Forever In Blue Jeans

by guest blogger Deanna Beckley

Aww blue jeans. Dark wash, acid wash, worn out, boot-cut, straight leg, fancy pockets, relax fit…so many styles to choose from! You can never have enough blue jeans!

Photo courtesy of Krista Kay Photography

I will admit, I have enough jeans to get me through several weeks without wearing a single pair twice. I firmly believe they are a must have staple that should be in everyone’s closet.

We couldn’t have a fashion steal without giving away a pair of jeans. This week’s giveaway item is sponsored by Cavalier. Thank you Cavalier for giving away a great pair of Iron Horse Jeans.

Cavalier is a privately owned Canadian company based in Stratford, Ontario. The business was founded in 1975. Cavalier has three operating divisions each focusing on a distinct segment of the equestrian market. The Cavalier division focuses on English riding equipment and apparel. Select Distributing focuses on the needs of the western rider and the Equine Advantage division represents the most comprehensive selection of Equine animal health care products. Be sure to check out their facebook page.

I actually interviewed Christi Simoneaux of Iron Horse Jeans last year. Here is what she said about Iron Horse Jeans and western fashion.

WHR: What influences Iron Horse design?

IHJ: “We really don’t look within the jean industry per say for design but we center ourselves on vintage heritage and then we explore fashion products in other categories’ such as women’s accessories to find design inspiration.”

WHR: What is the biggest jump we’ll see western fashion take in the next two years? Or what has been the biggest jump it has taken?

IHJ: “For years now western retailers and some manufactures feel as though western fashion is two years behind main street and slower to react to current trends. I think thats changed and western is following much closer to main stream, especially the younger crowd. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more straight leg fashion and possibly a softening of the bling on jeans in the next few years to come.”

WHR: What trends are we seeing for 2012?

IHJ: “In denim, lighter washes are starting to gain a little presence while deep dark washes with bright contrasting stitching is coming on fast. Low rise for gals has settled in at 7” and is the norm in the market with 8” rise following close behind. For guys its dark washes simple pockets minimum distressing and in a low rise offering.”

WHR: Is there one item that is timeless that will never go out of style?

IHJ: “Absolutely it’s called denim and boot leg cut, its been here from the start and for the most part has stayed the same just maybe with a little bit more flare!”

So the question for this week’s giveaway is…
What equine event are you most looking forward to this summer?


Fashion Shoot Steal, Giveaway 3 Winner

The “Quarter Horse” purse we featured in last weeks Fashion Shoot Steal, Giveaway 3 attracted a justified amount of interest and comments. It really is a sweet western vintage gem. We happened across it at a photo shoot of a western home we’ll be featuring in the Sept/Oct issue of Western Horse Review. I’d love to share some of the other rich western finds in that shoot, but I had better save them for the issue.

Photo by Deanna Buschert

Here’s what I found out about the purse. It was made by Texan handbag designer Enid Collins. She opened Collins of Texas in Medina in 1959 and produced hundreds of handmade whimsical and original purses, up until 1970, when she sold the company to Tandy Leather Corporation, which took over the production of the purses. Most were canvas bucket style, as is the Quarter Horse purse and others were wooden box purses.

Thanks to reader Deseri Tammie Cooper who also filled us in with a bit of detail on the bag:

[It’s a] Collins Horse-Themed Bag. 1960s. Maker: Collins of Texas. Linen-type fabric bucket bag featuring a horse print that makes playful puns. “Ol’ Paint” has a painter’s palette, “Appaloosa” has three-dimensional apples, the “Quarter Horse” has a real 1966 quarter sewn, via a plastic patch, to its rear, and the “Strawberry Roan” has three-dimensional strawberries. It’s an adorable Collins bag that I haven’t seen before.

Enid Collins in her Texas studio.

Collins hand decorated her purses with sequins, buttons, feathers and rhinestones. I’ve come to think of her as the original Queen of bling. When I try to imagine what kind of woman would carry a EC handbag back then, sassy, stylish, particular and fun come to mind. I bet Enid Collins purses made just as many trips to the grocery store as to social functions.

This particular EC handbag is a western treasure, I was hard pressed to find another for sale online. I did finally track one down on eBay, though the quality was questionable.

