Cavalia Ticket Winner

\"Cavalia\"On April 3, I posted the Your Favorite Horse Activity Contest 2011, with the opportunity to win a pair of tickets to the incredible Cavalia. Not just any two tickets, but two Horse Lover seats – which means the recipient will be guided to the best seats available under the tent to see the show up close. Not only that, he or she and the partner of his or her choice will enjoy an exclusive visit to the Cavalia stables after the show!

It will be a beautiful thing.

Thanks to all of your who participated, loved all of your comments.

The winner has been chosen but before we get to that I wanted to share with you the results of the contest.

All you had to do was let us know two things:

1) your favorite horse activity to participate?

2) your favorite horse activity to watch?

\"\"Because we live on the cutting edge of technology here at Western Horse Review, we employed one of our more sophisticated methods of compiling the answers. Most respondents answered uniquely, so we took the liberty of grouping like-minded answers, and this is basically what it came down to:

1) your favorite horse activity to participate?

37% of respondents named a horse sport as their favorite horse activity to participate in. Top four sports were: showing, barrel racing, cutting and team penning, followed by team roping and reining.

30%  of respondents named trail riding their number one favorite activity, with many choosing a horse sport as a close runner-up.

24% of respondents named simple and leisure activities which include a horse – from pleasure riding, hanging out with kids and horses, to grooming and teaching.

9% of respondents chose training, or working with a horse as their #1 horse activity to do.

2) your favorite horse activity to watch?

55% of respondents love to watch horse sports. The highest ranking sports for visual pleasure included: cutting (10%), show jumping, reining, dressage (8%), and barrel racing and cow horse (7%).

37% of people agreed observing horses is a simple and beautiful thing, whether it be in their natural state, in their pastures, coming up for feed, kids and horses, mustangs, mares and foals and many others.

Finally, 8% of respondents enjoy watching clinics.

So there you have it, I know I fall into one or two or more of those categories, how about you? We’ve randomly chosen one winner for the pair of Cavalia tickets. The lucky winner is:

Stacey, who said:

To do: I love reining. I love everything about the sport!
To watch: Really, I’ll watch anything horsey. Kind of a kid that way.

Stacey, please contact [email protected] with your particulars, you have until May 15 to claim your prize.

Thanks, ya’ll come back next contest.

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