NRBC Behind the Scenes

Tracer Gilson, Al Kuenzli and Matt and Ryan Mills enjoy a sushi and tepanyaki dinner. Photo by Tricia Hamilton.

So things are well underway at the 2010 NRBC in Katy, TX. And despite the fact that the world’s best of the best reining horses and riders are here and there’s a lot of money up for grabs, there’s one thing that’s abundantly clear – this show has been designed to provide a fun and amiable atmosphere for all. Even newbies like myself!

Dell Hendricks.

Competitors are offered ample arena and warm-up time, which allows for a less rushed atmosphere. (I am ecstatic about that part, as I am now all caught on my sleep!)

Cheryl Mitchell works on turns with Duane Latimer.

Watching the warm-ups are half of the benefit of being here. There’s lots that can be learned from the sidelines. Many people to watch and possibly, absorb some tips from the world’s elite.

Andrea Fappani - 2009 NRBC Open Champion.

There are a lot of happenings in the warm-up pen…

What’s going on Lance? Why are you on the ground? <grin>

There’s also an opportunity to take a peak at some fine up-and-coming prospects.

Or, if you’re like me, you might get a kick out of watching some cutie-patooties!

Classes officially start tomorrow and each day this coming week, the NRBC Show Committee has scheduled fun activities to take part in. Today for example, features Reiner’s Golf at Cinco Ranch Golf Course. (My golf record is on the green in 1, 9 puts to get it in the hole, so I didn’t sign up…) Tonight there is a Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament and on Tuesday evening, Randy Paul will perform at the Platinum Performance NRBC Welcome Party. On Thursday night, McQuay Stables are sponsoring the Open Draw Party where all Open Finalists will draw with a NRBC commemorative finalist wine glass and vote for their finals judges!

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  1. Great picture Jenn! The action seems exciting at the shows! Let’s see some pictures of you.