If your curiosity about EC handbags is still peaked, Cool Old Stuff has an informative piece on the collectibility of the Enid Collins purses. If you’d rather just view more handbag eye candy, Enid Collins Collection is a site which celebrates her style with hundreds of collectors sharing photos of their EC handbags.

Thanks to everyone for entering the contest we held last week on Screen Doors & Saddles and Western Horse Review Facebook. We asked you to guess what year the purse was made. So many near-on guesses and great comments. As I suggested above, from the research and markings on the purse, we’ve nailed it as an Enid Collins original, produced sometime in the ’60s, though we couldn’t pin down the exact year.

We just did a random draw amongst all the entries on the blog post and Facebook and drew Susan Gail Jenson Sjogren’s name out of the bag. Susan wrote:

“It looks new! But I will guess 1976.”

As promised from the onset, you didn’t have to guess the year correctly, just enter!

Susan Gail Jensen Sjogren, you’ve won a $100 gift certificate from a modern-day bling and western purveyor, Cowgirl Finesse. Please contact us at to claim your gift certificate.

Thanks everyone for taking part in the contest, loved all your comments. Look for Fashion Shoot Steal, Giveaway 4 later this week, when we’ll be giving away another fabulous piece from our 2012 fashion shoot. Hint for this piece – it’s demin!

Fashion Shoot Steal, Giveaway 3

This last week, on Thursday, the skies cleared long enough to enjoy a drive through the foothills to the home of our photo subject for a piece we’re working on for the next issue of the magazine. At this time of year, verdant as it is thanks to all that moisture, the countryside can take a bit of your breath away.

While we were shooting I came across an item I decided would work in beautifully with the next Fashion Shoot Steal giveaway, which happens to be a $100 gift certificate from our friends at Cowgirl Finesse! We featured a few of the products from this sassy and stylish Canadian company in our 2012 Fashion Shoot – which is coming ‘atcha soon in the July/August issue. As you might already know, Cowgirl Finesse is known for their unique purses, so I decided to tie in this vintage handbag we found on the photo shoot with the contest.


photo by Deanna Buschert

All you have to do is guess the year this vintage (hint!) purse was made in the comment section below, and you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift certificate from Cowgirl Finesse. Don’t worry, there isn’t really a right or wrong answer, the key is participation.

Sometime next week, I’ll let you all in on the age of the purse pictured, and we’ll do a random draw from all of the comments and declare a winner.

Thanks for joining in and good luck!

Fashion Shoot Steal Giveaway 2

by guest blogger Deanna Beckley

Our Fashion Shoot Steal is underway! If you missed the rules you can check in at my last post for all the rules and regulations.

As promised we announced the winner of our first Fashion Shoot Steal giveaway prize – the gorgeous Bohemian styled mexi-dress compliments of Punkies Place last week on our Facebook page. We did a random draw from all of the Facebook comments and blog post comments, and Leslie Penner was the lucky winner.

Leslie’s comment was, “Hmmm they look like spring time, maybe if you send this way we will actually get some!!” Hope so, Leslie, contact us at within 10 days to collect your dress and congratulations!

Irvines is located in Crossfied, Alberta just north of Calgary. I had never been to the store before heading out to pick up the clothing for the shoot. The store is massive and carries everything a horseman could desire. From clothing and boots and hats to saddles (an entire wall full), furniture and everything in between.

Amanda Andrews, one of our lovely models, kicked off the fashion shoot with a cute chic summer outfit from Irvines.

 Doesn’t she look stunning! This set was inspired from a magazine clipping Krista Kay and I found. Krista’s stunning horses served as “props”.

Amanda’s favorite item from this outfit were the boots. Beautiful gold embossed Ferrini boots with cross accent. These boots are HOT!

And guess what…you have a chance to win them! Simply tell us what your favorite brand of boot to ride in are AND what your best dress-up boots are (perhaps they are one in the same, that’s fine too), in the comment section below and you will be entered to win. If you want to get multiple entries, head on over to our Facebook page and simply “LIKE” the Page, “SHARE” the photo and don’t forget to comment and tell us you shared.

Stay tuned for more great Fashion Steals and sneak peaks from this year’s Western Horse Review fashion shoot, coming to you in the July/August issue!

The Fashion Shoot Steal

by guest blogger Deanna Beckley

This year’s fashion shoot is the best one ever for Western Horse Review readers! What makes it extra special is the fact that WHR readers have a chance to win some of the product showcased in the fashion shoot.

