Month: April 2011

Head, Heart & Hooves

Better known as H3, a recap of a Manitoba weekend filled with lessons, lectures and a trainer’s challenge

The Healing Process

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether you are treating a flesh wound properly. Here is some insight from Dr. Mike Scott on a specific case study.

Williams Lake Indoor Rodeo

The 2011 British Columbia rodeo season kicked off with this April-held event.

Reserve Title for Griffin

Lance Griffin and The Great Tag Win NRBC Non-Pro Reserve Championship/Non-Pro Prime Time title.

Keep Holding On

I don\’t normally take pictures of birds. Nor do I admire them. But for some reason, they have captured my interest this week.

Vet Q&A For Pregnant Mares

Deworming protocols and other important considerations for broodmares. Dr. Chris Berezowski helps answer some common concerns.

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