The New Kid on the Block

No, we\’re not giving up on print.
I just want to make that clear.

In fact, we love our print editions of Western Horse Review more than ever since we\’ve moved from monthly to bi-monthly. We get to publish much larger issues, while readers enjoy the same amount of editorial pages over the course of a year as they did with a monthly issue. The bi-monthly format has allowed us to significantly reduce the two largest cost factors a magazine publisher faces – the print bill and the Canada Post bill – savings we\’ve been able to pass on to you with a lower subscription fee. Clients are also enjoying a longer shelf life for their advertising dollar. Finally, freeing our tiny staff from the monthly grind of production has allowed us greater creativity, more time to produce better features, and even, a chance to stop and smell the roses once in a while.

What\’s not to like?

Many of you have already let us know you enjoy the new format. Thanks, thanks so much. We work really hard at putting together a great read for you, and a pat on the back once in a while goes a long way for our crew. It really does.

I wanted to let y\’all know that before I introduced you to the newest addition to the Western Horse Review family.


The Western Horse Review digital.

Our plan is four every year: Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter. They are digital-only and completely free to all e-newsletter subscribers, Facebook friends and anyone who checks in at That\’s where you\’ll find them.

It\’s an entirely different format than the print publication, and today, I\’m setting out our inaugural Spring Digital. We hope you like it, actually we hope you love it. I really appreciate all of our contributor\’s hard work on it – collectively, we\’re quite pleased with it. Thanks also to all of the advertisers who supported it – links are provided on each advertisement for a quick click-through, how easy is that!

If you\’re already an e-newsletter subscriber, you will have already received this issue directly to your mailbox. For those of you who haven\’t, click on the cover above to enjoy the Western Horse Review Spring Digital. Enjoy, and let us all know what you think.


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