2010 Scottsdale Arabian Show

Did you know that according to Archbishop James Ussher, prelate of Ireland, the world was created on Saturday, October 9, 4004 B.C.E?

Neither did I.

Did you also know that the Arabian horse is the world’s oldest purebred animal?

I didn’t know that one either.

But I learned them both after attending the 2010 Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show.

Held this past February 11-21, the show celebrated its 55th Anniversary this year. Granted there were several wet days – it was a rainy February for the Scottsdale, AZ, but host facility, Westworld Park is equipped to handle all kinds of weather. And there was no denying, Arabian horses attending this event were turned out in high glam fashion. So I thought I would share a few pictures that I snapped at the event.

Once again, the show featured an Arabian and Half-Arabian Reining Futurity Classic and a Platinum Performance Liberty Class.

And the Scottsdale Arabian Show brings in excess of $33 Million to the local economy during its ten-day stint.

Statistically, the Arabian horse public outspends other area visitors two to one, during the show.

And total prize money awarded to competitors, who come from every state and more than a dozen countries around the world, is over $1 Million.

And if that doesn’t impress you, the Arabian stall decorations should…

From yearlings in halter, to costume classes, to sidesaddle to reining events, this show has it all.

And it’s definitely a place to go if you want to see beautiful and talented horses.






3 responses to “2010 Scottsdale Arabian Show”

  1. Patti Shorrock Avatar

    Hi Jen! I was in Scottsdale for this show, I found it fantastic! I met Clay for lunch with Jim Anderson and Frank Principe too bad you couldn’t have joined us!! Next time:) Talk to you soon.

  2. nancy lowery Avatar

    Jenn- love the perspective you have captured in the images… when the earth was created now there is one of the more absurd things we human’s believe & repeat.

  3. Delle Fairclough Avatar

    Thanks for taking the time to post pics and script from your visit to the Scottsdale show:)