Keep Holding On


I don't normally take pictures of birds. Nor do I admire them. But for some reason, they have captured my interest this week. Namely because thousands of them – maybe hundreds of thousands of them – have flocked to the fields surrounding our farm these days.

It all started when I began hearing seagulls. There were so many seagulls – our farm began to have the ambiance of a beach. With all the water to boot.

Just no sandy shores to speak of…


Yes, we have been experiencing the massive flooding witnessed in many parts of the country recently. With all the warm weather and 6 feet of snow to melt this month, our dugouts have become 10 times as large as they normally are. Lakes have appeared where dry land would be the norm.

Road closures are popping up all over the place.


And thousands of birds have begun taking up residence in fields that should usually be close to seeding around this time.


But this year should be interesting…


On a much brighter note, Clay and I were recently able to bring our daughter home.


Having graduated from the Neonatal Unit, she was finally discharged this week and the life changing experience of being a parent has finally began to take place! Our household is now experiencing all the thrills of little toys, little clothes, little sleep…

But we really don't care about the latter. Although we realize it's important to stay healthy and look after ourselves during this new life chapter, having a baby in the house has absolutely melted our hearts. The only tough aspect we are dealing with right now is that our son remains in hospital. His development remains slightly behind that of his sister. But between the late night feedings, the preparations to get ready for 2 babies and the runs to the hospital each day, we continue to hold on and hold fast to the comforting thought that one day soon, our son will join us too.

I'll keep you posted.

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter Weekend!


3 thoughts on “Keep Holding On”

  1. Wendy-Mom-Nana

    What a heartwarming story, in fact my heart is melting just thinking of holding those babies!! So happy to read that Faythe is home and we hope and pray that Braxton soon will be.
    Your photography skills are outstanding! Gorgeous pix!

  2. Auntie Sherry and Uncle B

    Hi Jenn! Lovely story, and like Wendy, we too pray that Braxton will be coming home very soon. Take good care!

  3. Just thought I would let you know that those birds you have photographed as “snow geese”. Have a great Easter!!

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