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Guest blogger, Deanna Beckley shares her experience organizing Western Horse Review’s annual fashion shoot.

Over the years we have had some amazing photographers take on the task of photographing the magazine’s fashion shoot, and have their beautiful work cover the pages of Western Horse Review.

This year is no different. We are so excited to have award winning photographer Krista Kay behind the lens for this year’s shoot.


Kirsta is pretty photogenic herself. Photo courtesy of Caitlyn Chapman Photography.

This isn’t the first time we have worked with Krista, in fact our March cover was taken by Krista.


Krista Kay’s photos have graced many covers and magazines over the years. She includes such icons as actress, Bo Derek and multimillionaire diamond magnate Charles Fipke in her photographic repertoire. Krista’s knowledge and experience come from over 15 years working in the fashion industry where she was shaped and moulded for her future behind the camera, making her the perfect candidate for the WHR fashion project. Her keen eye and acute sense of creating “mood” in a picture are Krista’s greatest attributes.



Her passion for farm and ranch weddings, special occasion portraiture and people with their beloved equines are the driving inspiration to her limitless creativity.


Krista’s home base is the beautiful Westwold Valley nestled between Kamloops and Vernon in the heart of the Thompson Okanagan and where this year’s shoot will take place. Krista has also graciously opened up her home to us, allowing us to use it as a base for the models to get ready, outfit changes and hair and makeup.


On her days away from the camera, Krista and her husband Jarret train and ride roping horses. She loves gardening, landscaping and spending time with her dog Addy.


I can’t wait to meet Krista and collaborate on this year’s fashion project.

You can view Krista’s website here or “Like” her on Facebook at Krista Kay Photography for a chance to win free giveaways!



6 thoughts on “Meet the Photographer”

  1. Thank you for the AMAZING write up Western Horse Review *** blushing *** It is a HUGE blessing and privilege to be working with your team of incredibly talented women!!
    Krista Kay

  2. her work is just amazing , i wish she could reach down here in Kampala Uganda , and TAKE photos of these kids suffering here on the streets without anyone’s help , thanks for the wonderful work Krista , and thanks alot for befriending me on Facebook .

  3. Krista is an amazing photographer as well as an amazing women. In the 9+ years I have known her she continues to amaze me with her talents and her kind heart.

    Congrats Krista, if anyone deserves this you do. So much more in store.

  4. I met Krista through our mutual friend; Anne Volansky of Arrow Valley Andalusians in Edgewood, BC. Krista has taken numerous wonderful pictures of our Andalusian horses, her recognition as an artist and photographer is well deserved. Way to go Krista.

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