The 2012 WHR fashion shoot, scheduled for our July/August issue, will feature some of the hottest trends and up-coming fashion in the horse industry from major retailers and companies throughout Canada and the United States. This year it’s not just the models that will be wearing the product – all you WHR fans and supporters out there get a chance to grab some of the swag!

We’re calling it the Fashion Shoot Steal.

Thanks to the amazing support of our fashion shoot partners – Punkies Place, Irvines Tack, Cavalier, 2 Chicks In A Stitch, Tumbleweed Tilly, Tricked Out Cowgirl, Brahma Boots, Cowgirl Finesse, Equi Products, Cowboy’s Choice, Granola Feathers, Manitobah Mukluks and Little Bow Tique – we’re able to give away some of the very items we shot for the fashion spread.

You have a chance at winning this…

Or how about an item from this pic.

So here are the rules and I must say they are quite simple.

Every week we’ll post a photo of one of the items both here in Screen Doors & Saddles and on the Western Horse Review Facebook page.

You then have two ways to enter to win that item:

1) On the blog post: Comment on the blog post (just leave a comment answering one of the question we post)

2) On WHR Facebook page: You need only to LIKE the page, then “share” the photo. Be sure to “comment” to let us know you shared.

We’ll make a random draw from the comments and shares when the contest closes.

Remember, the more you comment, the more you share, the greater the chance of you wearing the styles from the 2012 Western Horse Review Fashion Shoot.

Without further adieu here is our first Fashion Shoot Steal giveaway item.

Unleash your inner bohemian with this colorful Mexican dress from Punkies Place! Bright and bold colors with traditional floral embroidery throughout.

Just let us know in the comment section below what the staple item of your western style wardrobe is. A belt? Buckle? Iconic boots? Let us know in the comment section below and you’ll be entered to win.

And remember, to have a second chance to win this, get on over to our Facebook page, like it and share the photo.

Thanks to Krista Kay for the beautiful photos, and remember to stay tuned for sneak peaks from our 2012 Fashion Shoot!

Model Mania

By guest blogger Deanna Beckley

When putting together the magazine’s annual photo-shoot, one of the first things I do is pick out the models that will “display” all of the beautiful products and clothing.

I am often asked how we pick our models for the shoot every year and what the criteria is. The most important thing when looking for models for the WHR shoot is that they are involved in the horse industry in some way, whether that be showing, coaching, training, ranching, recreational riding or even being a “horse show” mom.

The first year I conducted the shoot, we used WHR staff members, along with a few others that I had connections with from the horse industry.

I always try to get an assortment of models – little kids, teenagers, the twenty-something’s and the 40 plus crowd. This allows me to showcase a wide range of fashions that appeal to all of our readers. I also try to recruit models of all different disciplines within the horse industry, making them recognizable to people throughout the equine world.

This year I put a call-out on the Western Horse Review’s facebook page, asking for volunteers who are involved in the horse industry to model for the shoot. I got a huge response and an abundance of emails and nominations. This made my task of choosing models both easy and hard. I had a lot to choose from, but only five or six spots to fill. I might mention that from all these emails and facebook posts, not one of them was a man! They are always the hardest to come by.

In this case I was very fortunate to have a great photographer who recruited two good lookin’ cowboys to fill the part.

Soooo drum roll please…here are your 2012 Western Horse Review Fashion Shoot Models!

Amanda Andrews

Amanda was raised on a cattle ranch west of Stavely, Alberta, where horses have always been a huge part of her life. She lived her entire childhood on her parents ranch where they used horses almost daily to do ranch work. She is currently living and working in High River, Alberta, working as a Massage Therapist and is thankful that horses continue to be a big part of her life.

With Amanda’s parents being avid horse people and with two younger sisters who also shared the love, showing horses became a family affair which she started into at the age of 4. She began showing in local open shows and doing local rodeo’s and was also involved with horse 4-H for 10 years.

At the age of 14 Amanda’s  interest turned to reining. She spent eight years in the reining pen, but her interests are now drifting into the working cow horse scene. Horses have always brought her great joy and a huge sense of accomplishment and she hopes  they will continue to be an important influence in her life.

Sandra Rhodes

The beautiful area of Salmon Arm, BC is where Sandra calls home, situated on 140 acres in the prestine city her and her family have horses, buffalo, cows and a few dogs. When she’s  not at work for the School District #83 she spends all of her time outside, riding and enjoying the wonderful outdoors.

