Buffalo Beans

It\’s April. And I find that shocking. The month of March flew by so fast I didn\’t even time to post some of the twins\’ first birthday pictures! But in an effort to make up for that, here they are.


My babes were delighted as they were serenaded to \”Happy Birthday\” by my grandfather and his Dobro. As baby A started dancing in her highchair, we got so excited to see their response to the music that we continued on the song as long as we could. Grandpa then segued quickly into another song so we could keep watching the babies enjoying the music. And before we knew it, the #1 candle had burned halfway down. Time to blow it out!

It\’s hard to forget how it went down for Clay and I last year on March 16… The delivery was nothing short of a life changing experience for both of us, when we finally welcomed our twins into the world. Of course the babies came a little early and with an extended stay in the NICU, entered this life in nerve-racking fashion. But a year later, I am ecstatic to report they are happy, healthy kids. And on March 16, 2012 they finally became yearlings!

We were so excited to get the first year milestone, that we celebrated with a special cake:


And I\’d love to be able to take credit for baking such a fabulous masterpiece but our neighbor, Stacy, deserves all the honors. Sweets By Stacy is her fabulous little business, located just down the road from Clay and I.

I have a feeling we will be utilizing her services a lot over the years…

Other than that, it has been busy as usual around here. Clay has hosted several Thursday \”buffalo night\” practices:

\"\" The buffalo aren\’t always as impressed as the people are…

\"\"Oreo, the roping steer, came to join our little humble abode.


Another of our other neighbors, Heath, along with his Custom Wired Fencing business built us a new pen for my broodmares. (Clay has been so busy with his training horses that his time was better spent on their backs, as opposed to pounding posts. But Heath did a wonderful job! So it\’s likely we\’ll be using a lot of his services in the future too.)


My broodmares were pretty happy with the end result as well – but Chicolet (on left in pic below), still hasn\’t foaled. With late night checks and bouncing back and forth between my own babies – she\’s keeping me on my toes.


And it\’s riding as usual around here. Serena, the 3 year old headed for Oklahoma, consistently makes me happy to watch. After the Futurity, maybe the husband might consider her for my next non-pro mount…?? <hint, hint, wink, wink!!>

\"\"And I was pretty happy to walk into the arena this week and catch a glimpse of one of our 2-year-olds in the middle of his training session. As these are fairly short sessions, I don\’t typically get the chance to watch the young stock go. But here is \”Moesley\” moseying along in his work. He appears to be in fine form.

I love love love watching the colts I have foaled out, finally make it to the point of being under saddle!


Next on the agenda is a clinic we are hosting this Easter weekend with working cow horse World Champion, Teddy Robinson. And as we are expecting a lot of people, a mass clean up is currently in the works at our place.

Which reminds me –  I should probably get back to it!


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