Fashion Shoot Steal Giveaway 2

by guest blogger Deanna Beckley

Our Fashion Shoot Steal is underway! If you missed the rules you can check in at my last post for all the rules and regulations.

As promised we announced the winner of our first Fashion Shoot Steal giveaway prize – the gorgeous Bohemian styled mexi-dress compliments of Punkies PlaceΒ last week on our Facebook page. We did a random draw from all of the Facebook comments and blog post comments, and Leslie Penner was the lucky winner.

Leslie\’s comment was, β€œHmmm they look like spring time, maybe if you send this way we will actually get some!!” Hope so, Leslie, contact us at within 10 days to collect your dress and congratulations!

Irvines is located in Crossfied, Alberta just north of Calgary. I had never been to the store before heading out to pick up the clothing for the shoot. The store is massive and carries everything a horseman could desire. From clothing and boots and hats to saddles (an entire wall full), furniture and everything in between.

Amanda Andrews, one of our lovely models, kicked off the fashion shoot with a cute chic summer outfit from Irvines.

\"\"Β Doesn\’t she look stunning! This set was inspired from a magazine clipping Krista Kay and I found. Krista\’s stunning horses served as \”props\”.


Amanda\’s favorite item from this outfit were the boots. Beautiful gold embossed Ferrini boots with cross accent. These boots are HOT!

\"\"And guess what…you have a chance to win them! Simply tell us what your favorite brand of boot to ride in are AND what your best dress-up boots are (perhaps they are one in the same, that\’s fine too), in the comment section below and you will be entered to win. If you want to get multiple entries, head on over to our Facebook page and simply \”LIKE\” the Page, \”SHARE\” the photo and don\’t forget to comment and tell us you shared.

Stay tuned for more great Fashion Steals and sneak peaks from this year\’s Western Horse Review fashion shoot, coming to you in the July/August issue!


51 thoughts on “Fashion Shoot Steal Giveaway 2”

  1. I absolutely love “Flirt” by Durango!! The are like magic to my feet! I have tried on ALOT of boots trying to fit my feet and these were a perfect match!

  2. Christine Sowiak

    Boots, my favourite. I like riding in Ariats, but my current riding boots are a great pair of Anderson Bean boots. My best dressed boots right now are Lucchese … I’m thinking they could share the spotlight with Ferrini …

  3. Melissa Davies

    I have always loved my ariats for a riding boot! My favorite dress boots are my ferrinis. I even wore them at my wedding! I would love another pair!

  4. My favorite riding boots are my Boulet boots and right now I don’t have any dress boots…some Ferrini’s would sure be nice;)

  5. My current riding boots are Ariat, and I have been searching for months for a pair of funky dress boots and maybe if I win the gold embossed Ferrini’s my search will be over πŸ˜‰

  6. Birdie Cochlan

    My old reliable Justins are my favourite to ride in, just the right heel and nicely weathered. Dress boots – I have some killer Ariats for hittin’ the town or two-steppin’ Would love to slide that pair of Ferrini’s across the dance floor.

  7. Totally love Ariat. I have four pairs, and won’t ride in anything but. I even got married in a pair, the black patent legends. I am excited to see the new Quincy collection, lots of cool new looks. But I think I might need the Quickdraws in leopard. But who would pass up a pair of Ferrini’s to go dancing with my honey!!

  8. Pamela Sabo

    I’ve been stuck on Ariats for some time for “everything” boots. I’ve never really indulged in a really fancy pair of dress boots — but these Ferrini’s could really tempt me to blow some cash πŸ™‚

  9. Sheryl Hilton

    I work in my barn all day and also spend it in the saddle. My boots are my life.
    I spend my work hours in my Justin crepe sole square toe boots and my feet thank me that they feel so good at the end of the day. They are work horses!
    But when I am going off of the farm I am sporting a pair of Ferrinis. They are comfortable, look great with my jeans and make me feel hot!
    I just have to make sure I complete the look by getting the dirt out of my finger nails!

