10 Trends that Make Me Happy

It seems there are many things that serve to intensify my joy these days. The two little munchkins crawling along my floor (well, one is crawling anyways), bring me so much happiness that I often wonder if I was only a shadow, before I had children. And it is at this point in the conversation when my mother will laugh – \”You used to tell me you weren\’t gonna have kids…\”

Then of course she finishes with an, \”I told you so…\”

However it doesn\’t mean I don\’t get tired at time. And at the end of a very long day, there are many things I turn to for inspiration, energy or just a quick smile. Here\’s what\’s trending in my neck of the woods these days:


1. Pinterest

I, like many others, can\’t seem to get enough of this site these days! Acting as a virtual bulletin board, this website allows you peruse brilliant ideas, places, spaces and various other inspirations in the blink of an eye. You can do some virtual shopping, plan the next interior design of your house or simply \”pin\” up inspirational quotes and keep them for later. Pinterest is a fabulous resource and gives us a medium for keeping all those great ideas we have on the \”To Do\” list. And if you disagree, tell me where else can you learn about rainbow pancakes in jiffy??



2. Lindsay Sears

This Nanton, AB, cowgirl and her wonder horse Martha, can do no wrong! Hot off her win at the NFR, Lindsay Sears set an arena record with a 13.93 at Houston\’s $2-Million Reliant Stadium rodeo recently. Then, she won the last stage of the rodeo in the Super Shootout and earned herself $84,900 in 2 days. With her great attitude and adoring style, I\’m happy to say Lindz is also more than just a passing \”trend,\” this girl is a timeless role model.

Stayed tuned to My Stable Life as I will be returning shortly with an exclusive interview with Susan Sears – Lindz\’s mother and a paramount key to her success!!


3. Drive By – Train

This song is just so, so – soulful. And it makes you wanna get up and dance. Even if you\’re still in your pajamas. From the artists who brought you the classics, \”Drops of Jupiter\” and \”Hey Soul Sister,\” Train delivers again with \”Drive By.\” I love this song because its melody starts like a tapping foot and forays into a full-blown, booty-shakin\’, head bobbing, fist pumpin\’ boogie. Songs that climax like that definitely have my vote. And how can you go wrong with catchy lyrics like, \”If they don\’t like it – sue me…\”

My love for this song is going viral.



4. Getting Outta Debt

After this last economic recession, I\’m happy to say my husband and I learned a thing or two. And it\’s really nice to know that saving, being frugal and concentrating on getting rid of debt is the new black. Debt management is as trendy as keeping up with the Joneses. And luckily, we can pick sides with this one. From my perspective, that means a lot of planned shopping, couponing and really thinking hard about what are \”wants\” and what are \”needs\”.

I take a bit of ribbing for it, but if you\’re interested in couponing some great resources include:

Smart Canucks – A great website for printable coupons, freebies and great Canadian shopping deals.

Extreme Couponing Canada – Money saving tips, guides on coupon usage, and daily updates on new deals and coupons.

And if you\’re interested in understanding how to go from red to black, check out a few episodes of \”Til Debt Do Us Part\” – money guru Gail Vaz-Oxlade tells it like it is in her hard-hitting TV-series.


5. Greek Yogurt

Thick, creamy, bliss… Is about all I can say. Greek yogurt is so popular that my neighborhood grocery store can\’t even keep it on the shelves. The last two times I\’ve been shopping, there\’s been none for me to purchase! 🙁 But we understand because a spoonful of this smooth, velvety snack from an authentic Greek recipe is sheer joy!

(And yes, I have coupons for it…!)


6. Pony Beds

As the company says, \”Once you have a love affair with horses, you never get over it.\” And hopefully our daughter never does either. So once she\’s out of the toddler bed stage, this is what I plan to center her room around. Let\’s just hope she doesn\’t go to the dark side and choose English over Western… <big grin!>

If you\’re interested in seeing more about these cool little beds made from jump standards, check out: www.ponybeds.com

Stay tuned for the next My Stable Life, where I will reveal 4 more \”trends\” and round out the top ten list.


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