11 Weeks \’till Christmas: Great Gift Ideas

Last week, I kicked off my 12 Weeks ’till Christmas countdown. Or was it the week before? Technically, it might be a tad less than 11 weeks \’till Christmas. Everyone needs a Christmas tradition, apparently mine is trending to tardiness.


This week, I wanted to profile the gorgeous On The Trail Day Planners which photographer Kim Taylor, of Sliding U Photography releases every year. Kim puts forth an incredible body of work each year, profiling ranches and the cowboy way of life. The photos are poignant, gorgeous and unique.


Not only that, the day planner is simple and useful. I\’ve been using them for nearly a decade now, a stack of all previous years in my storage files, quite invaluable if I need to confirm a date or event from years gone by.


It\’s a Christmas gift almost anyone can use and will love. You can be from Toronto and love this day planner. It\’s true. Torontonians will especially love pages such as this one, while they are in their cozy condos and houses, and we\’re out forking hay and chipping the ice off waterers.


I\’ve given them to young and old alike, kids adore them, older folks flip through them lovingly. There is something both contemporary and nostalgic about them, all at once. It may be the age of digital, but I still love the tactile quality of a printed journal.

You can order On The Trail day planners directly at Kim\’s site or find them at your local tack store, they retail for $24.95. We do have a limited amount in stock at the Western Horse Review Store, however, egads, our online store is days away from launching so you can\’t order from it quite yet . . . in the meantime, you could e-mail us at [email protected] and we\’ll get one to you.


Because I love these day planners so much, and because it\’s a festive weekend of another sort, I\’m giving one away! Just let me know what your Halloween plans are for the weekend in the Comment section below. Contest closes Friday, the 28th at midnight. Boo.


27 thoughts on “11 Weeks \’till Christmas: Great Gift Ideas”

  1. My Halloween plans were to dress up Jersey Shore style and party it up just like I was in Seaside however my tonsilitis has caused my plans to change slightly. 🙂
    So I am spending it at home watching halloween themed zombie and killer movies.
    And then taking my horse to my trainer to spend the winter there. 🙂

  2. Going to a kids halloween party, my 4 year old daughter is going as a witch, her baby brother is going dressed as her black cat!

  3. I will be dressing up my niece and nephew and taking them trick or treating and the same old chores everyday! 🙂
    Have a great Halloween everyone!!!

  4. DeAnna Haase

    I will be going to the local Haunted Maize with a handsome man and about 20 other people. Halloween is my daughters birthday, so some special time with her as well. Happy Haunting to all!

  5. Wishing I was riding.(cast on) Probably just being with my horse, and enjoying her company. Spoiling her with treats, brushings, and just pure love!

  6. Our Halloween plans surround the kids and helping them enjoy the occasion:-). About three weeks ago, we purchased their costumes – a very colourful fairy costume for our 8-yr-old daughter, and a dragon costume for our 3-yr-old son. Since there was discrepancy on which dragon costume to get for our son, we ended up coming home with TWO of the purple, furry, scaly things, each a different size and style, at $10.00 a suit, so now he will be a dragon for two years in a row! Since purchasing the costumes, our son has insisted that Halloween be “NOW” and that he did not want to wait. After some explaining (not easy to convince a 3-yr-old boy), he has been practicing for Halloween in his costumes on a regular basis, and so has our daughter.

    For the upcoming weekend, we are carving pumpkins and planning our Halloween display which includes a 9-ft blow-up cat, grave stones, scary spiders and webs, lighting, and of course, interestingly carved pumpkins. It should be good! Now just to convince everyone not to eat the Halloween candy that we bought to pass out while waiting for Monday night to roll around:-)) Have a SPOOTASTIC Halloween!

  7. Lorna gauthier

    Sadly have to work. Holidays are over for me but, did get a ride in yesterday, and brought my saddle home for some TLC. Happy Halloween everyone, stay safe:)

  8. Melissa Davies

    Checking pens at the feedlot where I work, riding my barrel horse who is officially off “pen rest” after a scary colic incident and appreciating how blessed we are he is still with us. And probably enjoying a treat!

  9. Riding with my Mom, She has flown out from BC for a visit so we treasure our rides together as we can’t do it everyday!

  10. Patti Gerhardi

    I live in a very small rural community (125)with a General Store – the Cinema Second Hand and Fireworks store….On Halloween, they give away goody bags to all the children, hot chocholate and coffee to the adults and have a half hour fireworks display all for free. Neighbours gather and share the wonders of the fireworks and being good neighbours! I so treasure Vic & Theresa and their store and their generosity ~ I love living in a small rural community.

  11. Start the morning at about 5:00 am off to milk the cows at Jerseyland Organic farm. Then home to help butcher five sheep then taking them to the butcher for cut and wrap. Riding after that with my friend Storm and back to work for 4:30 to milk the cows again. Living in the rural part of Grand Forks we dont get any trick or treaters sadly. Then home to sit outside in front of a fire time to relax. Happy Halloween Booooo

  12. Carving pumpkins, and making costumes for my kids! Then off to the community hall for the family dance and treats

  13. Friday we’re going to look at a rescue horse that will hopefully join our family 🙂 Saturday is carving pumpkins and hopefully squeezing in a quick ride in between the last of our fencing, and hauling hay. And of course get all the kids’ costumes ready for Trick or Treating.

  14. I will be trail riding with my best friend Rummy(horse) making the most of our balmy summer evenings here in Australia. Riding through local bushland and watching the native wildlife, then catching up with friends in our nieghbourhood for a few drinks to celebrate.

  15. carve the pumpkin on Sat, get the young lad dressed as a “fire breathing” dragon on Mon and then gallop all around town dressed as a “squire” on a stick horse escorting the dragon…

  16. Tracy Ozirney

    I will be taking my kids out trick and treaty. Not sure yet what my plans are yet. There is a dance in town that I might go too and yes will dress up! I will also be going to a jackpot on Sunday with my oldest boy too. So it will be a great weekend!!! Plus I sure could use a day planner since I will have 3 boys in hockey this year.

  17. Roxanne Runzer

    This weekend will be a “first over 40” experience for me. (Well…first over 48, but that ain’t how the saying goes. lol)

    Last night I participated in a sorting clinic and on Sunday we will be dressing up for Halloween and taking part in an actual sorting.

    Not sure what will be scarier….me in a Hallowe’en costume….or my sorting ability. Either way it’s sure to be a fun learning experience. Yeehaw!

  18. Melissa Sword

    We have 3 1/2 children in our neighborhood. I usually buy the big candy bars and tell them to take several to share with their parents. We are always “doomed” to eat the leftovers. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  19. I have been getting my horse used to being draped in white sheets and we are going to walk around town handing out candy

  20. We have a Halloween party to go to … So Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker will be Attending with the Great Pumpkin. Then a visit to Bass Pro Shops Halloween celebration and then the real deal, knock on the door fun on Monday.

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