  10. Ruth Christensen

    My favorite boots are Lucesse. I may or may not have more than one pair . My riding, stall cleaning, horse bathing. , and general muck around ostrich ones have taken a licking and are still ticking.

  11. Toby Lukiwski

    Favorite boot to ride in, Justin crepe sole square toe. I’m having a difficult time retiring them. Dress up boot… I have a pair of vintage Tony Lama boots with butterfly inlays. They are beautiful! This pair would look perfect next to them!

  12. Tammy Henkelman

    My favorite boots to ride in are my daughters hand me downs Ariats. My favorite dress boots are ferrini’s. I bought my first pair at Irvine’s 2 yrs ago and have since accumulated 3 pairs. Hopefully adding another pair to my closet.

  13. I love my twisted x boots to ride but they are ready to make way for some beautiful ferrinis! Never had dress boots before…

  14. If I am hitting the mountain trails Ariats are for me because I haven’t found anything more comfy to walk in …just in case you know. I currently have a pair of Boulet crepe soles that I like to do my serious git r done riding in. I currently do not have any favorite dress boots as our “sweet” dog Halo ate the top of one of them. I would be thrilled to jump into those fancy Ferrini boots and kick up my heels!

  15. Double H have been my boots for the past few years they just fit, I clean off the mud or buff them a bit and well that is as dressed up as they get… but been thinking a dress up pair would be a good idea.

  16. love love these boots would love to own them riding my champagne boy i love my fat babies and ariets and dress boots Old Gringo would so love these boots

  17. Barb Degelman

    My Ariats are my most comfortable boots, for riding and general work. I have a dressy pair too, as I need the open toe box for my toes. I saw some lovely ones at the Ariat store while I was at the WEG, but didn’t indulge myself.

  18. Is Cleveland

    My favorites are a pair of leopard print Johnny Ringos, they started out as dress up boots, but once I rode in them I was amazed at how great they felt. I still struggle trying to decide if they are a better dress up bot or riding boot cause they are amazing for both.

  19. Hi, i only have one pair of riding boots i bought ten yrs ago, and aquired twisted x bootsand my fav shoe are the ropers. Winning this boots would “spruce up” my collection and put a smile on my face πŸ™‚

  20. I love my ariats for rding and everyday stuff. Just got some vintage coral boots for my wedding. Love them!

  21. Priscilla Tames

    I have an old pair of Brahmas for riding in and working around the barn and for going anywhere I have a pair of Ferrinis that I got for Christmas 2yrs ago that I adore:-)

  22. Ariats for both…but I’m sayin’ my “prayers” I win these! Looks like they’d be a good for a “Sunday” kinda boots! πŸ˜‰

  23. I have a pair of Justin’s that I love for everything, except now that they have become a little poo-covered I think I might be the only one out of my friends than deems them “dance-worthy”. Those Ferrini boots are just soooooo nice, I sure would love them in my collection.

  24. My first pair of boots as a teenager were Ariat Fatbaby and although I have since acquired many more different styles of Ariats, those boots will always be my fave! I do have an awesome pair of Boulets that I have named my “dancing boots”. I am sure those Ferrini boots would look great on my boot shelf !

  25. I love my gator Ferrini’s for every single task, and would be so excited to add to my collection!!

  26. Ariats seem to be the most dual purpose boot that i have owned. First they are dress boots then when scuffed up they bocome my riding boots. Long days at rodeos in the heat they have to be comfy. Would love to try Ferrini boots. They look amaizing.

  27. I personally like any cowboy boot that fits, currently I ride in a pair of Ariats, and go dancing in my Justin boots.

  28. I LOVE fancy Boots! I ride in Crepe-Soled Boulet, and they last forever. I dress up in Justin’s, but there are so many beautiful new colors and styles now I would LOVE Ferrini’s or Johnny Ringos!

  29. I love my Ariat’s – sadlly not the fat babies. They are a ranch boot – can’t remember the style name, but they great for slim-fit feet. If only the rest of me was still slim fit!

