2010 AZ Sun Circuit

It’s over for this year but I thought I would share with you, some neat pictures I had a chance to snap at the 2010 Arizona Sun Circuit.

Jason Hershberger giving a pep talk to son, Wyatt prior to youth roping.

Held at Westworld in Scottsdale, AZ, the annual event is a fabulous circuit of AQHA Shows. Here, you can obtain the most AQHA points possible in one place, than you can at any other single circuit in the world.

Featuring 8 AQHA Shows, the AZ Sun Circuit truly offers something for everyone.

The shopping is fantastic! And yes, I behaved myself. It probably had a lot to do with the fact that my husband made me give up my credit cards when he heard I was heading towards the trade show…

“But Hon, I swear! I’m just going over to take pictures!”

Randy Paul caught in a smoking stop. He marked a 74 on this ride.

Clay visits with Bob Avila.

This show offers everything from showmanship, to western riding, to cow horse, to jumping and driving. Plus much more.

Don’t you just love horse shows?


  1. Donna Holloway says

    Wow what a story. I know how traumatic colic surgery is, having had a foal of 5 months old have the surgery. Like your Rosie, my Misty survived too.

    Makes them so special doesn’t it.

    Very cute baby and I’m sure she will do great things.