Postcards From Kentucky

Early morning in the airport.

Here they are folks! The young ladies who are representing Canada in reining at the North American Young Rider Championships, being held right now in Kentucky. Here are Chloe Beveridge’s texts and emails thus far:

July 22 – 7:35:54 PM

Alright! Well as of now, we dropped Cash off at Terri-Lee’s stable so she can drive them up Saturday am and start the trek down to Kentucky! I’m flying out on Monday at 7 am :( SO early haha

July 26 – 6:05 AM

Hey Jenn! Waiting in the airport now. Woke up at 3:30 to get here :( Flight leaves at 7:08 on the dot!

July 26 – 6:40 PM

Sittin in Kentucky, and I loveee their accents. It’s very hot and extremely humid — really good!!

Sage Sapergia setting up stalls and filling in required information.

July 26, 2010 9:23 PM

Hey Jenn,

All is well in Kentucky. The weather is soooooo nice – hot and humid. The horses had some troubles and were dehydrated so they’ve been getting water and electrolytes administered  by a vet through a hose in the nose (I forget what it’s called).

The vet who checked horses as they came off the trailer. With the hot and humid weather that our horses were not used to, some of them were easily dehydrated. There were a few who came down with fevers afterwards, so we had to monitor them closely in the following hours.

We had an early morning and it’s a late night, went for dinner at Cracker Barrel which was a funny restaurant and we ate like kings for under $20 – I’m sure it helps be being under 21 so we can’t buy the $7 drinks here :P

Lots of breaks - IT'S HOT & HUMID!

That’s about all that’s new, we are doing the “jog” to check if the horses are sound to show tomorrow and will be checking temperatures on all 4 horses every 4 hours. Nancy and Val will be doing the 3 am check and mom and I will be doing 6 am. Gotta love them horses!

Packing into the truck to get around the grounds... we later traded in the truck full of 13 people for two golf carts.

Hauling Shavings... managed to put 20 bales between two wheel barrows.... isn't there a game that involves stacking?

Setting up fans to cool the horses as fast as possible when they got off the trailer was important.

OH and this is officially horse heaven amaaazing fields with green grass and 4 railed fences so their heads don’t fit between – which is exactly what Cash needs.

But I’m off to sleep, take care!
– Chloe

Hangin' out in the practice pen.

Sage Sapergia about to enter the trot test. Numbers have to be worn with horses at all time. Horses don't exit the stalls without a number on and supervision from a steward.

Oops this happened before the trot test... icing legs.

Doctor Burwash was instrumental in examining Jog horses in all disciplines.

Our boys (horses) were all looking spiffy.

Getting our horses moving and grazing was prescribed by the vet to aid in balancing our horses back out after such a long drive.

Team Meeting and drawing for positions in Wednesday Welcome Class. A chance for riders and horses to show in the arena and get familiar with procedures.

After a hard day.

Signing loot bags to give to the other teams.

Shiner's inspection, very alert.

The trot test is done on hard ground.


  1. Awesome shots. Good luck team!

  2. Laurie Kambeitz says

    Thanks for keeping us up to date

  3. Louise (Allen) Garrard says

    Go Canada Go!!!!