could. The love of horses followed through to our daughter and mom at 81 yrs young still supports both of us in our riding endeavours! She is an amazing women!

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