1 Week ’til Christmas: Great Gift Ideas

It\’s exactly one week until Christmas. Can you believe it? Ditto for me.

I hope I\’ve given you some great ideas for Christmas gifts over the past six weeks or so. You can check them out beginning here and move forward through my posts. Or check out both Jenn Webster of My Stable Life and mine right here.

If you\’re still stuck for Christmas gift ideas, I\’d like to share with you the story of a horse rescue here in Alberta, and to which, I would suggest, a donation of cash, goods or pledge of volunteerism would represent a worthwhile gift at any time of year.


The facility is the Rescue 100 Foundation, located east of Sherwood Park, Alberta. This rescue was inspired and created early in 2008, when 100 Arabians in various degrees of neglect, were seized from a farm by the SPCA. Susan Fyfe, founder of Rescue 100 literally came to the rescue and asked the SPCA to bring the 100 horses to her Keno Hills Stable.

Susan says, “Upon arrival, it was clear to see these horses had been severely neglected for quite some time. Some were so weak that we had to carry them off the trailer. As time passed, all but one horse was brought back to health and then placed in \”forever homes\”. Since then, Rescue 100 has received four more herds ranging from all levels of starvation, malnutrition and neglect.

“To date, we have successfully placed all but 14 horses which are still awaiting to be adopted. With the winter months quickly setting in, we are well aware that more horses will need our help to make it through until spring.”


Susan is sending out this request this Christmas season, in hopes of increasing much-needed donations:

“Rescue 100 is experiencing difficulty in obtaining donations to continue it’s important work. There are still many horses in care and overall interest in assisting the organization has dwindled. We are making a plea that you think of an unusual present this year. Making a donation and putting it under your Christmas tree.

“Your hard work as a volunteer is also coveted. The job of caring for our remaining herd has fallen to only a small handful of overworked volunteers.  We desparately need assistance at all levels of the organization.”

To donate to Rescue 100 Foundation visit the website. While there be sure to read the stories of horses successfully placed and also those still needing good homes. Finally, don\’t miss the story of Pearl, which will give you huge insight into the love and care Susan and her volunteers give to their charges.

There are very many horse rescue farms and facilities throughout North America. With the reduction of humane slaughter options, it\’s unlikely that trend is likely to experience anything but acceleration through the coming years. So, if you want to give yourself a great feeling of doing a bit of good at this time of year, go ahead, pick one. Donate, give goods, pledge your volunteerism.


Ask this guy.

He\’ll tell you.

It\’s a good thing, friends.

Leah Batchelor of Safe Havens Stables Horse Rescue also sent me a list of supplies and services which a horse rescue can utilize at any time of year including:

• round or square hay

• dewormers

• blankets

• veterinary services

• farrier services

• massage, chiro and other alternative health services

• dentistry services

• grooming products

• delicer

I\’m guessing any rescue would be grateful to be gifted with any of the above during the Christmas season.

I\’m signing off for a weekend with my family now. If you too, are beginning your Christmas holidays this weekend, may your holidays be peaceful and uplifting.


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