Taking Vintage off the Shelf


I like what the American Quarter Horse Youth Association has chosen as it\’s theme for the AQHYA World Championship Show, August 5-13, in Oklahoma City.

They\’ve dubbed the theme, \”Taking Vintage off the Shelf,\” and it\’s all about keeping traditions alive, says Courtney Martin, AQHA manager of youth and education.

\”It\’s all about respecting and remembering the roots of the Association and what it stands for, but enhancing it with new experiences. AQHYA is still a young association, but carries traditions that helped it develop into what it is today and deserves our respect and tradition.\”

I\’m not planning on travelling to the Youth World Championship Show this year, but I hope we can hook up with someone who is. Would love to get some photos of the stall-decorating with the vintage theme. Let me know if you\’re going.

It seems keeping the old alive is what it\’s all about at the AQHYA this year, but we also have our own take on vintage coming up in our inaugural Spring Digital. Here\’s a sneak peek.

\"\"That\’s all I\’m allowed to give you. Western Style Editor, Deanna Paulsen has put together a fabulous feature on fashion entitled Then and Now. You\’ll love the vintage shots and the new fashion. And yes, cat-eye glasses are coming back, girls!

Also in the issue – results and photos from the Canadian Cutting Horse Association Finals, as well as an inside look at how the care of the beautiful and brilliant Cavalia horses is handled.

Look for it in the Spring Digital, coming at you next week. To be sure you receive it, sign up for our e-newsletter on our Home Page. It\’s free. Cause we love yah.


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