Marketing Mondays: Horse Business Website

I\’ve missed posting Marketing Mondays for the last two weeks. Time gets away from me. Our incredibly patient printer was standing at the door, arms crossed, tapping his foot, waiting for me to deliver the May issue to him. You understand.

Today, we\’re back and I\’m going to give you three important marketing items to be sure to include on your horse farm website.

1) A Mailing List Sign-Up Form

Maintaining and using an e-mail list is a great way to communicate with your clients and friend. Send out the word when a vet or farrier is scheduled, a new boarder, or horse comes into the barn, a client or horse has a successful show, and other news you\’d like to share.

2) Your Story

A little personality is never a bad thing for a site. People who are visiting your website should be able to get a feel for who you are. What your business represents, and how you like to conduct business. Be sure your website gives a bit of insight into your history, and your individual connection to the western horse world.

3) A Google Map to Your Location


This is really very easy to do. You can do it through Google Maps, or choose a free service to take you through the process. One of my favorites is Pin In The Map. Check it out and create a map pinpointing the location of your horse stable, ranch or shop in minutes. Then, embed it on your site.

Happy Easter Marketing Monday, everyone!


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