  30. Katrina Turchet

    For riding, I love my Durangos! They are the best boots I think I have ever owned. I have had them for a long time and they are still in awesome condition. For off the farm, I love my Ariats. I have several pairs and always want to buy more because they fit awesome and look equally good.

  31. Robin Coldwell

    I have had Justin’s that I really liked for riding, but have never really had a pair of comfortable dress boots. Maybe these Ferrini’s could be the ones for me. I love the cross accents!

  32. Absolutely LOVE those boots! I am sort of an addict :s much to my boyfriends dismay. I love riding in Boulets and then when its time to get dressed up there is nothing better than some fancy boots. They go with everything, jeans, dresses, skirts! I have yet to try Ferrini’s but I have heard such great reviews!

  33. Well my favorite boots to ride in right now are my ariats. I guess I wear them or another pair of ariats I have when when I dress up. I dint really have a fancy boot for dressing up. Sure would be cool to though!!!

  34. Sherea Williams

    I wear my Ariats for riding because they are so comfy. Having a pair of Ferrini’s would be icing on the cake!

  35. Mel Copeland

    I wear my water resistant Ariats around the ranch and for riding out in the hills, and my dress ups boots are Ariats with rhinestones….yep I’m a rhinestone cowgirl, but I wouldn’t mind a certain pair with a gorgeous cross on them either;)

  36. My rid’in boots are Justin, but for everyday I love my Ariats. Due for a new pair of both though, the heels are worn down, the toes are scuffed, and everything looks like it’s been rode hard & put up wet!!

  37. I couldn’t live without my romantically rugged yet comfortable Boulet boots for everyday riding. They’re well worn with great character that only age and hard use can produce. For the showpen, my crepe-soled Lucesse boots in leopard print paired with a leopard and chocolate gator rhinestone vest add a bold statement. The Ferrini’s would feel right at home in my barn!

  38. Dean Savage

    The wife and I both have Ariat for riding boots. Got married in the Ariats that are my riding boots, but normally have a pair of Brahma for dress. If I’m doing a bunch of walking then I have a pair of Justin lace up work boots that get worn. The Ferrini boots would sure suit the wife for dress. Thanks for the chance to win a great prize.

  39. nevada rector-contreras

    Well i shared and liked! My riding boots are justons and i used to get out in some ariats:)

  40. The original Ariat fat baby is my fav to ride in (and has been for many years) …. sadly I don’t have a dress boot! but these Ferini’s look amazing.. would love to take them for a spin! Thanks for the opportunity!

  41. Michelle Walerius

    When im riding i live my Boulets and for a night on the town i like to rock the Lucchese!

  42. I ride in a pair of Justin’s (that I bought on Black Friday – such a deal) but I have never owned a pair of ‘dress’ boots. I would absolutely love to have a pair to wear out on the town with my husband. Fingers crossed that I get picked πŸ™‚ Thanks for the opportunity!

  43. I’m a horse mom, well I guess grandmom now πŸ™‚ My daughters have always ridden and I watched from the stands. I don’t have ‘horse’ boots but I would LOVE to win these for my daughter. I believe she rides in Justin Boots. She has always worked so hard and I know these would just make her year!

  44. I don’t know if the contest is over, but I ll try my luck.. These look gorgeous. I just started to ride a Western horse so I don’t have any western apparel yet. I ride in my tall TuffRider boots and probably look funny πŸ˜€

  45. I ride in my Ariat boots that are a little worn out as I haven’t bought a new pair in about 5 years. I don’t really have dress boots, so I just use my riding boot! These are so cute, I’d love a pair to go out in!

  46. Holly Folkerts

    Ride in my trusty old Justins, they need to be resoled BAD! Otherwise I abuse my Ariats while working around the farm. & my Tony Lama 3R pink buckaroos are for going out. — Love Ferrini boots, they are so cute. Plus super affordable.

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