Cowtown Derby Highlights

This past weekend (June 4-6) saw the National Reined Cow Horse Association-sanctioned, Cowtown Derby & Stockhorse Show in Claresholm, Alberta at the Agriplex.

The 2010 show featured an earlier date, so as not to conflict with the NRCHA Derby, Friday paid warm-ups and a practice pen.

Judged by Tom Neel of Milsap, Texas, the show boasted an NRCHA approved Derby and a plethora of other NRCHA classes. There were additionally numerous jackpot classes and the crowd favorite, Cowtown Fence Challenge.

Clay and I were super excited to be at this event as it was not only a chance to compete, but also presented the opportunity to visit with many family and friends. (Tomorrow on My Stable Life, I’ll share a bunch of pics of the many people we had a chance to catch up with during this time.)

Watching from the sidelines.

This was one of the greatest things I saw on Sunday: all theses little ones playing “Old Timer’s Hockey” as I overheard them say…

A big thank-you goes to the Holowath family and 7P Ranches, for all their hard work in putting this event on. I’ll be back later this week with win pics and champion results, so stay tuned!

The Saturday night pizza fest.

The Cowtown Derby champion sheets.


  1. Joyce Kuchinka says

    I love the photos. It won’t be long and those two little brother will be riding real horses and competing. I’ll bet. And all the little street hockey kids are just great.

  2. Colleen Sawtazky says

    Hi Jenn,
    I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy reading your columns. They’re fun, entertaining, and interesting.
    I hope Clay and you had a good show at the Cowtown Derby and hope to see you at the Stampede show.