Sandra got involved with horses when her children became members of the local 4-H horse club. She has found her passion, now competing competitively in reining on a horse named Wright N Chex that has earned her many buckles, prizes and of course, some cold hard cash, but most importantly the love for the sport.

Last year Sandra started to dabble in the cutting pen as a competitor and purchased a nice little mare, Royally Sweet Badge which earned her a buckle the first time out. She is always looking forward to learning more and is always having fun!!!

Carmen Teixiera

Carmen was born and raised in Salmon Arm, BC and her parents still own the same beautiful 25 acre piece of property where they now work together to operate Teixeira Performance Stables. They have a successful boarding and training facility and is home to their stallion, SR Kool Starlite. Buying this stud was a great dream come true for the entire family. Carmen and her husband Ryan Derksen live about 10 minutes from the farm. She credits a lot of her success to the support of her family.

Horses have always been in Carmen’s life – it’s a lifestyle for her. Carmen began showing in the western pleasure arena, but the more she learned about the reining horses the more she wanted to ride one. Once she got a taste of the sport of reining she also wanted to try her hand in the working cow horse divisions.

Having ridden with the legendary Bob Grimshaw for over 10 years before spending over a year and a half as an assistant trainer to world champion (AQHA, NRCHA) Jason Grimshaw in Texas, where she showed and trained both reiners and working cow horses. Carmen has successfully shown and trained horses for the public for over 13 years in reining and western pleasure. Carmen has now established herself as an accomplished trainer and coach in BC for riders and horses of all skill levels.

Amanda Verkerk

Amanda was 18 months old when she sat on a horse for the first time. Her parents got her a horse for her 11th birthday – a Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred off the track with a history of abuse. Maybe not your typical first horse, but she begged her parents for him. Together they rode English, mostly hunter/jumper and dabbled in dressage. Amanda grew up in 4-H and that horse was her project for all of her 4-H years succeeding.

From there Amanda went over-sea’s to England where she was further exposed to the cross country world, but at a much more intense level. When she returned home, she spent some time trail riding and learning western. During this time Amanda found a passion for barrel racing and bought a young paint mare for gymkhana. She’s been riding western for six years and enjoys barrel racing, trail riding, reining, roping and cutting.

Ashley Warren

Ashley has been involved in recreational riding and horses since she was six years old. She enjoys both jumping and gymkhana and is currently taking a hiatus from horses traveling the world. She got her start riding in south east Kelowna taking riding lessons at a western barn with her best friend. Ashley always lived for the summers and for horse camps where they would often go for overnight trips and swim their horses in Lake Okanagan.

Mark Taylor

Mark has been involved for most of his life with horses. Originally from Williams Lake, BC, he enjoyed high school rodeo and roping is his passion. In 2009 Mark placed twice in the top ten at the Buckle Bonanza  in Olds, Alberta and traveled back to BC with two shiny new buckles. In the spring of 2011 he won the saddle in the number eight incentive at the trailer roping in Claresholm, AB. Mark works part of the year on the rigs and spends his summers as a trained Olds College farrier traveling the Okanagan shoeing.

Savanna Sapergia

Savanna is eight years old and is in second grade at AB Daley Community School in Nanton, AB. She loves to swim, read and does jazz. She’s been on a horse since she was a baby in a snugglie and continues to love riding. She competes in ARCHA shows and open western shows and is excited to start 4-H.

Sierra Sapergia

Sierra is six years old and is in 1st grade at AB Daley Community School. She is a free spirit who loves tap dancing, hula hooping, watersports and, of course, her horses. She has ridden as long as she can remember and enjoys the time she spends with a horse. She loves competing in open shows through the summer.


Unfortunately I seem to be missing my info on Aaron, but what I can tell you is that he is a true cowboy through and through. With his perfectly shaped hat and his roping skills there is no doubt that he is no stranger to the horse industry.

