Boom Shernic & Schmersal Win the NRBC Open Derby

Saturday night saw a dramatic close to the NRBC Open Finals. Craig Schmersal and Boom Shernic (Boomernic x She And Chic Dunit) posted a 228 for the win. And wouldn’t you know it – I was making a food run as Schmersal was making his $75,000 run…

So I don’t have a picture to share with you. But I do have one of the tied second place winners – Jordan Larson and Stop Like A Dream. This duo marked a 227.5.

Jordan Larson and Stop Like A Dream.

And the other tied reserve champion pair, was Shawn Flarida and Wimpys Little Chic. Both Co-Reserve Champions took home checks totaling $53,500.

Shawn Flarida & Wimpys Little Chic.

And here are a couple of other shots I snapped during the finals performance…

Marco Ricotta & Hollywoodtinseltown win 4th & $39,000.

Jay McLauglin & A Shiner Named Sioux.

Abigayle Mixon & Julgun win the Int. Open Finals.

Whizs Lil Step.

And here are a couple of other characters. Yes, honestly there are times when Andrea (Anderson) and I have to split our husbands up…

And just because I’ve been receiving emails from people (namely one of my best friends – and my mother) stating that apparently, I am the only one not making an appearance in any of my blog entries – here you go…

(L to R) Myself, Mary-Anne Van Degna & Marcy Ver Meer, following Marcy's great run!!


  1. Beautiful pictures. I love getting a peek into this horse world. I agree with your Mom you need to be in the shots…LOL