Counting Down Things I’m Thankful For


Today I soaked up the nastiest farmer’s tan. That’s right. It ends just below the short sleeves of my t-shirt and at my neckline. People tell me it’s the true sign of a Saskatchewanite. But I’m not complaining.

In fact, I’m cherishing my funny tan lines and freckles and racoon eyes right now. They are indicators of the great sunshine we had in Regina, SK, today. I even had to apply sunscreen twice! And not only that, my farmer’s tan will serve as a week long reminder me of the other aspects I am also grateful for…

Is there anything cuter than baby halters on baby horses??


That’s right ladies and gents.. Well all of except one of course. There always seems to be one little munchkin every year who is the standoffish foal of the bunch. But I’ll get her. I’m hopeful.

As for the other 6, they are all done. I have a little more work to do in terms of guiding them on the end of the lead line (wrestlin’ foals in the gumbo mud proved to be very exciting at times), but it’s finally done. As of recently, I can confidently and safely slip halters onto 6 out of the 7 J.Drummond Farms foals of 2010. It’s a great feeling.


Not only does one of our farriers – Ross Smith of Saskatchewan – make us laugh with his medley of stories, he has also become a very valuable ally to our operation. Ross was just here today helping me get all the yearlings, broodmares and foals up to date on their hoof care, which makes me feel very satisfied with the current status of health and medical care in our horse operation.


I won’t lie: the amount of rain we received this year thus far has been very frustrating. But as I walked around our fields today, I couldn’t help but notice how lush some of them have become as a result of the increased moisture. I just pray our hay farmers will reap the benefits of the rain as well and not the other way around…


What more should I say? They make me happy.

And finally…


Yeah, I’m a Twi-hard. Therefore, I am extremely thankful for the fact that it is June 30. I have been waiting for the Twilight saga Eclipse movie for a very long time!


  1. Yes Jenn,

    Anna has been racing through the book so that she can see the movie. We will be waving down to you on Saturday afternoon as Anna and I fly to Winnipeg. Royal Winnipeg School of Ballet for the month of July and I have one happy child to have been accepted to this program after auditions. Movie night is an outing for her and of course it is Eclipse.

    One other note, farmer tan = no shortage of vitamin D (lol).


  2. Jenn Webster says

    Valerie! That is sooooo awesome!! Congratulations to Anna. As I understand, getting accepted into the Royal Winnipeg School of Ballet is no small feat.

    Well, hopefully we all enjoy Eclipse as much as we have anticipated! Have a great day!

  3. Hayabusa Gurl says

    I wish I could write like you as Margaret Laurence once said “When I say “work” I only mean writing. Everything else is just odd jobs.”

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