The Fashion Shoot Steal

by guest blogger Deanna Beckley

This year’s fashion shoot is the best one ever for Western Horse Review readers! What makes it extra special is the fact that WHR readers have a chance to win some of the product showcased in the fashion shoot.

The 2012 WHR fashion shoot, scheduled for our July/August issue, will feature some of the hottest trends and up-coming fashion in the horse industry from major retailers and companies throughout Canada and the United States. This year it’s not just the models that will be wearing the product – all you WHR fans and supporters out there get a chance to grab some of the swag!

We’re calling it the Fashion Shoot Steal.

Thanks to the amazing support of our fashion shoot partners – Punkies Place, Irvines Tack, Cavalier, 2 Chicks In A Stitch, Tumbleweed Tilly, Tricked Out Cowgirl, Brahma Boots, Cowgirl Finesse, Equi Products, Cowboy’s Choice, Granola Feathers, Manitobah Mukluks and Little Bow Tique – we’re able to give away some of the very items we shot for the fashion spread.

You have a chance at winning this…


Or how about an item from this pic.

So here are the rules and I must say they are quite simple.

Every week we’ll post a photo of one of the items both here in Screen Doors & Saddles and on the Western Horse Review Facebook page.

You then have two ways to enter to win that item:

1) On the blog post: Comment on the blog post (just leave a comment answering one of the question we post)

2) On WHR Facebook page: You need only to LIKE the page, then \”share\” the photo. Be sure to \”comment\” to let us know you shared.

We’ll make a random draw from the comments and shares when the contest closes.

Remember, the more you comment, the more you share, the greater the chance of you wearing the styles from the 2012 Western Horse Review Fashion Shoot.

Without further adieu here is our first Fashion Shoot Steal giveaway item.


Unleash your inner bohemian with this colorful Mexican dress from Punkies Place! Bright and bold colors with traditional floral embroidery throughout.

Just let us know in the comment section below what the staple item of your western style wardrobe is. A belt? Buckle? Iconic boots? Let us know in the comment section below and you’ll be entered to win.

And remember, to have a second chance to win this, get on over to our Facebook page, like it and share the photo.

Thanks to Krista Kay for the beautiful photos, and remember to stay tuned for sneak peaks from our 2012 Fashion Shoot!


25 thoughts on “The Fashion Shoot Steal”

  1. I don’t go anywhere without my sparkling BB simon belt. I find it just adds a little something to my outfits.

  2. My gator boots are classic, with funky edge to them, and they go with almost everything in my closet!!

  3. My staple would definitely be a belt with bling on it (and a big necklace usually paired with a plain t-shirt)!

  4. If i am wearing western it is because I am riding.. so my staple fashion item is my moms 35 year old Principe spurs.. I’ve never seen another pair like them.

  5. I love my boots !!,,All different colors and styles. Also my classic mens Wranglers. I’m an old fashioned gal.

    The Mexican dresses are great. Now I can dig out the ones I have ben hoarding for 20 years !!

  6. My favourite pair of jeans. They fit great, are comfortable and look great. I”m a jeans girl, and no matter where I travel I always have my favourite pair with me.

  7. The first pair of boots I owned…embroidered red leather. My honey gave them to me with a dozen red roses in each boot. They’re still my favorite.

  8. Judy Greenall

    Has to be the jeans..only thing I own..but wouldn’t say no to a pair of fancy boots!:)

  9. Boots, boots, and more boots…but I am starting to ‘accumulate’ some pretty cowgirl scarves now too 😉

  10. Natalie Tremblay

    My staple would be my ariat riding boots. I can wear them all day long and still be ready to go dancing in them at night.

  11. A belt that MATCHES your belt buckle and outfit!! THAT’s what puts my western style together!!

  12. Love those jeans with the brown on them! My horse is my other staple accessory and it still hurts to ride in anything but Jeans!!! LOL!

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