The Island Gets Western


Vancouver Island’s third annual Western Weekend, at the Coombs Rodeo Grounds, in Coombs BC, is just around the corner. This event is set for April 21st and 22nd and is sponsored by Buckerfields Country Stores. It will host ranch sorting and team penning competitions, a ranch horse obstacle course, as well as a BBQ and country dance Saturday night.

Sue Sheppard, an organizer for this event, is encouraging riders and spectators to attend and participate in the weekend events.

“Come on down and cheer your favourite team on and be ready to be on the edge of your seat. You are in for a treat to see great horsemanship. This event only happens once a year and we all look forward to it. A HUGE thank you to Buckerfields and Whitta Farms and to Hugh and Tammy for organizing this event.”

The ranch horse obstacle course is a two minute timed event where riders are to complete as many obstacles that they can.

“This includes roping a dummy cow, going over a bridge, pulling a log, loading into the trailer, going through the cowboy shower, jumping a log, and crossing water. It is a fun event to watch.”

Sheppard is also inviting those who are unfamiliar to these competitive events, to join in and learn what makes them so exciting.

Team penning is a fast paste event and competitors can learn quickly how the rules work. However, in each run the cattle have the opportunity to make the game a whole lot more exciting and unpredictable.

“It sounds easy enough, but the cows have a total different agenda. The team with the highest number of cows in the pen with the quickest time wins.”

Those looking to participate in the team ranch sorting event, Sheppard also welcomes to enter- even if they are green as grass.

“Come on down you will have a hoot!”

In the team ranch sorting competition, there are three member teams with 12 cows at the other end of the arena. They are numbered 0-9 and two are without a number.

“When the team hears the random number called out one member goes into the heard and cuts the numbered cow out away from the heard and over the line. Then the next goes in and cuts the cows out in numeric ordered until 190 seconds is called. The team with the most amount of cows over wins.”

The Western Weekend is promising to be a fun packed event, for all levels of competitors. Those who would like to enter this event or would like more information, are to contact event organizers Hugh or Tammy at [email protected].


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