In This Issue: May/June

As promised we did the draw for the second set of Mane Event tickets to give away at noon. Congratulations Denise Pezderic, you’ve got yourself two passes to this weekend’s Mane Event in Red Deer, Alberta. Pick up your tickets at the front ticket booth at the show.
Denise’s response to the question of what she’s looking forward to at this year’s event:
“Hands down my favorite part of Mane Event is Jonathon Field. So much fun to watch him work with his horses. Just amazing. I love the problem solving and skill shown in the Trainers Challenge too, fun to watch the progress over the weekend. Jackie Johnson is fun and talented Saskatchewan gal that puts on a fun clinic as well. Mane Event rocks!”
Our May/June issue just rolled off the press, and I want to share some of the contents with you.
We interviewed three Canadian barn builders and profiled a barn from each, timely and great ideas for anyone considering a build or reno this spring.

photo credit: Crimson Chickadee Photography

Our regular feature Out West, celebrating life in the West, pays homage to mothers and daughters and their horses, just in time for Mother’s Day.

Hayfork Steer by Vel Miller, Atascadero, California – wall mounted bronze.

This magnificent bronze is hanging on the wall of the horse person we’ve featured in our new Western Art feature – What’s Hanging on Your Wall, which asks just that question of horse people. We also profile B.C. artist Liz Mitten Ryan and tell you how the Glenbow Museum Senior Curator gathered up almost all of an original 17 Charlie Russell originals featured in the Calgary Stampede #1.
Western Style Editor, Deanna Beckley shows you how to build four outfits for the show ring and profiles the best in equine shampoo and conditioners of the season.
Also kicking off this issue is a series we’ve discussing at editorial meetings for some time. Our Alternative Therapies begins with a look at the infrared light therapy and it’s benefits.

photo credit: Krista Kay Photography

Also in the health department, two potentially crippling lamenesses: navicular disease and laminitis are explored. As well we take a look at the benefits of packing a hoof boot along in your trailer.

While she generally tackles health related articles for the magazine, in this issue, Equine Health Editor Susan Kauffmann details the step-by-step plan she and her husband employed to build these sturdy and beautiful horse shelters. Don’t expect these to blow away in the next wind storm.

Futurity Road prospect, McCabe.

In the third instalment of the series Futurity Road, we continue to follow the paths of five futurity bound barrel racing prospects. In this segment, five becomes four as one of the prospects is sold, trainer Raylee Walters reveals her barn must-haves, catches us up with an analysis of the latest events the hopefuls competed in and also discusses the bit she has been using for each of the four remaining horses.
Speaking of bits, cutting and cow horse trainer Dustin Gonnet reveals his handy go-to bit in our Bit of the Month.
Trick rider and Cavalia star Sally Bishop talks about the ups and downs of stunt riding and life on the road. She’s an incredibly brave woman with such a positive outlook on life, it’s not hard to find inspiration through the eyes of this accomplished horse woman.
Our ranch profile spotlights an ambitious and incredibly functional facility near Bozeman, Montana – Copper Spring Ranch.
Lisa Scheistel continues her series on training the two-year-old, and, drum roll. .  we’re really pleased to present an exclusive article with Shawn Flarida, in our Secrets of a Four-Million Dollar Man. It seems he doesn’t appear to be stalled at four million dollars either, as he just won the Open at the NRBC Classic.
Finally don’t miss 15 charming bed and bales stops across Canada, and a recap on the high sellers so far in spring sales (prices appear up!).

A billboard campaign posted by Angel Acres (a US based anti-slaughter group), displayed along an Ottawa, Ontario highway.

Last, but certainly not least – it’s an emotionally charged subject and one close to Canadian horse people, whether we like it or not, as our country allows horse processing. Feature writer Deanna Buschert examined her own thoughts and feelings on the subject as she visited a horse meat processing plant in Alberta to document the tender subject of horse slaughter. We hope you appreciate her candidness and professionalism on the subject.
Hope you enjoy the issue. If you’d like to subscribe do so here. As well, we’ll have some single copies of this issue for sale at the Mane Event. Please stop by the Western Horse Review booth, not only to pick up a copy, but check out our giveaways and contests. We look forward to chatting with you.
Thanks so much for tuning in, and have a great weekend!

Meet the Photographer

Guest blogger, Deanna Beckley shares her experience organizing Western Horse Review’s annual fashion shoot.

Over the years we have had some amazing photographers take on the task of photographing the magazine’s fashion shoot, and have their beautiful work cover the pages of Western Horse Review.

This year is no different. We are so excited to have award winning photographer Krista Kay behind the lens for this year’s shoot.

Kirsta is pretty photogenic herself. Photo courtesy of Caitlyn Chapman Photography.

