A 4-H Experience

For the first year in six, this family is taking a break from 4-H. Which has been wonderful, for accomplishing activities such as cooking supper and doing laundry. But we sure miss the gang, and particularly the highlight of the year – the Regionals!

So, while Wee and Teenager were not a part of the show this year, I had a chance to drive up and spend a couple of hours at the show, where it was held at the Olds Agriculture Society grounds last weekend.


As I do every year, I brought a number of back issues of the magazine to give away to the participants. Typically, they are on the table for about, oh, 40 seconds. The 4-Her\’s seem to love the opportunity to pick up the free issues and I love the fact that kids still read!


To me there is nothing more beautiful than kids and horses. Or, in this case, young adult and horse.

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I took many more photos at the show and have posted them on the Western Horse Review Facebook Fan Page. Have a look if you have the chance and let me know if I caught you – photographically that is. Remember to become a fan while you\’re there, to receive the heads-up on great new contests, coupon specials, magazine articles, show results and much more.

Hope you\’ve enjoyed this look at a great 4-H experience!

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