This isn’t the first time we have worked with Krista, in fact our March cover was taken by Krista.

Krista Kay’s photos have graced many covers and magazines over the years. She includes such icons as actress, Bo Derek and multimillionaire diamond magnate Charles Fipke in her photographic repertoire. Krista’s knowledge and experience come from over 15 years working in the fashion industry where she was shaped and moulded for her future behind the camera, making her the perfect candidate for the WHR fashion project. Her keen eye and acute sense of creating “mood” in a picture are Krista’s greatest attributes.

Her passion for farm and ranch weddings, special occasion portraiture and people with their beloved equines are the driving inspiration to her limitless creativity.

Krista’s home base is the beautiful Westwold Valley nestled between Kamloops and Vernon in the heart of the Thompson Okanagan and where this year’s shoot will take place. Krista has also graciously opened up her home to us, allowing us to use it as a base for the models to get ready, outfit changes and hair and makeup.

On her days away from the camera, Krista and her husband Jarret train and ride roping horses. She loves gardening, landscaping and spending time with her dog Addy.

I can’t wait to meet Krista and collaborate on this year’s fashion project.

You can view Krista’s website here or “Like” her on Facebook at Krista Kay Photography for a chance to win free giveaways!

Fashion Shoot 2012

Guest blogger, Deanna Beckley shares her experience organizing Western Horse Review’s annual fashion shoot.

Since I started at the magazine I have assembled and been in charge of two fashion shoots. With 2012’s edition being my third, I am determined to make it the best one yet! With some experience under my belt I feel that each year’s fashion project gets better.

The first year I was assigned the project I had no experience organizing and coordinating such a large project, but I was so excited to have an opportunity to let my creativity and fashion sense shine.

That year we decided to use our very own Western Horse Review staff to model in the shoot.

To make it even better we used Three Bars Ranch (where I now call home) in Cranbrook, BC as our venue of choice for the backdrop to for our photos. It offered so many options for scenes – from an old red barn to cabins, a tack shed and even a beautiful lodge.

Being this was my in-laws ranch, I had them participate in the shoot (wink), the guys were less than thrilled.

Jesse Beckley


Tyler Beckley


Jeff Beckley

Our photographer was Brian Clarkson, owner of Cranbrook Photo and long-time friend of the Beckley family.

In 2010 I put together my second fashion shoot, this time at  John Scott’s ranch where many great movies have been filmed. I even got John Scott to pose for the camera. I have to say he is very photogenic.

I recruited some great models, one of which was my lovely Mom (insert heart here). She not only helped us out by giving us some great pictures, but she helped me with organizing everything and taking care of the clothes and other models. Moms are so great.

It was actually a bit of a family affair. My Dad was the “wrangler” for the day. He trailered over a couple of their horses to include in the photos.

Our photographer was fellow reiner, Travis Rogers of Wainright, AB. His work is amazing and what was even better – he knew horses and how they should be photographed. Check out TJ Photography and flip through his albums.

The fashion shoot just about didn’t happen that year when a freak snow storm whipped through Alberta two days before the scheduled shoot, leaving roads and highways closed – including the highway from Wainright to Calgary. It was touch and go as to whether we would have a photographer or not for our shoot. I did not have a back-up plan, I was scheduled to leave three days later to Texas for the National Reining Breeders Classic. But, good ol’ Travis and his crew pulled through. I might mention this was in the middle of April!

Travis did an amazing job and was great at directing our inexperienced models. Another successful fashion shoot!

Erin Hussey

Cutting Competitor, Sandy Hansma

You can go here for some more shots of the 2010 Fashion Shoot. 

This year will make my third fashion shoot I have organized, and although I have more experience under my belt, I am faced with new challenges. In addition to trying to organize such a large project, I work full time at the College of the Rockies, have an embroidery business (which seems to be inconveniently VERY busy right now) and of course all my other writing assignments. At the moment I am just trying to keep my head above water (I’m currently writing this at 11:30 pm).

That said, I am determined to make this the best fashion shoot yet!

This year’s shoot will take place in the Westwold Valley of British Columbia – a place that holds so much potential for amazing photos. The north side of the valley is abundant in sage brush and tiny cactus, while the cooler southern side holds moisture in its mossy forests and pine laden trails.

Stay tuned for some exciting things that we are planning with this year’s shoot and  learn just what it takes to put together a successful fashion shoot.